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Don't Tread On Me by 311

Album: Don't Tread On MeReleased: 2005
  • This song is about emotional volatility when you feel like your freedom is being encroached upon. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Dan - Phoenix, AZ
  • The phrase "Don't Tread On Me" comes from the Gadsden Flag, which was popular in the 1700s when America was still a colony. The Flag featured the words under a rattlesnake, and was a defiant message of independence.
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Comments: 6

Yep,I've gotten a few 311s in my day,lol.Scott - Baton Rouge, La
311 is police code for "indecent exposure".Scott - Baton Rouge, La
oh yah and this is a terrific album and seriously shows how 311 can change it up
long for the flowers is the best on the whole album
Dawson - Draper, Ut
this album was not one of their best in my opinion, although im always down for 311's songsTrevor - Omaha, Ne
I love this song and the album. 311 is a great band, and for you weird psycho people out there, 311 does not mean anything racist. It was about a police number in Omaha.Dawson - Draper, Ut
The best song from 311 except for down or all mixed up or come originalTristan - Omaha, Ne
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