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Delilah by Queen

Album: InnuendoReleased: 1991
  • Freddie Mercury wrote this in Switzerland and dedicated it to one of his cats. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    sebas - Tokyo, Japan
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Comments: 9

I stumbled upon this song and instantly became fav song. The lyrics are all so true to all who love cats.Adz - Philippines
My daughter named her cat Delilah. I had never heard of this song before.
I was actually searching for the TJ song and found this gem. What a coincidence that I was searching because of a cat named Delilah, and found a song about a cat named Delilah!
Phillip - Launceston, Australia
I'm not sure why but I absolutely love this song!Joe - , Mo
LOL!!! Die hard Queen fans would automatically know this song was about one of Freddie's cats! Furthermore, any cat person would completely understand the song without question. The guitar sounds mimicking cat meows is GREAT!!!! Who else would do such a thing? If you recall, Delilah is on the Innuendo lp. The last music recorded by Queen due to Fred's 'health issues'. To me this song is like a farewell, good-bye, I love you song to his cat. To me it is a very touching song that comes across as soulfully personal...or maybe I am putting too much into it.
Valerie, California
Valerie - Eureka, Ca
Freddie Mercury displayed his sense of humor in a lot of his songs. When I was a kid, by listening to one of their songs for the first time, I could automatically tell who wrote it.Tanya - Dayton, Oh
Though a Queen fan, I must admit this song is inconsistent. And what about the guitar slide imitating the cat's meeow?!? Poor Red Special!Stefano - Rome, Italy
LOL yeah fun songAmy - Dallas, Tx
when you pee all over my (dums) Chippendale suite!!!!!!!!!!!!...ooo Deliah! Deliah Woahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoah
this is the greatest. i love Freddie for writing songs about WHATEVER he felt like. Its GREAT.
its great how much he loves it... haha you just gotta laugh at this, man. Good ol' Fred.
Freddie - Orlando, Fl
This song was written about his favorite cat, Dalilah. People actually thought this song was written about a woman... and thought it was apauling when in the lyrics it states about "her pissing on his curtains" or something like that... lol, but then had a laugh about it when they found out is was about a cat....lolAlicia - Tamaqua, Pa
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