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Heartbreak Station by Cinderella

Album: Heartbreak StationReleased: 1990Charted:
  • This song is one of the few Cinderella songs where lead singer Tom Keifer does not sing in his famous rough voice. His trademark voice makes an appearance for only a few lines. >>
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    Nick - Nutley, NJ
  • Heartache can be found throughout the Cinderella catalog. On this song, Tom Keifer evokes the train as both the memory of his lost love and his means for escape. He tells us that his heart has been shattered several times, and it's the sum of these experiences that work their way into these songs. "For me, the emotions are more cumulative or an average of a lifetime," he said. (Here's our full Tom Keifer interview.)
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Comments: 2

Great song. Actually love their country ballads more than the heavier stuff. The eponomous album is my favourite of their catalogue. They do a differently arranged unplugged version on "Live at the Key club".Theo - Moscow, Europe
Great song! One of their bestEmily - Ontario, Canada
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