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Outside The Wall by Pink Floyd

Album: The WallReleased: 1979
  • This is the aftermath after the song "The Trial." It is most likely either Pink or his loved ones summarizing everything that happened. (thanks, J.I. - Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Roger Waters played clarinet on this song during The Wall 1980-81 live shows. (thanks, Frank - Montreal, Canada)
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Comments: 20

Here's a little bit that I've not seen posted anywhere else. Listen carefully to the song at the end. Right as he music ends there sounds like a male voice speaking very rapidly. I first heard this on cassette in 1985 and it made my blood run cold. It is still on the 2011 remastered edition. What the voice says is, "Satan has spoken." Listen for yourself. With modern computer programs, you can even slow it down a little if you need to. Not good.Darthclinton - Casper, Wy
Jason - when I play it I hear 'Isn't this where', and that's what I've always seen it referred to as everywhere other than this. Try listening really closely next time you play the song and you should hear the extra syllable ;)Holly - Brighton, United Kingdom
This may seem trite, but does anyone know for sure whether the bookending spoken line is, "ISN'T this where..." or, "IS this where...?"

I only ask because I feel it could change the tone of the conclusion.

If it's "isn't", then it seems the artist/Pink/Roger/whomever is aware of the perpetual cycle and is therefore cognizant of its endless, unbreakable nature. He is fully aware, yet does nothing to otherwise attempt escape. To me, this makes the whole saga even more depressing and rather hopeless.

On the other hand, if it's "is", it gives more of a hopeful tone. I think of it as him saying, "Oh, right, I remember this. This is where everything started going wrong for me. Well, this time things will be different..." Whether or not they are, we will never know.

Jason - Raleigh, Nc
Something about this song that I think is really cool is that Roger refuses to discuss its meaning. Back in 1980 when he did a big radio interview promoting 'The Wall', he gave a detailed explanation of every song EXCEPT this one. He said it should be self-explanatory. And then, just earlier this year, while he was doing ANOTHER radio interview to promote his current 'The Wall Live' tour, he still refused to elaborate on this song's meaning. I think that's the mark of a true artist. He produces something incredibly powerful to thousands of people, but it's powerful for a different reason in all the cases, because there's no 'set-in-stone' definition. I personally love this song, and it's probably my favorite on the whole album. It really is self-explanatory.Kyle - Normal, Il
Chloe, watch the wall!Nathan - Willow Spring, Nc
To Chloe did you know there is an Australian tribute band called The Anderson Council. Plus that is awesome that the album is a cycle! Has anybody noticed that DSoTM is kinda like a cycle, it starts and ends with a heart beating.Molly - Boston, Ma
Pink is the main character from the movies name.

-Lincoln, Belvidere IL
Lincoln - Belvidere, Il
Some people are referring to "Pink" as though he were a person in the band. The lead singer and writer of most of the songs was named Roger Waters. The name Pink Floyd was a collaboration of two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd CouncilChloe - Tucson, Az
the album does end with "isnt this where" and start with "we came in", and the music does repeat from the end to the beginning. this is roger water's theme of repetition, which im sure all of you know is constant throughout the album. Just think how many times throughout you hear "the wall" guitar lick, most famous for being sung with the words "we dont need no education" on "another brick in the wall, pt 2"Bob - Olympia, Wa
While Outside the Wall is a nice song, I do think they should of ended the album on a higher note then a song you can barely hear. Something in the style of "Shine On" like a rock song from Pink's band or something. But other than that, I like this song, I always picture Pink reccovering from an acid trip, just singing this song with his back agianst a wall imagining the worms from the trial singing in unison with him.Tyler - Petaluma, Ca
Mitchell from Redding, I think you're onto something. Perhaps the "door there in the wall" represents a phase in life where you question if there is a way to leave your current hell behind and step into a new place where things can improve. The end and beginning of the wall may represent this; the album ends where it begins, but then repeats, leaving this little inacessible loophole in between. So does life. Life is a cycle which we cannot escape. We start and end with nonexistence, and in between there is a loophole, but we never are able to make it through, we keep going over the same things that eventually destroy us.Ashley - Moncton, Canada
WOW!! i never noticed that it ran a cycle. i think that is amazing there must have been a door in the wall!!!!!!Nathaniel - Pittsburgh, Pa
The end of this song also sounds exactly like the beginning of the album.Mitchell - Redding, Ca
Did anyone else besides Ashley from Moncton notice that in the very beginning of "In the Flesh?" it says "we came in", and at the very end of "Outside the wall" it says "isn't this where?"? In the lyrics of one of the songs (I can't remeber) it talks about the possibility of a door of the wall. Is this a connection?Mitchell - Redding, Ca
Interesting Bill. I always assumed they were just all going to pen themselves in with their own walls. I never gave any thought to the hope of the bottle being emptied. Bravo to your analysis.Ralph - Newton, Ma
"Banging your heart against some mad buggers' wall" is a classic lineYuya - Kyoto, Japan
What a great song to end the album with. The tale of dread, horror and wickedness ends with the wall that caused it all to be torn down, and although there is some possibility of the cycle repeating, it also shows hope for the future. The scene in the movie shows children dumping the gas out of Molotov cocktails, and building things with the pieces of the wall, creating instead of destroying.Bill - Erie, Pa
That is AWESOME. The album runs full circle.Aylin - Montreal, Canada
I just listened to what it says- "Isn't this where" and In The Flesh? says- "...where we came in?"Ashley - Moncton, Canada
The album's starting and ending point are the same. The voice you hear at the very end of the song continues to the very beginning of In The Flesh?. Put the two songs on a playlist on your computer and you'll hear the voice at the end continue to In The Flesh?.Ashley - Moncton, Canada