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Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney

Album: McCartneyReleased: 1970Charted:
  • Paul McCartney wrote this song about his wife Linda, who died of breast cancer in 1998. McCartney never wavered in his love for Linda, and even made her part of his band so she could tour with him.

    "Maybe I'm Amazed" was written in 1969 just after The Beatles broke up. McCartney credits Linda with helping him get through this difficult time.
  • The studio version of this song was never released as a single (no tracks on the album were), but it is one of the most enduring songs on McCartney's first solo album. A concert version was released as a single in 1977 to promote the Wings Over America live album. Credited to Paul McCartney & Wings, it went to #10 in the US in April 1977.
  • McCartney, an animal rights activist, appeared on The Simpsons episode 3F03, "Lisa The Vegetarian." McCartney helps Lisa become a vegetarian and tells her that if you play this song backwards, you hear a recipe for lentil soup. Over the closing credits of that episode, if you listen carefully, you can hear the backwards message. As an extra feature on The Simpsons DVD, you can hear McCartney read the recipe and say, "There you have it Simpsons lovers, oh and by the way, I'm alive."

    The lentil soup recipe Paul speaks backwards is:
    - one medium onion, chopped
    - two tablespoons of vegetable oil
    - one clove of garlic, crushed
    - one cup of carrots, chopped
    - two sticks of celery, chopped
    - half a cup of lentils
    - one bay leaf
    - one tablespoon of freshly chopped parsley
    - salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
    - two and a quarter cups of vegetable stock or water

    With the exception of John Lennon, each Beatle has been on at least one episode of The Simpsons. George Harrison was on the episode "The B- Sharps" and Ringo was on the "The Letter." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Dieter - Turnhout, Belgium
  • This was the standout track from McCartney's first solo album. Unlike George Harrison, who had 3-discs worth great songs (mostly rejected by The Beatles) for his first solo effort, Paul had little in the way of leftovers to work with. He worked up the album in his kitchen, and played all of the instruments himself. The only other performer on the album was his wife Linda, who lent backing vocals (she also took the cover photo).

    Critics derided the album as an unfinished work, usually citing "Maybe I'm Amazed" as the exception. The review in Melody Maker called the other tracks "sheer banality." McCartney was annoyed that he wrote a rebuttal to the paper defending the album.
  • Artists who covered this song include The Faces, Petula Clark, Elkie Brooks, Black Oak Arkansas, Jem, Joe Cocker, and Gov't Mule. The cover by Jem was used in the season finale of the first season in the show The O.C. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Michael - San Diego, CA
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Comments: 60

On April 19th 1970, a video of Paul McCartney performing "Maybe I'm Amazed" was aired on the CBS-TV program 'The Ed Sullivan Show'...
The song was track five of side two from his album, 'McCartney', and the album was released in America the next day (the song was not released as a single)...
Seven years later a 'live' version of the song entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart on February 6th, 1977 at position #59; and on March 27th it peaked at #10 (for 1 week) and spent 13 weeks on the Top 100...
On the studio version Sir Paul played all the instruments (guitars, bass, piano, organ and drums).
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Great song. Tasty guitar solo too. This song was released after the break-up of The Beatles. I heard a version of Maybe I'm Amazed performed by The Beatles on a bootleg version of Let It Be a friend owned. Fantastic.John - Venice, Fl
I still don't think she deserved himSandy - Enterprise, Fl
I love this song very much! Ever since I played it for the first time in 1970. Although I love the "Live" version ( Jimmy M plays lead)
I have to say my favorite is the Studio verson. Paul does a fantastic job playing all instruments and vocal. Brilliant!
Buddy - Branford, Ct
Of course that's Paul doing the great guitar solo in the song too, and its a great one. McCartney is mostly known as a bass guitar and piano player, but I think his main virtuosity is the guitar (not counting signing), Paul is truly a great guitarist.Bill - Lodi, Ca
Mmmmmm....Love this song more than life itself! I'm go out on a limb and say this is his best solo song he ever did. He had plenty of others that were awesome, but this is AMAZING!Megan - Stevenson, Al
To Jeff from Atlanta: No, Denny Laine played Bass at the live versionEduardo - Mexico City, Mexico
this one shows that paul was (and still is) among the greatest rock-singers of all time. it's just incredible to sing it that way and I can't imagine more than 5 people in the world who could do it. I think pink should try it, 'cause she's a bomb!!Gee - Vienna, Austria
Four months after "Maybe I'm Amazed" entered the Pop chart a record titled "Seaside Woman" by Suzy and the Red Stripes charted, it peaked at #59. The group was actually Paul & Linda McCartney with Denny Laine, and the song was written by Linda McCartney!!!Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
The LIVE version of this song often heard on radio was from the June 76' performance of Wings Over America at the Seattle Kingdome. This was the first Concert of this new venue that just opened a few months earlier. It was a record crowd over 60,000. I was a waiter at the hotel where he stayed (The Edgewater), same hotel he used with The Beatles in 64 too. Beatles Suite is still there.Mark - Seattle, Wa
Paul recently said that the original title was "Baby, I'm Amazed" He said he changed it so not to sound so self-assured. And about Linda's singing, George Martin, no less, thought Linda was a very good harmony singer and wanted her to sing harmony on his projects with Paul (Live and Let Die, Tug of War, etc.)Ken - Louisville, Ky
this has to be the best love song ever. And i just love how paul sings it! he just has something unique about his voice thats just awesumAaron - Plainview, Tx
this may be the first dance at my weddingCynthia - Scranton, Pa
omg beautiful song. when it goes up the chromatic scale before the chorus it gives me chills. one of my favorite songs to performKatie - Orange County, Ca
This song is amazing to hear him play live on the babu grand piano! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Paul McCartney concerts. Last time I saw him was Nov. of 2005 in Houston, TX. Come on back, Paul, we want to see you again!Vicki - Liberty, Tx
First, I have to agree with Ace in that the live version of this song is the ONLY version of this song. The studio version is too flat and sterile. Much like Denny Lane's "Go Now", the Wings Over America version is the standard by which all others will be judged.
We have to remember that Paul was very devoted to Linda (story goes they never spent a night apart, except the time when Paul was busted for pot in Japan--any confirmation??). Paul was very insistent on making Linda a part of the early Wings projects regardless of her musical ability. In the waning days of the Beatles the relationship amongst the boys was acrimonious due in large part to the influences of their respective spouses. Although I will always believe that Yoko was probably the chief antagonist (in taking the Beatles in some far-out direction), I have always viewed Linda as the protagonist as Paul sought to break away altogether and let the Beatles die a dignified death.
Anyway, this is a great song that gets turned up every time it comes on!!
B-man - Detroit, Mi
So how did this turn into ragging on a dead woman for her singing? If Paul wanted Linda on his records then case closed.Lets just say a lot of you have records of lots of people who cant sing.Go back to your marylin manson and eminem cds and let the dead rest in peace.Mark - Byrdstown, Tn
Amazed!! This song climbs higher and higher,
like "Let me Roll it'. Paul McCartney powerfully
conveys the state of love, the amazing grace of two being one. Kenny, Clydebank, Scotland
Kenny - Clydebank, Scotland
Paul's best solo song.. the live version is the better one imo.. Thats Denny Laine playing the guitar part on the live version i'm pretty sure.
Jeff - Atlanta, Ga
Everybody who heard this song on "McCartney" urged Paul to put it out as a single. Paul refused, the Beatles "tradition" was never to put an album track out as a single (unless it was a movie theme). It still received significant U.S. radio airplay and Paul realized it was a mistake not to have released it as a single. As noted, he later did release a live version of the song off a Wings concert album.Ken - Louisville, Ky
Umm Linda Ronstadt sang back up on "Heart of Gold" not Linda McCartney!Rob - Ashland, Oh
Linda could sing well enough to back up Neil Young on "Heart of Gold"; Yoko was a terrible singer. I remember this song being played a good bit on the radio in the spring of 1970 as Paul's first solo song. This song's from the McCartney album; Paul played every instrument in every song on this album, & the album's aged very well in a Liverpudlian-garage rock kind of way.Eddie - Rome, Ga
I heard this song on the radio today! I was listening to it and thinking 'Wow, this sounds like one of the Beatles might be singing it, like when they went solo, maybe John Lennon'. Then he started singing the 'Maybe I'm amazed' parts, and although I'd never heard the song before, I'd heard of it, andI could reognize Paul's voice. Then they played another one of my favorite songs, "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys. Yesterday they played "Yesterday" (hah! yesterday they played Yesterday...), and they also played "A Hard Day's Night" (by the Beatles and George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord". Well anyways, Paul and Linda McCartney rock! I have the same name as Linda!Linda - London, Al
I was under the impression that Paul first played this during the Get Back sessions... before The Beatles broke up... so he couldn't have written it afterward.Eric - Byron, Ny
Yes, Linda is singing background vocals on the chorus of this song...and she doesn't sound bad. I think she did very well in the studio...it is difficult to sound good all the time live...Rhonda - Eden, Nc
One of my all time favorite love songs! I visited London once and this song reminds me of that special time. I took a bus tour around the city while there, and one of the spots we rode by was The Bag O'Nails club, where he met his future wife Linda.Michael - San Diego, Ca
Check out the covered version of 'Maybe I'm Amazed', done by Carleen Anderson in '98. It is so powerful. Shivers and goose bumps - you won't get disappointed. Paul Weller and his band are backing her on this one.Reuben - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Yeah Paul's best solo. I think being around John caused Paul be more mature and serious. A little later it would be silly loves songs. Give Ireland back to the Irish. was a great song.

Linda sing well she did. Yoko did Bob Dylan did, RedBone did. So I guess its in the ear of the hearer
Jimi - Detroit , Mi
This live version on this song on "Wings Over America" is one of THE best songs ever. Paul's singing and the revved up guitar solos by Jimmy kick.Duane - Wheatfield, In
I love this song because i had a friend who taught me the drums, and he knew that i liked paul McCartney. This is the song he learned for me and so this is a special song to me.Tim - Houston, Tx
Regarded as one of McCartney's finest love songs.
"Maybe I'm Amazed" is a song written by Paul McCartney, which was first released on his McCartney album on April 17, 1970. The irony of this song is that McCartney admitted later this song is really a tribute to his cleaning lady, who word had it really knew how to get to those hard to reach places.
Tom - New York, Ny
Great Song One of my favs It does sound like baby im amazedJonathan - Syosset, Ny
Some songs don't even have the title in them. So you can't really say "Because the title of the song is 'Maybe I'm Amazed' they start off with 'maybe'. Anyways...it sounds like he says "Baby I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time. And maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you." I don't think that Yoko and Linda were bad singers. Sure they weren't as great as their husbands, but they're pretty good.Brittany - A Place, Va
Great Song! The OC sucks and awesome Simpsons fact. I did that.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
It says "maybe", hence, the title of the songMauricio - Hanford, Ca
Does anybody know what kind of organ they use on this song?Reggie - Santa Ana, Ca
#338 on Rolling Stone's top 500 songs. Paul, John (Imagine), and George (My Sweet Lord) each make the list exactly once as solo artists.Andy - Arlington, Va
this is the only acceptable paul mcCartney singleKika - Nyc, Ny
I just can't tell...does this song start with "Baby I'm amazed..." or "Maybe I'm amazed..."Evilio - Melbourne, Australia
So what if Linda couldn't sing- neither could Yoko but that didn't stop John from letting her sing on his albums. Linda was a beautiful and wonderful woman. This is the best love song ever written. If only we could all be loved like this.Kristina - Small Town, Ne
Paul McCartney's best song. It was off his first solo album. I waited until I found the right woman until I gave her this song to show her how I felt about her . The wait was worth it because I married her and were still going strong after seven years.Ruben - Grove, Ok
Ken, the copulating beetles are on the Ram album cover, not on the McCartney album (which is where Maybe I'm Amazed is).Fuffy - Venice, Italy
heard some audio of Lynda doing the la ,la la ,la's on Hey Jude.... bloody awfulPete - Nowra, Australia
great song nuff saidJay - Htown, Canada
The cover of the album this is from, "McCartney", has two visual references to the Beatles break-up. The front cover is of a spilled bowl of cherries - as in the "bowl of cherries" life that Paul, John, George and Ringo had as the Beatles had now been spilled. On the back cover there is a small picture of one beetle copulating another beetle.Ken - Louisville, Ky
Even though Ram is amazing, this is my favorite McCartney solo song.Steve - Troy, Ny
The studio version, never released as a single, was nevertheless played by many AM radio stations at the time. Slightly faster and more intense than the much-later "live" version, I think it is easily the better of the two.Clarke - Pittsburgh, Pa
I love the way Sir Paul sings in this song; it's like he has something in his throat, it sounds awesome. He sounds like this in Get Back also.Andre - Tampa, Fl
This song sounds like it would fit perfectly on "Let it Be."Steve - New York City, Ny
The cover that Ariel is referring to was done by Jem.Stefany - Kansas City, Mo
I love Linda McCartney! she sings grat! I've heard "Wide Prairie" and "The light comes from Within" and those albums are jus great!Roberto - Punta Negra, Peru
"Could Linda McCartney actually sing?" Well, if you want to call it that. Yes, she made an album. Lots of people who couldn't carry a tune if it had handles have recorded albums. I think the evidence is in this anecdote: When Wings were touring, with Linda "singing" backup and playing keyboards, the crew would sometimes turn Linda's mike up and everyone else's down after the sound check. Then when the show started they could watch Paul have a near nervous breakdown until he could get them to readjust the sound.Shell - Riverdale, Ga
I hate to pick, but the live version BURIED the studio version by leaps and bounds. The studion version sounded kind of one-dimentional. Kind of like a cardboard cut-out with a voice. In the live version, Paul really cut loose on the vocals and allowed the true flow and heart of the song to shine through.Ace - Marion, Wv
this song was redone by a new artist for the finale of The OC, it is the first song during the wedding reception... this line really fits the show:
Baby I?m a man and maybe I?m a lonely man
Who?s in the middle of something
That he dosen?t really understand
Ariel - Woodbridge, Ct
The track was first tried out at The Beatles' "Let It Be" sessions, but rejected, along with some other stuff that ended up on ex-Beatle albums.Martin - London, England
The most interesting thing about this superb track from Paul is that he plays every instrument (piano, keyboards, bass, drums and some pretty good lead guitar). In fact, he played all the instruments on the whole "McCartney" album, and then again 10 years later on "McCartney II".Martin - London, England
The album does indeed credit Linda McCartney with harmonies, and she can be heard on this track helping Paul out with the "aaahhhhs" in the background. She did, of course, sing on a significant number of McCartney/Wings tracks and also recorded enough solo material for a solo album - "Wild Prairie", which was released just after her death. Could she actually sing? Well, she's no Aretha Franklin, but check the album out. It ain't bad.Martin - London, England
Somebody actually told me that Linda McCartney sang with Paul on this song. I don't know if they were just making it up. Could Linda McCartney actually sing?Annabelle - Eugene, Or
His best solo songDanny - Grass Valley, Ca
Live version (from Wings Over America) was released as a single in the UK. Reached #28 in Feb 1977.Graham - London, England
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