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Dandelion by The Rolling Stones

Album: Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol.2)Released: 1967Charted:
  • This was recorded in 1966 but not released until the summer of 1967. The psychedelic sound fit in perfectly with the summer of love.
  • The lyrics are based on nursery rhymes.
  • This was used as the B-side of "We Love You" The "Dandelion/We Love You" single (both tracks listed as the entry) hit #1 in Canada in late 1967 for one week, preceded by The Box Tops' "The Letter" and followed by The Ugly Ducklings' "Gaslight." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kent - Toronto, Canada
  • When his first daughter was born in 1972, Keith Richards named her "Dandelion." Her mother, Anita Pallenberg, later called her by her middle name, Angela.
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Comments: 20

It is possible John Lennon and Paul McCartney sang background vocals on this song. But unfortunately, this has never been proven. It is a known fact however, that they did sing backup on this song's flipside, "We Love You".Eli - Philadelphia
Keith Richards named his daughter Dandelion but it was his mother not Anita who changed her name to Angela.Sunshine - Oklahoma City, Ok
It's clearly John Lennon and Paul McCartney harmonizing at the end of Dandelion. They are unmistakable.Bubba - New York, Ny
Great Stones song!Klitoris - Loveland, Az
Jagger did sing and Brian did play on thisKen - Booneville,ms, Ms
Lennon/McCartney DID sing background vocals. They wrote it as well.Bill - Toledo, Oh
Brian Jones was the best Rolling Stone. He was an amazing multi-instrumentalist.Roy - Granbania, Ma
The "Dandelion/We Love You" single (both tracks listed as the entry) hit #1 in Canada in late 1967 for one week, preceded by The Box Tops'"The Letter" and followed by The Ugly Ducklings' "Gaslight".Kent - Toronto, Canada
There's a great demo/bootleg recording of Dandelion that's entirely acoustic with just Keef on vocals. The melody is much stronger.Tyler - Orange County, Ca
By the way, Brian Jones plays incredibly beautiful oboe and saxophone melodies on this song.Perttu - Jyväskylä, Finland
I think "Dandelion" may be secret code, as it is a weed plant, the song sounds like they were high, when composing it. I really like Stones of that era '65-'69 and some of their later stuff.Perttu - Jyväskylä, Finland
Where can I get a recording of this online?Mike - Germantown, Md
I love this song. Very melodic.

There is a skeletal version of Dandelion with Keith sounding out a vocal.
Derek - Anahiem, Ca
I was a teenager in 1967 but this Stones song provided me with years of listening pleasure. A solid classic Stones song.Greg - Victoria, Canada
This sounds liek something John&Paul would sing backup. Listen to it.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
No Lennon/McCartney vocals on this track.Barry - New York, Ny
I thought that John Lennon and paul McCartney sang back-up on 'We love You'. I didn't know they sang back-up on this song.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
John Lennon and Paul McCartney sang backup vocals on this.Mr. Chimp - Brno, Czech Republic
Originally this song was named "Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue".Mr. Chimp - Brno, Czech Republic
Jagger did NOT sing on "baby you're a rich man". Brian played on that song.Chelsea - Nyc, Or
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