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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison by My Chemical Romance

Album: Three Cheers For Sweet RevengeReleased: 2004
  • This song is about a man who is involved in a crime ("In the middle of a gunfight, in the center of a restaurant"). He believes that the police will be unable to catch him ("Well they're never gonna get me, I'm like a bullet through a flock of doves"), but he is arrested and sent to prison. The rest of the song refers to prison life: "Will they give me the chair or lethal injection or swing from a rope if you dare." This refers to the thoughts of the prisoner. The line, "What they ask of you will make you want to say 'so long"' refers to him contemplating suicide and may also refer to prison rape and other abuse. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Simon - Salisbury, England
  • Bert McCracken of The Used provides backup vocals during the second verse of the song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jon - Mishawaka, IN
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Comments: 24

I just think that it is about the more diverse message of everybody's sexuality, not just Gerards, and also an encouragment for the youth of today not to bother doing anything to get into jail, or to be too worried if they do, as is all of their lyrics. 'Life is a dream for the dead' shows that whatever you've done, whatever the consequences, it's alright to ignore what you've done and move on, even if others see it in different ways. But hey, you know...whatever XD
Loving MCR xxx
Emily - Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Gerard is not a cupcake personally I think he'd beat the he'll out of uKyle - Portsmouth, Va
I think that this song is just about going to jail. Granted, at the beginning of a live version he may have said it's about prison rape, but he changes that just like he changes the bridge (Do you have the keys to the hotel...>This is going on your permanent record>whatever he says on the Black Parade is Dead). In Life On The Murder Scene, he says it's about going to jail, and on The Black Parade is Dead he talks about judges and testifying.John - Sylvania, Oh
2 words Prison RapeAlex - Mesa, Az
This song is about rape in prison! Gerard way said in concert once "Do you know what happens to a guy like me in prison? What do you think happens to a guy, to a f**king cupcake like me in prison? I tell you right now; get f**ked long and hard all night long and its gonna sound like this...AHH AHH AHH AHH!" SO it is about rape in prison happening to 'cupcakes' like gerard in prison. LOLEmily - London, United Kingdom
in response to Emma's comment that on stage kiss between Gerard and Bert came way after the album was releasedNiall - Nuneaton, England
OMFG you guys are so slow, in the live version gerard way clearly says "this song is about 5 beautiful boys who went to jail." clearly it is about mcr going to prison and has no real meaningPerson - Place, England
This song is about a kiss that Gerard Way and Bert McCrakken from The Used shared...
Emma - Newry, Ireland
When I whaled the tar out of an Oregon state police officer in a drunken rage in 1962, I was sent to prison for 5 years, and after I was repeatedly beaten and slammed about by hardened criminals until I was released for good behavior in 1964. Did I mention that I was a jailhouse snitch and a stool pigeon?Darrell - Eugene
I think the guy's boyfriend ("two men as God had made us") had gotten killed ("Life is but a dream for the dead") and as a last wish he asked him to kill the person ("Pain in my heart for your dying wish") and to prove that he'll still loves him he goes on with it ("To wage this war against your faith in me."). When the cops confront him he runs telling himself he won't get caught but he does. When he's in jail he tells about how his cell mates harass and abuse him because of him being gay ("They make me do push-ups in drag"). He's also thinking about how he's going to executed and the different ways they've executed people in the past ("Will they give me the chair?
Or lethal injection,
Or swing from a rope")
Courtney - Buffalo, Ny
I agree with Jorja. Could we try to be a little more realistic please?Mikeyli - Sydney
jack he does say the hotel thing. that idiot probally was too scared to curse online. but your right. i have the lyrics in front of me now.Katie - --, In
i love this band. the words they sing relate to the fans totally (in my opinion) check out there new album the black paradeLauren - Cheshire, England
A long long time ago, I was a big My Chemical Romance fan.... And reading some of the reader interpretations of MCR songs are hilarious. Seriously people, many of you are making the rest of us look like a bunch of mindless preteens ruled my Hot Topic and MTV. I expected more...Jorja - Reading, Pa
this song is about the band getting raped by men in prison, and the part of the title (to guys like us) is referring to there non-traditional demeanor, because they are not gay, but they are not afraid so sometimes, be alittle femenine, but thats cool, the my chemical romance is amazing and they could do anything they wanted and it would still be cool.Caroline - Long Island, Ny
I kinda thought that the opening verses were about a "couple" sitting in a restaraunt. one of them is a criminal, the other is not. the cops bust in and the criminal tries to run. as the cops start to fire, the innocent bystandards I.E. "bullet through a flock of doves" start to flee. in the process the criminal's Boyfriend/girlfriend is shot. I.E. "your dying wish.......I'll kiss your lips again." just my two cents.Tony - Tampa, Fl
i thought this song was about the sory the whole albums about(revenge) and then when he starts to kill the evil men he gets cought by the police and he singin abou prison life whow hes betin and how hell comit sewacide if they dont leav him alone and also about prison rape n how some ppl are mis convicted and halfto deal with the things the other crinimals do to him.but in sthe staory i think hes saying he was guilty but he dun it for love and he killd med thet should hav bein dead and he didnt diserv all those things thta hapend to him in the prisons.so its kind to do wa mis convicton,love,and being confused about ure sexualityKirsty - D&g, United States
yea, this song's pretty much what it says on the "songfact", i just love the music...Rufina - Waterloo, Canada
the part in the song where bert mcCracken (the used) is screaming is as follows

"Do you have the keys to the hotel? I'm gunna set this motherf--ker on fire! *FIRE!*"

this song is about being in prison and about prison rape. it's not about suicide at all. this song was very heavily inspired by Gerard Way (frontman of MCR) hanging out with bert mcCracken and all the crazy adventured they've had and whatnot. trust me, i know stuff about MCR.
Elizabeth - J-ville, Fl
The lyrics in the cd say "Do you have the keys...." but in MCR's Life on the Murder Scene, the Cd has this song on it and it says "I hope you know that this is going on your permanent letter.
This song is actually about prision rape. MCR usually get their ideas for lyrics from newspapers and articles
Selene - Belleville, Nj
I always thought the whispered bit as it entered the solo said "Do you have the keys to the hotel? because i'm gonna set that f--ker on fire!" In the lyrics on here is says " I hope you know that this is going on youre permenent record!!!!! " I'm confusedJack - Hemel, England
this song is awsome and it has so much meaning and it is really fun to just listen to! *thats why its my favorite song ever*Janetta - Davenport, Ia
About two weeks ago at the Next Big Thing 5(december 4th) MCR played this song and at the end Gerard said "That was about gay sex"..i thought it was kinda funny how straight-forward he was about it lol nonetheless great songChris - Tampa Bay, Fl
this song is about Gerard's experience with homosexuality, where, in a game of Truth or Dare, he kissed Bert McCracken. its such a cool song!i luv it jus like every other MCr song LOLAmina - Manchester, England
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