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Bouncing Off The Walls by Sugarcult

Album: Start StaticReleased: 2001
  • Two versions of this song were recorded. The first was mixed and produced by Matt Wallace for the band's debut album Start Static. The second, mixed by Mark Trombino, had a shorter running time and was used as the band's first single.
  • This was featured in the movies American Wedding (2003) and Van Wilder (2002). Three other Sugarcult songs were used in Van Wilder: "Stuck in America" "Saying Goodbye" and "How Does It Feel." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    A.J. - Chicago, IL, for above 2
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Comments: 5

Lol Shae that's what Meth is forJeremy - Blaine, Wa
Most songs are about drugs Cara from AustraliaTrent - Great Falls, Mt
this is about a cocaine addiction and how you have highs and lows and how he would steal cocaine from his parentsLizzie - Troy, Ny
i wish i really could bounce off walls that would be wicked!Shae - Vegas, Nv
My band are playing this at the moment, and while it sounds really cool, we're kinda worried that the lyrics might be about drugs.Cara - Perth, Australia
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