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Macy's Day Parade by Green Day

Album: WarningReleased: 2000
  • This is Billie Joe Armstrong's commentary on commercialism, and how people want materialistic things all the time (Macy's is a big department store that sponsored a Thanksgiving day parade in the US). The song explains that he wants something, but it's not material, all he wants is to have hope in his life.
  • Armstrong: "It's sort of about the lies and deceptions that you have growing up and how you have to find your own way around." >>
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    Salinda - Portland, ME, for above 2
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Comments: 10

i could listen to this song for hours.Lacey - Chicago, Il
by the way life's been good was a song by the eagles that was written by joe walsh and i'm suprised he even remember's he wrote it i mean he admitts he doesn't remember a lot from his past anyway. but i like this song i think it's music video was exilent and it is an all around good song.Blake - Redhook, Ny
So why is there a Green Day Basher comment on here again? ne way I think it's very melodic which is great. .One of the reasons why I love Green day's songs is becuz you can listen to them at ne given time whether it be to PARTY or to just relax and be easy going. ♥☺September Heaven - Lawton, Mi
I think Greenday put this song on warning just to show people that there not just punk rocker.

I think this song is about billie stated that he wants to take a break from the media and trying to find the price for true hope in his life.
-tom, ky
Tom - Mead County, Ky
it kind of sounds like he's talking about maturing and growing up to meErik - Willow Hill, Pa
This song sounds like dying children, I rather listen to 24 straight hours of Gregorian Chants.
You want a poetic song about the dangers of materialism, try Hotel California or Life in The Fast Lane or Life's Been Good
Tim - Dalton, Ma
Part of it seems to criticise the way that the corporate world cash in on people's deaths "Its a lifetime guarantee, stuffed in a coffin 10% more free, the red light special at the mausoleum"Ben - London, England
This is one of my fave green day songsTanya - London, United States
This song is great and finishes the International Superhits album off nicely. 2nd best acoustic song by greenday behind Good Riddance IMOBen - London, England
this is a great song. it's lyrics are so poetic and nothing is flawless. i never saw the video.Erik - Willow Hill, Pa
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