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The Background by Third Eye Blind

Album: Third Eye BlindReleased: 1997
  • Third Eye Blind lead singer Stephan Jenkins said of this song: "Have you ever felt like your life was in high gear, and you were right in the moment, and you were happy, and rolling into some glorious unknown future? And then have that all taken away? And then lived in sort of the post-period of that high? That's what it's like to live in the background." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeremy - Lowell, MA
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Comments: 5

Best Third Eye Blind songPatrick - Overland Park, Ks
he wrote this song about his girlfriend who was in a mental hospitalLydia - New York City, Ny
Um thats one way of looking at it Suii. There's a very extensive forum discussion about the meaning of this song at thevillagechurchyard.uk. Very great sight for Third Eye Blind fans.Joey - Cleveland, Ga
I love this song. It's always been my favorite by Third Eye Blind. Somehow, it helped me get through a bad breakup a few years back. Very sad song.Amber - San Francisco, Ca
Im still confuzed...
is it about sumone who died?
Suii - Holtville, Ca
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