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Sad Eyes


Robert John

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John (real name: Robert Pedrick, Jr.) wrote this. It was produced by George Tobin.
This entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #85 on May 19, 1979. It was #1 20 weeks later, tying the record set by Nick Gilder's single "Hot Child In The City" for taking the longest time to reach the peak position.
Robert John first appeared on Billboard Hot 100 on November 10, 1958, as Bobby Pedrick, Jr. From that time on to his first #1, 20 years and 11 months elapsed, setting a longevity record which was eventually broken by Tina Turner in 1984 with "What's Love Got To Do With It." (thanks, Leo - Roma, Italy, for all above)
In 1978, George Tobin called Robert John from California. He recalls in Fred Bronson's The Billboard Book of #1 Hits: "I had him come out and he lived in my house. He was actually a laborer in New Jersey at the time, carrying bricks on a construction job. I was looking for material for him and I heard a song called 'My Angel Baby' (by Toby Beau) and said, 'That's the kind of song Robert should be doing.' So we used that as a frame of reference. Robert wrote 'Sad Eyes' and rewrote it for about 3 months. Every time he'd write it I'd go, 'Nah, change this and change that.'" (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)
Robert John
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Comments (9):

Try to remember the magic that we shared "oh yes, MIDNIGHT BREEZE takes me there!!!! .. In 1980 at Windang, Lake Illawarra.
- glen, cronulla, Australia
Reminds me of Oct. '79. I was in seventh grade back then. I have no great story to tell, just a fab tune!
- Mike, Norwalk, CT
i sang this song over and over when i was preganet at age 20 and the father broke up w/ me to go back to his other kids mom. i guess i should have known they would get back together. oh.. but i have a kick ass honor roll son at a private school son whome my husband adopted :-)
- serenity, san diego, CA
A great song. I think this is the same guy that sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight back in 1972.
- PAUL, Detroit, MI
This song also takes me back to Kindergarden.It was my favorite song.
- Jennifer Harris, Grand Blanc, MI
Beautiful song.... I remember being with my (then) girlfriend overlooking the Manawatu hills with this on the radio....great harmonies.
- Derek, Cambridge, New Zealand
My mom still has this album on vinyl !. I haven't seen it in a while. I know where she keeps it though. And I can remember what the cover looks like. At the top, going sideways is his name, and he is sitting kinda in a "laid back" position in what looks to me like a director's chair. I love the song "Sad Eyes" !.
- Jennifer, Morrow, GA
Memories, yes. My girlfriend in college sang along to this song as we rode in my car one day. The next week she broke up with me.
- Ray, Spring, TX
I agree with Ashley (about damn time), A great tune that brings up lots of memories
-Robbie, Whitby Ontario
- Robbie, Whitby, Canada
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