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Creep by TLC

Album: CrazySexyCoolReleased: 1994Charted:
  • This is about a woman who is not happy with her man, so she sneaks around ("Creeps") and cheats on him.
  • This uses a sample from Slick Rick's 1988 song "Hey Young World."
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Comments: 4

Not loving the message here. He cheats, so she creeps on the down low, because she'll stay till the day he pushes her away? So she's so disempowered that she has has to stay until she has no alternative? If she caught him she should confront him, not perpetuate further dishonesty.Aj - Newport Beach
The model in the video (with the trumpet)..... Makes me speechless.... F*** he is sexy.Allox - Qld, Australia
Left eye in interviews often said how against cheating she was. She said she was going to wear tape across her mouth in the music video as a protest.Emi - Dallas, Tx
On their second album, the multiplatinum trio TLC have given up most of their debut's tomfoolery and have matured into a very modern deep Southern soul, watered and nurtured in hip-hop culture. The album's centerpiece is the magnificent "Waterfalls," a revival meeting of new jack swing, gospel, and Prince (whose "If I Was Your Girlfriend" they turn inside out). Their spare, surprising arrangements rely on the kind of live instrumentation they single-handedly brought back in style. Lyrically, CrazySexyCool concentrates on love at the point when it's grown deeper but also more frustrating--for every great love song there's a great cheating song--and the group's singing and rapping balances sassiness with depth and nuance.Sum Sum - New Delhi, India