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Album: Small World Big BandReleased: 2001
  • George and his son Dhani wrote and recorded tracks for this to contribute to George's friend Jools Holland's "Big Band Rock" project just months before George's death from cancer. The lyrics partially reflect George's own stubbornness in not quitting smoking despite the medical evidence that it causes the disease, and relates this to other people who ignore warnings, enlightenment and plain common sense.
  • George recorded his vocals and guitar tracks in Switzerland while Holland would later overdub the "big band" and chorus in his studio in England. >>
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    Ken - Louisville, KY, for above 2
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Comments: 10

Sam Brown's performance is joyous, inspiring, magnificent! Combined with George and Dhani's lyric, this experience is truly transcendental! The greatest of all time!Francis - Nj Usa
I must agree with Alan from Ontario that this very interesting song as it was performed by Jules and Especially Sam is one of the most incredible performances of anything by anybody ever recorded in any format period!!!!!Jowls - Ypsilanti, Mi
Saw Sam Brown sing this at the George Harrison tribute. Her performance was unbelievable. The best I have ever heard and I'm 61 and have listened to and watched many a singer a large number of which were superb but all pail in comparison to Sam Browns at that concert. If you get a chance go to youtube and watch her performance you won't believe it. Having said that her song did not make on to the CD. Anyone know why??Alan - Sault Ste. Marie, On
Sam brown sang it on the tribute to george album,she was also on pink floyds pulse.On both occasions she was the stand out performerBill - Gladstone, Australia
George didn't recorded the guitar for this song, he was too weak because of his cancer.Bmn - Hisuan, Argentina
To my ears, this song is a brother/sister of Dylan's "Slow Train Coming" from his born-again period. Both songs have a religious fervor and are propelled by driving horn sections and hell-fire warnings in their no-nonsense vocals. Despite his weakened condition, Harrison's vocals are some of the strongets he ever committed to record/disc. A tour-de-force from a dying man.Kevin - Reading , Pa
Yes, Jools Holland is the former keyboard player in Squeeze. He is now a television interviewer and sometimes rock producer and performer. He conducted most of the interviews for the Beatles' Anthology videos. In fact, you can see his head stick out on the scenes on Paul's yacht!Ken - Louisville, Ky
At this moment I'm listening to this song but I never heard it before. Miss you George! Hello Stefanie, it's always a pleasure for me to read your messages, have a nice day and see you later.Teresa - Mechelen, Belgium
Oops. I might not be thinking of the right guy.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
I've never heard this song. But from the title it seems to be based partly on the saying: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." Btw, wasn't Jules Holland in the band Squeeze?Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
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