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Midnight In Montgomery


Alan Jackson

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This is an ode to Country music legend Hank Williams. The song is about a man on a lonely road late at night who bumps into the ghost of Hank Williams.
The lyrics contain lines that are used in the Hank Williams song "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," including "Of somewhere a midnight train slowly passes by, I can hear that whistle blowing; I'm so lonesome I could cry." (thanks, Julian - Oakland, AR, for above 2)
Alan Jackson
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Comments (12):

This songs sent chills down my spine as a boy. Now, I can't think of a more fitting tribute to Williams.
- Adam, Clinton Township, MI
About Hank Williams who was one of the best country singers around.
- Henry O. Godwinn, Wheeling, WV
I was doing a quiz and my result was all my rowdy friends are coming over by Hank Williams.Jr and was listening to this song,freaky
- jimmy, goulds, NL
Like many of you, this song gives me the chills. It's very spooky to say the least. It's a fitting tribute to a country music legend.
- Farrah, Elon, NC
On a TV program (perhaps on CMT, it was many years ago) they talked about the making of the video. They said that when they passed the camera across Hank's grave the image kept flickering. Apparently, he really did want to make his presence known.
- Jimmy, Austin, United States
This songs gives me chillbumps every time I hear it.
- Dana, Greenwood, SC
The "Silver Eagle" in the song is a bus-conversion motorhome (similar to the Prevost or the Newell Coach), and such motorhomes are preferred by many celebrities. Personally, I prefer the 1975 Travco 320 that I had to sell in 1990 to pay for my quadruple bypass surgery, or just about any well-preserved or restored Travco.
- Darrell, Eugene
It's Nudie suit (not nudi suit) as in Nudie Cohn.
- seagull, athens, OH
Theres a rumor that this REALLY happen to Alan!
& thats what inspired him to write "Midnight In Montgomery"
- Jessi, Central, SC
This song scares the living hell out of me, I can barely listen to it even in the daytime. It gives me chills too
- Ashley Jade, Cleveland, GA
I'm not personally a big fan of country, but there's several I like, this song being in at least my top 5. This song gives me chills.
- The Aaron, Nunyabidness, MO
When I first heard this song I could tell that it was about a guy who meets the ghost of Hank Williams. I'm not sure why. I guess it was because I had had prior knowledge of Hank Williams's life.
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
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