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2,000 Light Years From Home by The Rolling Stones

Album: Their Satanic Majesties RequestReleased: 1967
  • Space exploration was big at the time, and was probably an influence on this song. Pink Floyd was making music with a similar sound.
  • The psychedelic sound reflected the times. It was the summer of love (1967).
  • Mick Jagger got the idea for this while in jail on drug charges.
  • The Stones played this on their Steel Wheels tour in 1989. A show in Atlantic City was broadcast with this song shot in 3D, which viewers could see using those goofy glasses.
  • Various echo effects and drum sounds were added in overdubbing.
  • Brian Jones played the Mellotron, an early synthesizer. He died in 1969 when he drowned in his swimming pool.
  • '90s Psychedelic group The Brian Jonestown Massacre recorded a tribute to the Stones' Psychedelic period (and this song) called Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
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Comments: 30

Ace Frehley of the band KISS did a cover of 2000 years on one of their albums.Zabo - Pugh, Pa.
The band resurrected this one on their 1989 tour.Bertrand - Paris, France
This song wasnt even considered for the album until Brian put his Mellotron touch to it.Ken - Booneville,ms, Ms
This tune featured the Moog that was purchased by Mick Jagger. That synthesizer was featured on several songs on this album. Yes, the Mellotron plays the haunting string sounds, but it's the Moog playing the spacey AM radio sounds. There's lots of information surrounding the Mellotron out there, and plenty more surrounding the Moog. This song features both.Jesse - Madison, Wi
TSMR is one of the most underrated albums; even the Rolling Stones disregard it.
Because they definitely are not a psychedelic band; bad memories may play a role too.
But is tremendously fine a piece of music and nothing like it was done before and nothing like it happened after. It was also kind of swansong of Brian Jones, Stones' Syd Barrett or Peter Gabriel (all of them ritually sacrificed by their mates).
So I listen, I exult and I cry. No wonder, being rather an old man!
Alexander - Bucharest, Romania
Rachael Yamagata did a cover of this song.Ruth - Indianapolis, In
the riff of keith no change. Open your eyes. this song can be a rithm and blues or a rock an roll. litsen, please!!!Demian - Buenos Aires, Argentina
This song is infinitive Never will fadeKadir Köz - Istanbul, Turkey
I love this song. It sounds really creepy, but somewhow it works. I wish that NASA would have beamed this through space instead of the Beatle's Across the Universe.George - Little Rock, Ar
They do sing backing vocals on Sing This All Together.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
Great job of Charlie on this one. From this album I like "The Lantern " , it's an anticipation of the guitar sound (Ac. Gtr.)of "Beggars Banquet". "2000 Man", "she's a Rainbow" and "Citadel" are good songs too. On "Sing This All Together" I read once that John and Paul sang backing vocals.Juan - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Satanic Majesties is vastly underrated. 2000 Light Years is an amazing song. The title is a takeoff on the inside of the Brisith passport that says "Her Brittanic Majesties Request". Yes the mix is a bit muddy but the mellotron and arrangement more than compensate in their brilliance. This album also featured She's A Rainbow, Citadel and 2000 Man, all as good as anything on their masterpieces Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers (and to a lesser extent Exile On Main Street). The rest of the songs are excellent as well but take multiple listens to really appreciate.Generica - Los Angeles, Ca
I Have a recording of The Tragically Hip performing this song live.When and where, I don't know.Maybe it appears on an album,but if it does I haven't been able to find it.Mike - Victoria, B.c., Canada
The Stones never said that Satanic is a great album; they were trying to explore new musicals structure like the Beatles and other bands. But,as Keith Richards said later: all I can play is goddam Rock & Roll.
But some songs on Satanic are good; personnally I like She's like a Rainbow, Citadel, 2000 Lights Years from Home, Two Thousand Man and In Another Land.
This original version of 2000' is interesting to hear to remember 1968 psychedelic period. The live version is really more interesting today.
R - Montreal, Qc, Canada
sorry track 11 its roger sanchez. feat. soulson "wrek tha discotek" check it outJoe - Perth, Australia
on the blade soundtrack track 10 samples the songs guitar its pretty coolJoe - Perth, Australia
A good solid psychedelic tune from the Stones from the summer of '67. A great band should be versatile.Maxwell - Houston, Tx
Wonderful song! The best one from the album!Ian - Lethbridge, Canada
The rolling stones are not a psychicadellic (sorry for spelling) band. I listened to this, then "Can you hear me knocking" The difference hurts.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
Regarding: "'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' was probably somewhere in between." How about, the teetering on the brink trip!! :-) Regarding this album's relation to Sgt. Pepper, John Lennon, although reportedly good friends with The Stones, accused them of copying The Beatles repeatedly and cited this album as an example.Fyodor - Denver, Co
The one Stones song I have always wanted to remix - get rid of the muddiness and play with the stereo FX - it is a pretty lame recording that could use a good shake up. I love the song itself, though.Steve - Ottawa, Canada
Sorry but, horrible song...Homero - Monterrey , Mexico
That is rather silly Martijn. I would like to hear more of this album, though. All artists need to experiment, and the Rolling Stones are no exception. But I couldn't believe it was them when I heard this song just now.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
Keith Richards on why Bill didn't stay a Stone: "Poor guy, he just couldn't stay because of his age, He was 2,000 light-years old."Bill - Erie, Pa
At the time Beatles and Stones fans were constantly at war with each other over who was the more important band. Beatles fans accused the Stones of constantly ripping off the Fab 4. Thus 'Satanic' was considsered a rip-off of 'Pepper' and 'Beggar's Banquet', with its off-white sleeve, was considered a rip-off of the 'White Album'. It all seems rather silly now.Martijn - Helmond, Netherlands
Someone once said that this album represented the dark side to all of the hallucinogenic experimentation going on during 1967. "Sgt. Peppers" was the good trip, "Satanic Majesty's" was the bad trip. "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" was probably somewhere in between.Kent Lyle - Palo Alto, Ca
The mellotron was an analog sampling instrument, in which a short tape reel was played back at various speeds depending on which key the player pressed. Most of the tapes contained samples of orchestras. They were notoriously unreliable instruments, frequently breaking and difficult to tour with.Kent Lyle - Palo Alto, Ca
The eerie, but also maybe the best song of that album.Mr. Chimp - Brno, Czech Republic
Brian Jones really "made " this tune after overdubbing his mellotron parts. before it was a simple guitardriven tune.
In '89 when performed during the Steel Wheels tour Jagger changed the lyrics from 100,600, 1000 and 2000 Lightyears to only 2000 Lightyears.
Chelsea - Nyc, Or
From "Their Satanic Majesties Requests" album. Most Stones fans hate the album, for it is very different to the normal blusy stuff form the band. I consider it as a great experiment. Some people compare it to The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, because of the cover.....i don't think they have a lot in common.Gon - Concepcion, Chile
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