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Photograph by Nickelback

Album: All The Right ReasonsReleased: 2005Charted:
  • This song is about reviewing the memories - missed and forgotten - from the band's childhood. It expresses the regret of things they neglected, such as their schoolwork, and the loved memories from their favorite personal landmarks. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Megan - NY, NY
  • The video was directed by Nigel Dick, who directed the first Britney Spears video, "Baby One More Time."
  • The band had a new drummer for this song. Daniel Adair, formerly of 3 Doors Down, replaced Ryan "Nik" Vikedal.
  • Chad Kroeger sings of breaking into his high school. Asked by NME how many times he did so, he replied: "Well, I say I did it half a dozen times, but I was charged with 11 counts of breaking and entering… it didn't rhyme though. 'I must have done it, pause, 11 times' doesn't quite fit as well as half a dozen."
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Comments: 75

This Song Has Always Hit Home To Me. It Reminds Me Of Growing Up. Looking Back On The Memories!!! This Song Didn't Come Out Until Several Yrs. After I Graduated. I Put This Song Right Up There With The One We Listen To My Senior Year In The Gym While Watching A Video Of Different Stuff That Went On That School Year Which Was Green Day - Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life) And There's Another Song That I Grew Up On That Spoke To Me And That Was The Dance By Garth Brooks!!! I COULD'VE MISSED THE PAIN BUT I'D OF HAD TO MISS THE DANCE (LIFE)!Jonathan - Augusta,ga
This song is the one that made really like this band. Even though I'm only 14 I've been through a lot. This song saved my life.Niki - Lovell , Wy
I can't stand Nickelback, but this song shows a greater emotional depth that any other of their tunes, in my opinion. My favorite portion is the final line. Chad seems to be repeating "every time I do, it makes me laugh" but he trails off before the last word. He didn't want to admit that "every time I do, it makes me cry," too.Jeff - Saginaw, Mi
The line "How did our eayes get so red" is about the red eye of a picture. The slide show while they play this song live has a picture of Chad and his brother with red eye when this line is being sang.Andrew - Seatt;e, Wa
I'm wondering about the line "how did our eyes get so red? My daughter says it's the red eye that happens when you take a photo of some people, and I say it means bloodshot eyes, do you know what it means?Brigitte - Terrace, Bc
This song was on the stupid album, Kidz Bop, *shudders*Ryan - Anahola, Hi
Yes this video was shot in Hannah.
My boyfriend's entire family is from Delia and Hannah, and a lot of the locals are in the video.
One of the girls dancing in the back of the pickup truck is my boyfriend's cousin, and she's from Delia.
Kayla - Edmonton, Ab
Any one know if the video for this song is actually from the bands hometown?Andrew - Lincoln Park, Nj
Well said ColtonAaron - Houston, Tx
It amazes me how much people diss bands without really listening to the song. Sure, you can hear the lyrics, the melodies, all that, but when you listen to it, and it resonates within your being, that is when one can truly appreciate a song. People who listen to songs and complain about it usually don't have this resonance because they can't relate or can't feel the mood and tone and drudge up any feelings from it.
For me, I can do that with this song. about to graduate high school, and the reality of the fact that I'm not going to be seeing most of my friends due to us going our separate ways just makes one want to break down. Having built up relationships with my friends over the years, getting to know people on levels that a lot never will and then not being able to hang with them, it tears me apart.
Anyone who doesn't feel that when they listen to this song, in my view, doesn't cherish those bonds and relationships. So, kudos to Nickelback for providing me the means to reminisce and reflect and bring up all those things that I will never want to forget.
Colton - Ellsworth, Il
Really I think its just thoughs good songs that talk about good memories and times when you were younger like mid-late teenage years, during school and during the summers with your closes friends that you grew up with, you look back at it and it will bring good memories that you wish you could live it again and never end, playing at arcades! singing every song you know on the radio,hanging out with friends late nights in the summer, the red eye means the photo cuz photos do that. i love this song, i listen to it all the time when i miss my good memories that ive had in the past summer with my friends.Tom - Bellingham, Wa
Another great and well-written song by Chad and the band. These guys keep the great hits a comin' for all of us to enjoy!!! This song can have meaning for some out here, especially those of us named "KIM"!Kim - Tampa, Fl
Michell im just gonna guess and say mayby looking out the back door is like mayby getting grounded and walking out the front door is just going to hangout with them, I dont think this a funeral song but just a guy looking at some pictures and remembering the good times he had when he was young and also visiting his hometown and reminiscingKory - El Paso, Tx
it doesn't matter what the red eyes part means, this is not about doing drugs. the only reason you assume it's about pot is 1.) you smoke and think the whole world should know, or 2.) you don't smoke but want people to thik you do so they will like you. try to focus on the whole song and not just individual lines that make you fell better about yourself. you might find that you actually appreciate the song as a whole.Berto - Northport, Fl
This was my friend's class song when she graduated high school. I love this song so much.James - Paterson, Nj
do you think the red eye line is about the photo or getting high?Rita - South Pas., Israel
I love this song. I just turned 21 and i look back and think and wonder where the years have gone, and wish that i could bring back the good old days of being so care free and irrisponsible. I remember the people i was friends with, my first kiss, getting into trouble. I love this song, and i love nickelback. they are way to underrated, and that really sucks!Becky - Waukesha, Wi
I always looked at this song as one where he and some friends were coming back home because a friend had died. It's a bittersweet time because you remember the good times of the past but you know that they will never be the same again. It is hard to say goodbye when it's time to say goodbye. What a beautiful song, very well done.Josh - Bernie, Mo
I loveee this song!
=] ... its pretty much GREATNESS!
Marr - Prestonsburg, Ky
Well, it didn't post exactly right, but you get the idea. Lyrics are best when a writer can take us from our own reality into another place and give us their perspective on experiences that we might have had or know about. Chad Kroeger does this extremely well. It's just one of the many reasons that Nickelback is a truly good band. All of the band members are exceptional musicians; along with the solid, expressive lyrics of Chad Kroeger, and the obvious talent they have in creating good music, it is reasonable to say that Nickelback will have the longevity that is becoming rare fo rock bands today.Kara - Cadillac, Mi
Don't know where the funeral idea came from, but ok, whatever. The song does make sense, Michelle, if you can make the connection that he is telling you what he's thinking about as he is revisiting the places where his memories took place. Maybe it makes more sense written this way:
Every memory of looking out the back door...
(I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor)
It's hard to say
It's time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Every memory of walking out the front door...
(I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for)
It's hard to say
It's time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye

Does that help?
Kara - Cadillac, Mi
Michell, it's cause this song, is a funeral song- meaning it's about his friend dying. And him remembering the good times they had. At least thats what I think...Elizabeth - Miami, Fl
I really love this song but... some of it doesnt make sense like, "Every memory of looking out the back door
I have a photo album spread out on my bedroom floor" and "Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for"
Not that it really matters what it means but im just curious.
Michelle - Woodland, Ca
I know that a songwriter and a lyrisist are the same thing. Exept that a sonwriter writes music also. But they are interchangeable which is allowed in the english language. By the way is this a music forum or and english class. -KaraRobert - Cadillac, Mi
this song is great. I was into Nickelback, then I kinda stopped listening to them, then this song was released and I'm back into them again.Matt - Milton, Pa
This is one of my favorite songs. Its the song that got me into Nickelback, my favorite band, yeah!!! Anyway, to whoever said its stupid that when he sings "look at this photograph..." What would you rather him do? Hold up a pixie stick?Joe - Marion, Oh
This is the best freaking song ever !! i love it ,, well i love my boyfriend more but we both love this song !Kayla - Harrison, Me
Kara, a songwriter and a lyricist are basically the same thing except that sometime a songwriter is a person who both writes the lyrics and the music to the song(such as Prince).Sam - Portsmouth, Va
I used to LOVE this song. I still like it, but I overplayed it and I think the radio did too. Great song though.Hope - Florence, Mt
Last entry was from my son Rob - further proof that this song reaches across the generation gap. Enough said. KaraKara - Cadillac, Mi
I really like this song. Actually I'm very fond of Nickelback's work. I think Chad Kroeger is an amazing songwriter and lyricist. Even though Ijust graduated High School,this song really makes me think about all the memories from growing up and going to high school. Now everything's different from how it used to be. I do have to say that i agree with Kara about this song sounding like all the others. This song clearly speaks about growing up in rural Alberta. it does not however sound anything like "Someday" or "Too Bad". It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out. Just listen to the lyrics.Kara - Cadillac, Mi
Chad Kroeger is a talented and thoughtful songwriter. I do like this song and almost all of the other Nickelback songs. Photogragh is written from the heart and talks about things most people can relate to in some way. I don't think it's cheesy at all, but if I did, I'd certainly take that over violent, vulgar or inane, which you can find in a number of songs today. Incidentally Becca, Too Bad is a very different song from Photograph. It talks about the difficulties people face in raising families on minimal means and how relationships are affected due to the pain of divorce. It speaks to the detrimental patterns that can develop when communication is broken or non-existant. It has a much more serious tone than Photograph which focuses on the nostalgia of a relatively normal childhood and enjoying some of those memories or at least learning to be ok with your past so you can move on. Did you listen? Mike- not at all like Someday- that song relates to the hope of someday fixing things that are wrong- this song is about coping with things the way they are. And Shaun, I would hesitate to put Coldplay in the same sentence with Nickelback, let alone the same category- for one thing, Chad sings on key. I haven't seen the Photograph video, but I can visualize my own memories and that's the beauty of the song. I can relate to it in my own way. Sort of what we look for in lyrics, isn't it? Ps. It isn't the band's fault that the radio stations overplay their songs- here's a tip- turn off the radio, buy the cd and listen to it only when you choose to, doing so with an open mind and with out all the yacking and advertisments. You'll enjoy it much more that way.Kara - Cadillac, Mi
Nickelback is my absolute favorite band. this song is so awesome. i love the lead singer's raspy voice. if u want another good nickelback song, listen 2 Savin' MeCaitlin - Upper Township, Nj
I agree with Kit, I want to like this song. But the lyrics are so cheesy and the song is so childish.James - Alden, Ny
quite possibly the most overplayed song on the radio in recent memory. leave it to radio to take a decent song and have people sick of it within weeks.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
this song is actually just about chad kroeger and his life not the brother. chad used to get in alot of trouble in his teen years , he broke into a high school many times and got caught twice hence the lyrics ''criminal record says i broke in twice, i must of done it half a dozen times and the line kims the first girl i kissed , i was so nervous that i nearly missed , she must've had a couple of kids since then... that was chads first girl friend that he kissed and pretty much the entire song reflects on his life e.g past friends, teen years and alot of people can relate to these so overall its a great song !!Andrew - Adelaide, Australia
Wanted to like this song, but after reviewing the lyrics and artist background...its lame. Want some meaningful lyrics check out Blue October Foiled. Fans, get outta high school, there's a whole big world out there. REALLY!Kit - Seattle, Wa
This song is about growing up im a town in Alberta Canada, in which both Krouger brothers and Ryan Peake grew up in. Its talking about their old school, their old town, the things they used to do. I think this song is a master piece because it talks about homeWoodsy - Edmonton , Canada
I dont think they regret not doing there schoolwork, but i agree with the songfacts.Justin - Springfield, Mo
That's right. Although the song is quite mediocre, the meaning is very thoughtful. There's a person who probably has criminal records, did not graduate, did not go to college and missed a lot of good opportunities.

He sees his former girlfriend in the photograph and bitterly regrets that it could have been his wife and children, if he were more responsible. But you cannot change the past. It is the horrible truth. It will gnaw your mind.

The song is a reminder for those youngsters. Be conscious, do not do anything bad to your future. Graduate and live happy. Otherwise, the prospect is getting old, lonely, and forgotten.
Bohemund - Budapest, Hungary
interesting that i got censored for calling mandy from texas an emo. and for telling her to get a better taste in music. jst interestingShaun - Melbourne, Australia
To whoever is responsible for the lyrics, the satnza bout the arcade is missing.Peter - Newark, Ny
This seems to be an almost cover of Photograph by Jamie Cullum.

Different lyrics, and obviously not lounge jazz.

Just same theme.
James - Sydney, Australia
i like this song......but the video isn't that great, especially the bit where he sings' look at this photograph' and actually holds up a photographSharon - Auckland
I like this song. It is a song that people can relate to. For my english class when we started our poetry unit, we listened to some songs and this is one of them. I normally don't listen to Nickelback, but this song is cool.Sarah - Chapin, Ia
i love this song because i have a lot of photo albums of all my best friends from the pastKelsey - Ingleside, Tx
i love this song! it makes you think of your best memories.Chelsea - Brainerd, Mn
this is a good song. when i listen to this song i look at my photo album and look at some of my old friends and i see me and my friends doing some stuff and i think waht were we doing there. i rele think this is a good songDaniel - Morganville, Nj
I did a project on this song for my english project, and this song is about Chad Kroegers childhood. its about all the times he spent with his frineds, and his first kiss, and the times he got busted for breaking into his high school. this is a really personal song for him.Tina - Lafayette, Co
this song reminds me of the times i had with my big brother. I've only seenhim for 8 months at the most. he past away in november of 2003. i really miss himKenan - Anchorage, Ak
I really like this song a lot!!!!My friends and I always listen to it and sing along with it.It has a great message and is sung perfect!I remember when I was in school and how much fun I had and all of the things we did and got in trouble for!This song has made me think of all the great times and bad times I had in school.Sylvi - Somerset, Ca
I really enjoy this song. I love it but it upsets me alot as my ex-friend LOVES this song and now we aren't talkingAlana - Auckland, New Zealand
Excuse me Shaun!!But I like all of the bands that you said were the worst bands ever.You probably don't even know who simple plan,nickelback,and coldplay are!And lennonfan11!I am a teen and it does make me think!!Veronica you don't know what the hell is on Joey's head do you?TJ I am soo with ya on that one!!I LOVE SP,CP&NB 4-EVER!!(HaHa I n your face Shaun!!)Mandy - Austin, Tx
This song is so great!!At my little sisters graduation they played this song!EVERYONE cried including me and my two big brothers.This song is special!!Mandy - Austin, Tx
i personally dislike nickelback a lot but this song's okay... sometimesBrian - Hyde Park, Ny
One of the most overplayed songs of the the past 10 years. Every 30 mins on a local hit radio sation. Song has very simplistic lyrics and guitar. This song sounds just like all the other overplayed Nickelback songs. Stupid Canadians.Cory - Alexandria, Mn
This is my favorite song! I could listen to it over and over. It really got me thinking. The song reminds me of me and my friend, some parts really describe what she and/or have been going through!Ashley - North Lima, Oh
All of their songs sound the same. Listen to the song Too Bad and you've got Photograph.Becca - Hamilton, Canada
This songs sounds just like their other song someday. This band is really bad you guys.Mike - Alexnadria, Mn
to lennonfan11. i am a teenager and it does make me think. this is an awsome song. i could listen t oit over and over. i think it is about how people look back on there future and how they did all that stuff and could think that they would ever do that, and how would do everything with there girlfriends and friends. and how they did everything together and hopfully never forget each other. this song means alot to me.Tj - Woodbridge, Va
when you listen to all of nickelbacks other stuff e.g curb, the state, silver side up, the long road you would notice alot of the stuff is hard rock and photograph i believe is a new way of how nickelback make their musicTom - England, United States
This is a terrible song and nickleback rate in my worst three bands in the world at the moment- along with coldplay and simple plan. God awful stuffShaun - Melbourne, Australia
yeah i liked the backing vocals in this song but it was sooo played out in belfast it was unbelievable and now it just annoys me yeah i wouldhave luved to live in a we town like that.Martin Owens - Belfast, Ireland
You aren't supposed to understand what everything in the song means. It is simply the band reminiscing on growing up in rural Alberta, and the youth they had. If you weren't part of the circle you aren't supposed to know what everything means.Jason - Enfield, Canada
The video was shot in hanna, alberta canada. the songs lyrics are almost like my life cuz i sneek out of a 2 story house almost every weekendKelsi - Ionia, Mi
i love this song. It really reminds me about what i could have changed and made better. And half of the time i look at my neighbor Joey And say what in the hell.Kaitlyn - Port Deposit, Md
This song me, my friend brady and brittny love this song. I think the video is perfect for the song.Kelsi - Ionia, Mi
I like the song, it made me think of some things I haven't thought about in a long time and for that it was worth listening to. I don't love it, I don't hate it, but it's a good song none the less.Michael - Hayward, Ca
I really really hate this song. The lyrics are so cheesy that I actually feel embarrassed for Nickelback. I do "get" the song and what it's trying to say and it's nice that some people can relate, but I can't get past the awful lyrics... like it was just thrown together to rhyme. ("and what the hell is on Joey's head?"!?! Ugh!) And yes, at one point in my life I had moved 9 times in 4 years. I know what it means to change schools and lose touch of friends. I just cannot stand this song.Veronica - West Warwick, Ri
I absolutely love this song. I like the lines "it's hard to say it, time to say it..goodbye"...ina way i think this song is about letting go of the past even though u never forget it, u dont live in it forever....but most importantly, dont regret itRebecca - Clayton, Ga
This song (actuely the chorus) means alot to me b/c when I was pulled out of public schools to be home schooled I had to leave all my friends and I miss them ALOTSarah - Greer, Sc
This song is amazing but so many of my friends think it's a piece of crap and make fun of it, although the only songs they like have half naked superstars in themBob - San Francisco, Ca
If you're still a kid this song makes you think. All the teenagers in my town are dying to leave it, but maybe this is a better time than we think.Lennonfan11 - Regawrhhrh, Iceland
this seems like another NIckelback smash hit to me. Nickelback seems so amazing with there ability to perfecty mix instrument and voice. Also the guitar in this song is excilent :)Thomas - Springfield, United States
I think Tom's right, I mean when I think about it I remember school and what it was like, how many times I got in trouble there, the first girl I kissed, I even look at old photographs and think what the hell was that and laugh.I also look back on some missed oppourtunities and think what would it be like if I would have done them, then its like na it's too late. I think this song is exactly about that, their times in different seasons of life.Phillip - Columbia, Sc
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