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I Fall To Pieces by Patsy Cline

Album: 12 Greatest HitsReleased: 1961Charted:
  • Written by Hank Cochran and Harlan Howard, this was arguably the first pure country single to cross over to the pop charts. It also established Patsy Cline's sophisticated weepy style.

    Legendary songwriter Harlan Howard was the perfect talent to bring onboard for the writing of this song. Bill DeMail quoted Howard's explanation of his proclivity for complex love songs in his Performing Songwriter obituary. "The toughest songs in the world to write are love songs," he said. "'I love you and I will forever and blah blah blah.' I'd rather get into a song about a relationship that's a little bit shaky or even tragic. That in my mind represents country music and the drama of the man-woman thing." Howard, who passed away in 2002, wrote hit songs for performers as diverse as Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, and Patty Loveless.
  • According to Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs, "Cline was reluctant to record this ballad, which had been turned down by Brenda Lee, until producer Owen Bradley coaxed her into it. The sound was stone country but wrapped in elaborate pop, with Cline crying inside, like a nerve rubbed raw by heartbreak."
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Comments: 6

Patsy is still the Queen of Country Music. When I asked my 16 year old neice who her favorite country artist is she said "Patsy Cline!" That's my girl! She and some of her friends were with me one night and they asked me to put a Patsy CD in the radio. And they all knew the words to many of her songs! What a loss to country music!Karin - Lafayette, La
Greg Kin who sang "Jeopardy" back in the 80's also covered this song on American Bandstand. Just like he said the day he sang it, "Nobody sings it like Patsy". Aaron Neville and Trisha Yearwood have also sang this as a duet.Alma - Laredo, Tx
Nobody could match her voice or pull the nuances of each word and note.Lalah - Wasilla, Ak
OOPS!!! That was a typo. She would have had the title of "Queen Of Country Music" But that went to her best friend, Loretta Lynn.Farrah - Elon, Nc
If she wouldn't have left so soon, she probably would have had the title of "QueenFarrah - Elon, Nc
Weepy? No way. Patsy could belt them out, raw and barely contained. She had a perfect voice. What would she have sung if she hadn't left us so soon!Lalah - Wasilla, Ak
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