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Changes by 2Pac

Album: Greatest HitsReleased: 1998Charted:
  • This song is about the racial issues on the streets, and how everyone knows that it will never change; there will always be poverty and homeless people and violence on the streets, "Some things will never change." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kevin - SL, WI
  • This is based on Bruce Hornsby's 1986 song "The Way It Is," which also deals with race relations.
  • When Tupac was shot to death in 1996, he left behind a great deal of unreleased material. This is one of many songs that surfaced after his death.
  • The song is pieced together from several other songs. The verses themselves were even pieced together from other material. Some of said material is from the R U Still Down (Remember Me) album. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeremy - Brunswick, OH
  • The "Huey" referred to in this song is Huey P. Newton, the co-founder and leader of the Black Panther Party. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sean - Aldergrove, Canada
  • The Vatican surprisingly included this as part of their playlist on MySpace Music. The other eleven songs include "Don Giovanni" by Mozart, the Vatican's own "Advocata Nostra," featuring the voice of Pope Benedict XVI, "Uprising"by Muse and "After The Rain" from Dame Shirley Bassey's 2009 album, The Performance. The Vatican explained on its official MySpace Music page: "The genres are very different from each other, but all these artists share the aim to reach the heart of good minded people." The list was put together by Father Giulio Neroni, artistic director of St Paul's Multimedia, a church publisher. It is not known if the Pope has listened to all of the songs.
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Comments: 20

I think this song isn't totally about racism, but more about us as black people pausing for some self reflection. We, as a people, seem to flock to the negative and try to stomp out the positive. A hustler is "keeping it real" while a studious or successful black man is "acting white". I think Tupac was trying to point out our own path to self destruction. Just sayin'...James - Detroit, Mi
You have to get the message to like this song.*darion~jade* - Woodstock, Ga
2 Pac is the best. There is not a rapper alive who can hold a match to him and what he did to make the rap game what it is.Sushi - Chicago, Il
i think it's funny that 2pac says "even though it seems heaven sent, we ain't ready to see a black president." But now we have a black president who always preaches about CHANGE, which happens to be the name of this song, almost.Ryan - Abingdon, Va
2pac is the shizznet!!!Eileen - Yucaipa, Ca
i have to disagree with you guys... i still believe tupac is very much alive, living under a false name so as to be avoided getting killed. i will always believe that he is still alive because all his songs have secret messages if you listen closely...Aviva - Rockville, Md
the retail song is remixed off 2pacs original version of changes which is slower and has a completely different instrumental and speed and was recorded in 1992... and has an outro which is placed in between the 2nd and 3rd verse in the retail version here is a link to the original acapella from that u can tell the speed is different & this is a low quality clip of the original beat and chorus - Christchurch, New Zealand
this is a great song my most favorite of tupac's it has amazing lyrics and he will always be the king of hip hopKeriah - Naples, Fl
Tupac Amaru Shakur,,,,,makavelli,,,tha don of all dons,,black jesus,,poet ...revolutionary,,,tha hardest mutherfuker ever born,,,,,who hell could ever top ya,,,love 4 ever ,,,we love you ...Ryan - Sydney, United States
R.I.P ma brother!!
Lopa Reps=)
Nia - Townsville, Qld, Australia
I feel really sorry for the people who say that Tupac is coming back on the 7/7/07, because I think we shoud let him rest in peace.Addison - Alberta, Canada
I wouldn't say its his best song but it is his most inspirational i mean i'd say his best is like "So Many Tears"Steve - Archbald, Pa
it amazes me the quality of the verses in each and every song pac recorded... i mean this is a man who recorded multiple songs everyday in his last year or so living. without rehearsals, just spit then and there from notes. any other rapper could spend months trying to pen down verses as vivid and complex as pacs but wouldnt come close to the realest... rip pac, u'll always remain a massive influence to millions.Dave - London (live In Cleveland Now), Oh
hi there im cool so is tupac we have the same birthday!! luv u 4 eva
kiara gold coast, Qld, aust
Kiara - Gold Coast, Australia
this song is great on evry thing and means alot but hopefuly it will be not true I HATE raceisim
Dj - Coventry, Ri
to me this song is about racial things. it is also about drugs and family. this is one of my favorite songs to listen to when i'm madChris - Brunswick, Ga
This song is powerful, my favorite line in it might be "Its time to fight back thats what Huey said, Two shots in the dark now Hueys dead."Josh - Elkton, Md
And..."I Wonder if Heaven's Got a Ghetto" was orignally a b-side on the "Keep Ya Head Up" CD Single. The versions on the 2 disc album "R U Still Down" are remixes. the original version sampled EnVouge.Karl - Spokane, Wa
Wrong, Jeremy. Changes was recorded in 1992 when Tupac was recording the songs for R U Still Down. Tupac never liked the track Changes as a whole, but liked the last two verses, and rerecorded them on I wonder if Heaven got a Ghetto.Chris - Mechanicsburg, Pa
This song was pieced together after Tupac's death, he never recorded these verses together as a cohesive track. Some of the lyrics are from songs on the "R U Still Down (Remember Me)" album.Jeremy - Brunswick, Oh
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