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Europa by Santana

Album: MoonflowerReleased: 1977
  • Carlos Santana wrote this for a girl who was stressed out and on drugs. Later, he played it backstage on a tour with Earth, Wind & Fire and they suggested he record it. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Rusty - Houston, TX
  • Despite the fact that there are no words in this song, it still gained very high prestige in the world of music. It is especially notable for Santana's guitar solo. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Hugo - palatine, IL
  • In Greek mythology, Europa was a mortal who was loved by Zeus, who, in the form of a white bull carried her off to Crete. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Hazel - Honolulu, HI
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Comments: 18

"Europa". Performed by my father. In loving memory of Allen Rodriguez. Luv you, Dad.
Felicia Rodriguez - Fresno, Ca
Santana's Europa is very "Freudian"...it mimics a sexual encounter staring from the "meeting" somewhere like a dance or club...it progresses to "the dance" which turns into the "heavy petting"...it goes on to "sexual beat" which finishes with "the female orgasm" (Listen for the high C) and drops off to "the afterglow".
The next time you listen to Europa, keep these steps in mind
"The Meeting"
"The Dance"
"The Heavy Petting"
"The Sexual Beat"
"The Orgasm" (female)
"The Afterglow"
I wonder if Carlos even knew that he was following this "Freudian" path or was it subconsciously?
Walrus - West Texas, Tx
Aside from five notes in the beginning of Europa the lead guitar is identical to the melody of "Y Volvere," by the Angeles Negros, recorded in 1969. In Santana's version the chord progression is also the same as Y Volvere, with Mr. Coster's organ also using the passing notes between chords from Y Volvere. Carlos is a great guitarist but at least the Angeles Negros accredit French singer/composer Alain Barriere as composer. Barriere's song, as composer. Barriere published it in 1969 (EMI) under the name "Emporte Moi," which he wrote in 1968. Mr. Santana says he and Coster finished Europa backstage in 1975, but that he "wrote" it in 1968. Carlos: No amount of mushrooms can make your memory that bad. At least admit that a Latino,whose Dad led a Spanish music band, may have at least ONCE heard Y Volvere around the house. “Your” song is almost note-for-note.Dino - San Francisco, Ca
@Mark, L.A. and @Clara, Chicago. The real name of the Angeles Negros song is "Y volvere", 1972 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZhBaPJph_Q). But it was a cover of a french song of 1968 named "Emporte moi" by Alain Barriere (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnuNWzzaeYA). Not the hard to believe Carlos Santana knew of this singer too.
Have a nice life.
Francesco - Lima, Peru
Santana on songs like these would make you think there's something to peace and beauty. This song should be the UN's national anthem. Maybe it would lead to world peace.Jibri - Muskegon, Mi
March 26, 1977, Santana did this song on SNL. They went to commercial break just as he was getting warmed up. He also did Black Magic Woman on that show.Lester - New York City, Ny
Carlos Santana and Tom Coster are credited as the writers on the Amigos album for this song. But, the main riff, was taken from the song Amor Adios by Los Angeles Negros. Not the hard to believe Carlos Santana knew of this group.Mark - Los Angeles, Ca
The full title is "Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)" and is on the album Amigos, released in 1976. The first live version is on the Moonflower album released in 1977.Mark - Los Angeles, Ca
This song was originally Amor Adios by Los Angeles Negros. From Chile. Watch it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrrXhAT7aQU
Great song but how is it that so many people claim it as thier own?
Clara - Chicago, Il
No matter how bad you feel or how down you are. Play this song and you WILL feel better, closer to GOD. They say music is the gateway to heven or hell. This one must be on GOD'S favorite list.Chicote - Somewhere, Tx
Words were never needed in this song...you felt the emotion...I should know I lost my virginity to it back in 1978.Lee - Newry, Ireland
Yes, I can't wait to go to Europa.(That's sarcasm)

On the other hand, it's one of my favourite songs. Along with Soul Sacrifice, it really goes to show how a song can move you and speak to your emotions etc without the use of lyrics.(Not sarcasm)
Dragonkillernz - Christchurch, New Zealand
Sheriff Taylor, Barney, even Opie all agree that the melody to "Europa" is a note-for-note ripoff of Lalo Schifrin's theme from the 1967 film THE FOX. I love the melody but this is not one of Santana's more original moments. Of course, one can tell his original guitar style, but "Europa" IS the theme from THE FOX and should be known by that title.Mark - Mayberry, Nc
Europa was originally recorded and written by Carlos and Tom Coster on the Amigos album, 1975 i think. Tom Coster was Santana's keyboard player and are still freinds. This tune was voted in the top 100 songs of all time with a guitar solo in it. The tune was played at 99% percent of european weddings in the 70's and 80's...i love the song and still play it today.Matt - Iglooplutonia, Greenland
great music a bit sad thoughElie - The U.k, England
One of my favourite songs of all time. Pretty moving. I love the guitar solo at 2:30 onwards.Jo-c - Lima, Peru
Earth's Cry, Heaven's SmileJo-c - Lima, Peru
This song is really good to hear it gives me insperation i would acuatly have this song in my head if i actaully go to Europa.Francisco - Cudahy, Ca
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