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Think Of Laura


Christopher Cross

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This became famous when it was used on the Soap Opera General Hospital as the love theme for the characters Luke and Laura, who were arguably the most well known of all Soap Opera couples. Their 1981 wedding was the highest rated episode in American Soap Opera history.
Cross did not write this for the show. Laura was the best friend of a lady he was dating at the time in the early '80s. She was killed by a stray bullet while driving in a car one night, and Cross wrote this for her. About a year after the song was released on Another Page, General Hospital requested permission to use the song on their show, and it became a hit. (thanks, Eric - Detroit, MI)
Christopher Cross
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Comments (5):


Genie Francis first left the show in January 1982 which was when her character was abducted and presumed dead. The song, "Think of Laura", was not released until the fall of 1983. When Genie Francis made her dramatic return to the show in November 1983, this song featured prominently in that storyline. It was then that the song became a hit.
- Matt, Dalton, PA
What a fabulous way to pay tribute to someone you cared about. This song is so beautiful it makes me feel like I knew her myself. By far one of the most beautiful voices as well. Bravo!
- Kel, Kansas City, MO
I remember walking on the playground at recess in fifth grade listening to this song on my Walkman and crying. I knew at even that age that this song was about someone very special that the writer had lost and he wrote this song to have everyone remember her the way he did.
- Miz Lady, Oakland, CA
When I was going to college, a fellow education student by the name of Laura was killed in a VERY stupid off-road vehicle accident that wasn't her fault. She was one of those people who was a friend to everyone and she always had a smile. It was senseless. I got to write a guest column for the school newspaper and I divided my thoughts up in the column with lyrics from this great song. It really helped the campus learn what a great person she was.
- Mike, Hastings, NE
I'm not certain but wasn't this song used so Genie Francis could exit General Hospital at the height of her popularity? When her character was "abducted" in came two new actresses, playing sisters, Demi Moor and Jenine Turner. Then the song was given a reprieve so Genie could return as a guest or else that's when it was played. Anybody? Anyway, I was hooked on the show from the time Laura stole Scotty from Luke's sister, Bobbie. It took moving to Alaska when TV was two weeks behind the rest of the US to lose interest. For two weeks I knew what was going to happen then I found a job and didn't have time to watch anymore. I'm glad this song gets air time.
- Lalah, Wasilla, AK
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