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D.O.A. by Foo Fighters

Album: In Your HonorReleased: 2005Charted:
  • The title stands for "Dead on Arrival."
  • The music video for this song was shot in a gravity-defying rotating room.
  • This was released as the second single off of In Your Honor. The Foo Fighters covered Cream's "I Feel Free" on the B-Side to this single. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bert - Pueblo, NM, for all above
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Comments: 29

God! When are you people gonna learn that every Foo Fighters song IS NOT about F****** Cobain or drugsClaudio - Osorno, Chile
And no, Chris. I don't think he looked anything like Kurt Cobain at the beginning of this video. The idea thus is a Cobain tribute is gibbering idiocy at its finest.Steven - Clayton, Nc
Not to be cold, but who cares about Kurt at this point? To me, this song seems to be a metaphoric slap in some lover's face. As in, "Sorry, dear, it sucked. Never enjoyed myself. Hope it hurts you something bad."Steven - Clayton, Nc
I've changed my mind, this song is definitely about Cobain, was I the only one, when I first saw the drummer (who looks like Kurt) at the start of the video, to shiver and be freaked out?Chris - Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Why oh why is every Nirvana song supposedly about suicide (I've read on here Come as you are written 3 years before Cobain's death is about suicide) and every Foo Fighters song is about Kurt Cobain, there's no Foo Fighters song that I've looked up from which the two words 'Kurt Cobain' haven't been written in comments.Chris - Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Here i thought this song was about drugs or somethingMorgan - Why?, Pa
Second the way people talk about Kurt and Dave they make them like they where marriedDan - Rochester, Pa
First for MIKE you need to shut up Foo Fighters are AMAZING... Better then any rap crap. Also im sure that your a 79 year old woman named MIKE......RIGHT?!Dan - Rochester, Pa
Stephan in Port Richey - You are thinking of the band from Fort Worth Texas called Bloodrock. The song was called DOA and you are correct on lyric quote. Bloodrock had gotten back together and have even recorded the song again.Michael - Killeen , Tx
I might be a bit older than most of you people out there. However it is not my age that I am commenting about. The song DOA I believe that there was an 1967 or 1968 song out there that was , how should I say a little on the weird side. I can onle remember a brief clip of it and I CERTAINLY would appreciate it if all you AUDIOPHILE type people can give me some history on it. Here it is ( I remember Iwas flying low and hit something in the air.) Thats all I have. Any help out there?Stephan - Port Richey , Ks
Oh my gosh, the song is not about Kurt cobain!Jona - Denver, Co
This song's about muffins. Didn't you see the video? When a muffin has been eaten, it's dead, d.o.a. There should be more rock songs about muffins.Clay - Fredericksburg, Va
I think this song is also a tribute to Jim Morrison from The Doors. A documentary about Jim Morrison is called "no one here gets out alive". Perhaps it is a tribute to "old rockstars" in general...Erik - Maastricht, Netherlands
This song is sorta boring, but not quite.....a while back VH1 and MTV played the video way too much, I got tired of it fast!Frankie - Orlando, Fl
not everything dave does relates to nirvana, a band he is no longer a part of. and kez, ever hear the expression "never mind?" Like "forget it"? when dave says the words never mind, he's not always talking about the album. we're reading too much into this song...its about the inevitablity of death and how we shouldn't fight it.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
I believe that "My Hero" is the Foo Fighters song about Kurt Cobain. "D.O.A." does seem to be about the end of a relationship.David - Lakeview, Nc
Sure Kurt Cobain was a good artist (Or else he would of not have gone down in history) But ENOUGH ALREADY. Its in the past,and Grohl (Obviously) got over that. This song is great by the way. It sent shivers down my spine listening to it.Andrew - Wimauma, Fl
Actually I own the single, and the B-side is a song called "Razor (Acoustic)" not "I feel free".Fremont - Concord, Nh
Enough with the Kurt Cobain stuff please! Can't we just focus on the music the Foo Fighters are making? I'm sure the rest of the guys in the band wouldnt just go along with all the songs being about Kurt (like everyone assumes they are). I think Dave's past that.Valerie - Las Cruces, Nm
My impression was always that the majority of the first disc of In Your Honor was about the end of a relationship. "The Best of You", a song that I believe to be about the singer's confrontation with the true nature of the relationship, leads directly into "D.O.A.", which I see as the song about the actual break-up. The lyrics are very self-enforcing ("Oh you know I did it, It's over and I feel fine"). The "dead on arrival" part of the song isn't about any particular person: its about the relationship. The next song on the album is "Hell", in which the lyrics communicate the pain after the break-up. The entire first album tells a very powerful story from this point of view.

Of course, I'm not trying to debunk the connection to Kurt. I'm just pointing out that there's a powerful theme to all the songs on the first disc of "In Your Honor", and D.O.A. is one chapter (and a very enjoyable one, too) of the story.
Brad - Gaffney, Sc
In your honor refers to former presidential candidate john kerry. dave said so himself in a rolling stone interviewMatt - Millbrae, Ca
Only took a second to say goodbye
Been a pleasure, but the pleasure's been mine all mine.......Nevermind there's nothing I can do
Bet your life there's something killing you....the word "nevermind" says enough.....RIP Kurt and great expressions Dave.
Kez - Sydney, Australia
Around 1982, while performing with upcoming band Scream, they did a gig with a band named DOA in Washington. While many fans of the hardcore DC scene rejected the Scream sound, Joe Biafra of DOA encouraged Dave and the rest of Scream to stick to what they believed in, advice Dave has remembered his whole life. Pretty sure this is just a useless link which I'm sure is nothing more than coincidence.Andy - Wellington, New Zealand
DOA also stands for Dead or Alive. Van Halen made a song called DOA. Lyrics go "Dead or alive, dead or alive." So everyones right.Xander - Ottawa, Canada
is the album IN YOUR HONOR in honor of Kurt? i just kinda assumed it was cause.. u know.. dave was in nirvanaAce - Ceasd, Mt
its dead on arrival, its a term police use when they find a body dead on their arrival.. dead or alive the game just changed it,, ask anyone and no one will say dead or aliveAce - Ceasd, Mt
The song rocks, that's for sure. But does D.O.A. really mean "dead on arrival"? Are you sure it's not anything like "dead or alive"?Herman - Ridderkerk, Netherlands
This song is about Dave finally saying good bye to Kurt for the last time. He's saying that we're all going to die, and that it's time for him to move on from Kurt. "ain't no way, doa" saying that he's going to move on now, and not let his life be dragged down by thisNicola - Wellington, New Zealand
This is a very good song, the lyrics are good and the rythmn is catchy.Guess - North Andover, Ma
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