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In My Darkest Hour by Megadeth

Album: So Far, So Good... So What?Released: 1988
  • This was written in just one sitting after the death of bass player Cliff Burton, who played in Metallica with Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine. The lyrics, however, are not directly about Burton, as the song is about remaining true to your friends no matter who they hang out with (there was a lot of tension between Mustaine and the members of Metallica). (thanks, Dave - Calgary, Canada)
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Comments: 12

Hello from the self proclaimed BBAM ( big bad ass megadetholigist ) Dave wrote this song right after he heard about the bus crash that killed cliff burton. The song is not about cliff persay, but the feelings his death gave Dave inspired the Lyrics. I know this because Iam the BBAM. Plus Dave tells the story in VH1's Megadeth Behind The Music. FYI Dave Mustaine is one of hard rocks best singers/guitarist song writers of all time. Feel free to ask me any Megadeth or Dave Mustaine questions, I have been following Dave for 30 plus years, met the Dude five times....By the way in person Dave is a little stand offish. Wish you the best, Jason. AKA. BBAMJason - Ogden Utah
Yeah this was written about his former girlfriend, cause why else would it say "Ha-ha...Bitch"Mat - Houston, Tx
Actually, the music os for Cliff, but the lyrics are for Dave´s Ex-Girfriend Diana, there is a lot of songs about her.Mau - Zacatecas, Mexico
this song is just about being depressed and lonely, it doesn't seem much like a tribute to cliff

why the hell would a friend say "hold me" to a friend?
Derek - Flin Flon, Mb
The song was about Dave's wife leaving or something. (Maybe it was a girlfried, I don't know)Cody - Kansas City, Mo
Paul, the album name has since been corrected thanks to Don and Curtis pointing out the mistake.
Amber, Paul is referring to the Dave that submitted the song fact, in my opinion it could be either to do with friends or a relationship, either or it doesn't matter to me because it was written in dedication to a great man, and it is a very good song.
Jesse - Chilliwack, Bc
I love how there is factual evidence almost everywhere...
on interviews with dave, or bio's ..
anything thats actual correct info on what EXACTLY this song was suppose to mean, and who it was for..
yet people STILL try to debate what dave meant by this song..

hell... whatever dave said it meant..
then thats what it meant..
he was the writer after all.
Amber - Toledo, Oh
This song was not about the ending of a relationship. it was dedicated to Cliff Burton.Rob - Los Angeles, Ca
another classic megadeth tuneTom - Chicago, Il
Chris and Don, where on this page does it say, that this song is on any other album but So Far, So Good, So What?. I disagree with Dave, however. I think this song is about the ending of a relationship with a girl who didn't much care in the first place. At least, that is what I gather from the lyrics.Paul - California, Sd
Actually, this song was from Megadeth's 1988 album "So Far, So Good, So What?"Curtis - Milledgeville, Ga
The album this song appeard in is wrong.

It was, "So far, so good, so what."
Don - Toronto, Canada