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Perhaps Love by John Denver

Album: Rocky Mountain ChristmasReleased: 1975Charted:
  • Denver wrote this and recorded it as a duet with Placido Domingo. It was not expected to be a commercial success; a radio station played it on the air as a way to preview the song because none of the office turntables were working at the time. The call-in response from listeners was overwhelming and convinced them to release it. It received considerable radio airplay.
  • Denver was so impressed by the way that Placido Domingo sang his lyrics that it changed the way Denver sang his own songs from then on.
  • John Denver, born Henry John Deutschendorf, was a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio from 1964 to 1969, becoming the group's lead singer. He left the group to go solo and record his first album, Rhymes And Reasons. In the 1970's Denver worked hard to help preserve what later became the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) in Alaska. Said Denver: "I experienced one of the most fulfilling days of my life when I stood with President Jimmy Carter, Secretary of Interior Cecil Andrus, and conservationist Margaret Murie as the President signed the Alaska Land Conservation Act into law." That Act was signed in 1980.
  • Denver sang this at his induction into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 1996. >>
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    Garry - Anchorage, AK, for all above
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Comments: 7

This was a good song, but Denver's loss of singing range was all too obvious when paired with Domingo in his prime.Esskayess - Dallas, Tx
Sorry, Rick, your "pretty reliable source" was misinformed. At his Mother's Day concert with Placido Domingo, John Denver said that his own mother was very much in his heart when he wrote the song "Perhaps Love."Ray - Fort Worth, Tx
I used to know a woman who was trying to get opera/pop singer Franco Corelli to do something just like this, years before this came out. He was too shy and unsure of his English. This woman was the same one who started the letter campaign to get the Metropolitan Opera to start putting operas on TV with subtitles. I still have the pin she gave me -- midnight blue with silver stars encircling his name.Ekristheh - Halath, United States
I was told from a pretty reliable source that Denver wrote this song about Paramahamsa Muktananda when John was up at Shree Muktanada Ashram in South Fallsbug NY.

Rick - New York City, Ny
Actually, when Denver joined the Trio, he was replacing Chad Mitchell himself, and the group then became just the "Mitchell Trio." The song that John sang to sort of introduce himself to the public as the new kid in the Trio was "That's the Way It's Gonna Be" by Bob Gibson and Phil Ochs, a dynamite song by two terrific songwriters. John turned out to be no sloucher himself in that category. I find the most self-descriptive line in that song to be, "I've got a smile that just stays and stays," - John was known for his mile-wide smile. Anyway, it's a song that's definitely worth a listen if you can find it.Fred - Laurel, Md
Annie, Denver's first wife and the Annie of "Annie's Song" once said that "Perhaps Love" was her favorite of all of the songs John Denver wrote.Bruce - Gainesville, Ga
I actually like John Denver quite a bit but I hated this song. Domingo's voice just doesn't fit the folk-pop style of Denver's music. I am not opposed in principle to mixing folky and classical music elements, but it doesn't always work, and I don't think it worked here at all.Dennis - Anchorage, Ak
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