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We Love You


The Rolling Stones

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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote this after they were arrested along with Brian Jones on drug charges stemming from a raid on Keith's house, Redlands, on February 12, 1967. This was a thank you message to the fans who supported Jagger and Richards through their arrest. There is jail ambiance at the beginning.
This was also a "Thank You" to The Beatles, The Who and the editorial page of the London Times, who supported and spoke out in favor of the Stones after Jagger, Richards and Jones were arrested on drug charges. The Who recorded and released a double A-side of the Stones' "The Last Time" and "Under My Thumb" to keep the Stones' music alive while they were going through their court and prison difficulties. (thanks, Joel - Chicago, IL)
The Rolling Stones lead guitarist at the time, Brian Jones, played the Mellotron, which was an early synthesizer. Jones was found dead in his swimming pool 2 years later.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney sang backup. Jagger sang on The Beatles "Baby You're A Rich Man."
The Stones made a promotional film for this song that was banned by the BBC but shown elsewhere. It was directed by Peter Whitehead and based on The Trials Of Oscar Wilde with Mick Jagger as Oscar, Keith Richards as the Marquis and Marianne Faithfull as Bosie. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
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Comments (16):

After the second verse We don't care if hound us missing is lock the door around us. Furthermore this was a protest song and if you have got the orinigal vinyl single (I have), by winding back the end lyrics say we hate. A true Rolling Stone fan p.W. Castletownbere.
The Mellotron was not a synthesizer. Sometimes described as an early sampler it was a tape replay keyboard (it played back recorded audio, it didn't synthesize sounds).
- Neil, reading, United Kingdom
stones copying beatles as usual
- Derek, London, United Kingdom
On iTunes, you can find this under "Singles Collection: The London Years". It's a great collection of Stones songs that were never released on an album.
- Scott, Boston, MA
In "All You Need Is Love" PAUL sings "She loves you...". Watch the video-- it was part of the first worldwide broadcast.
- Domenico, Wenham, MA
Bill: No, no no no no no, at the end of All you need is Love, he is singing "she loves you, yeah yeah yeah" come on...
- Chris, Charleston, SC
You can find We Love You on Rolled Gold : The Very Best Of (2CD)
- olli, Hankasalmi, Finland
This song has very unusual use of pronouns.
- Nathaniel, Boston, MA
This was the "b" side of "Dandelion" released in late 1967. It would have fit very well on the "Satanic Majesties Request" album.
- Dave, Scottsdale, AZ
There's an extensive quotation from Ravel's "Bolero" in the last minute.
- Gary, Mansfield, OH
Actually, John Lennon sings the words "We Love You" at the end of The Beatles song "All You Need Is Love."
- Bill, southeastern part of, FL
Also note that as a tribute to The Rolling Stones, The Beatles sing the words "We Love You" at the end of their song "All You Need Is Love," but they sing it to the tune of "She Loves You." It goes - "We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah."
- Bill, southeastern part of, FL
On the Sgt. Pepper album there is a doll to the right with a shirt that says "Welcome the Rolling Stones." On "Their Satanic Majesties Request" original 3-d album, you can see the Beatles faces in the flowers.
- Alan, City, MI
I believe you can find we love you on Hot Rocks two.Haven't seen it on cd but I'm sure it is.
- Steve, Lafayette, IN
Where can you get "We Love You". I haven't seen it on any of the albums or the greatest hits compilations. If you can help me out I'd appreciate it.
- Eric, Franklin, MA
John and Paul returned the favor of Mick and Keith singing on "All You Need is Love" by singing on "We Love You"
- Brandon, Seattle, WA
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