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Sadly Beautiful by The Replacements

Album: All Shook DownReleased: 1990
  • John Cale of the Velvet Underground played the viola solo in the middle of this song. Paul Westerberg said he was extremely intimidated by Cale while he was in the studio, always wondering "If he was going to drop-kick me." >>
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    Derek - Bridgeport, WV
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Comments: 2

Glen Campbell released a cover of this song on his 2008 album, Meet Glen Campbell. It's an excellent rendition with extra poignancy from the voice of a 71 year old (at the time of the album release).Kevin - St. Louis, Mo
I read that Westerberg offered this song to Marianne Faithful to record, but she turned it down. Probably not a good decision on her part, as this is indeed a sadly beautiful song, and one suited to her throaty vocal style. (Kevin C., Reading, Pa.)Kevin - Reading , Pa
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