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The Bomber by James Gang

Album: Rides AgainReleased: 1970
  • The first 10,000 copies of the album included guitarist Joe Walsh playing a 90-second version of Maurice Ravel's "Bolero." Ravel's will stated that only full orchestras could play "Bolero," which is why that section was left out of the Rides Again album. It was reinstated for the Joe Walsh compilation Little Did He Know.
  • On the original album's first release, the piece was subtitled "Closet Queen/Cast Your Fate To The Wind." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jim - Oxnard, CA, for above 2
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Comments: 11

@Justin...Jimmy Page's 1959 Les Paul was a gift to him from...Joe Walsh. Any chance a James Gang album and LZ 4 could have been made with the same guitar?Willie - Scottsdale, Az
The version that appeared on the album did feature part of Vince Guaraldi's mid-1960's "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" in the body of the song; a nice touch by the Gang.

Guaraldi's original was heard by TV producer Bill Melendez, who decided to hire Guaraldi as music director for the upcoming "Peanuts" TV shows.
Ed - Lebanon, Nh
Walsh is so amazing and i didnt know that Jimmy Fox was Jewish thats just awesomeJake - Baltimore, Md
You know something.... I like the James Gang because of their other hits "Walk Away" and "Funk 49". When I tried to look up those 2 tunes, I was really surprised they weren't there!! But.... anyways.... that's my 2 cents worth.Frank - Brampton, Ontario, Canada
I've seen the James Gang in a reunion concert, it was amazing, they're great.Lemicro - New York City, Ny
if you had no sense of timing... maybe just maybe you could confuse with zeppelinJustin - Georgetown, In
i know what you mean Paul, when i first heard the beginnin i was thinking zeppelin. i get a kick out of playing it and asking my friends who they think it is and they normally say Zeppelin. the intro has the jimmy page feel while the voice is very close to robert plant'sRyan - Cleveland, Oh
Sigh. I knew Jimmy Fox for years, sort of. We were in the same Hebrew class together beginning, I believe, at age eight.Mark - Lancaster, Oh
The full version with Ravel's Bolero also appears on the 2000 Greatest Hits compilation album.Steve - Torrance, Ca
This is a wild song! Makes me feel drunk listening to it. Parts of this song remind me of Whole Lotta LovePaul - Haslett, Mi
Walsh Is Amazing...I Love This SongJosh - Puyallup, Wa
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