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Higher Love


Steve Winwood

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Winwood played many of the instruments on Back In The High Life and wrote the music for the songs, but for this and many other songs on the album, Will Jennings wrote the lyrics. Jennings is a very successful songwriter who also collaborated with Winwood on the albums Arc Of A Diver and Talking Back To The Night, and went on to write "My Heart Will Go On" with James Horner for the movie Titanic. Jennings told us:
"I was born in East Texas and my mother and father's families were from Arkansas and the generations before were from the Deep South. My father's father was a Methodist preacher, a circuit rider, in Arkansas. My earliest memories are of the music in church and of my aunts and uncles singing the beautiful old hymns. 'Higher Love' is a generation past that, when things were not so much taken for granted, so that one has to plea, 'Bring me a higher love,' and the lines are all trying to explain why there must be higher love. A modern hymn, you might call it." (Check out our Will Jennings interview.)
This Track was Winwood's first #1 single as a solo artist. It also won 2 Grammys in 1987: Record Of The Year (beating Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" and Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love"), and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.
Chaka Khan sang on this with Winwood, helping give the song a Gospel feel. (thanks, julia - london, England, for above 2)
The Irish Folk singer James Vincent McMorrow recorded this song for his 2010 debut album Early In The Morning. McMorrow's stripped down, almost ethereal version became a hit in the UK after featuring in a television commercial for the video rental company, LoveFilm.
Steve Winwood
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Comments (11):

I'm not sure why, but I never cared for this song.
- Camille, Toronto, OH
I love the song no matter what
- may, camden, NJ
Steve and Chaka did a great live performance on VH1's "HONORS" show. I can't find the video but I think it was 1997.
- kenny, Minneapolis, MN
Great song by a great singer. I never knew about Chaka Khan singing the background vocals though; great job Chaka! And of course Will Jennings!
And I agree with you John from Fort Worth that you can learn a lot about the music facts and lyrics here.
- Hanny, Roden, Netherlands
The video seems to me to be a way to say that higher love can't be found in women, but only through the God of the Universe. Despite all the women in the video, Steve Winwood is mostly by himself, wanting the "Higher Love" which is God.
- Ryan, Farmer City, IL
This song won its Grammys in 1986, not 1987. The album (Back In The High Life) went for album of the year in 1987 but got a mud hole stomped in it by The Joshua Tree (U2). Had it won, it would've been the first time in history that an album won song of the year in one year and album of the year in the next.
- Scott, Los Angeles, CA
Great song with an intriguing video, especially the dancing woman with the bright blue hair!
- Michael, San Diego, CA
I have always liked this song. I'm glad this site gives us all a good way to learn the lyrics and other facts.
John, 45
- john, Fort Worth, TX
James Taylor,Chaka Khan ,and Will Jennings did the backing vocals
- nathan, l-burg, KY
I think James Taylor also did some background vocals
- Mike, Phoenix, AZ
Simply Awesome!
- julia, london, England
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