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Hyperballad by Björk

Album: PostReleased: 1995Charted:
  • This song is about Björk's need to maintain emotional balance and re-awaken life's pleasant danger in the context of a long-term relationship. This lyrics suggest a discomfort with being in overly safe in a relationship. Björk says: "Hyper-Ballad is about being in a relationship and three years on, you're not high anymore, so you wake up early in the morning and you sneak outside and you do something horrible and destructive, break whatever you can find, watch a horrible film, read a bit of William Burroughs, something really gross and come home and be like 'Hi honey, how are you?'" >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Michael - London, England
  • Björk describing her songwriting technique in Q Magazine October 2007: "I feel that words can have a mysticism or a hidden meaning. On 'Hyperballad,' the idea that I'm throwing car parts from a cliff is about getting out my frustrations."
  • Michel Gondry directed the music video, which features Björk as a video game character. The French filmmaker did several of Björk's videos, including "Declare Independence" and "Bachelorette."
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Comments: 4

Very lovely song. No, it's not about suicide. Of all the artists out there, you cannot take this woman's lyrics at face value - there's always a deeper meaning. There is a live version of this from the Jools Holland Show, and is absolutely gorgeous. She's one of the last true artists, in my opinion.Rachel - Bristol, Tn
dude, is this song about her wanting to commit suicide or sumthing. as the lyrics say "On their way down I follow with my eyes 'til they crash
Imagine what my body would sound like Slamming against those rocks".
like does she wish she would jump off the cliff or sumthin?
Brittany - Florissant, Mo
This song is also incredible on the "Telegram" disk, it is performed with a quartet string arrangement, and they sound like seagulls diving at one point. Bjork is Beautiful.Dennis - Chicagoland Burrows, Il
my most favorite Bjork song! i like the way it progresses from simple drum beats to trance at the end. cool and imaginative lyrics! Bjork is the goddess of alternative rock!!!Patrickman - Makati City, Other
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