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Bounce by System of a Down

Album: ToxicityReleased: 2001
  • This is about an imaginary sexual orgy. The "pogo stick" symbolizes the human male penis. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Scott Baldwin - Edmonton, Canada
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Comments: 21

I was thinking the same thing before I even saw your posts by the way. Its definatly about an orgy. Oh so many friends but only one pogo stick. More like oh so many girls to bang but only one banger (I'm trying not to sound too dirty, young children read these). Think pervertedly: jump, bounce, up, down. They all lined up double quick but I only have one d***!Joe - El Paso, Tx
it makes sense that its about sex cuz when he talks about the pogostick it sound like hes refering to his 'hrmm'....
hes probably saying how people have sex for fun without even knowing the people then never see eachother again and that what people like.........and then diseases get spread.....i guess.
Maria. - Montclair, Ca
Hmm i kinda agree, i believe system just wanted you to think it was about an orgy. either way still a great songLayton - Paris, Tx
lmao, great song, even if it is about an orgy, it's probably just a joke.Carrie - Where I Am, --
"Dudes this song is not about a giant orgy... system is too good, thats just what they wanted you all to think, so they could proove just how poisoned the human mind is nowadays"
- Dude, Redvers, Canada

Rrroba - Pieland, Ca
im pretty sure this song is not only about an orgy but it is used as a song to make the crowd bounce during live shows.Daron - Petaluma, Ca
When I first heard this song I thought my eyes would fall out of my head, I was laughing so hard. My friend, the one who owns Toxicity didn't understand why I was laughing... good times. But yes, it is about sex. It's really really really obvious if you listen. I doubt that it's about drugs. ~~Ta~~Z - Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Wa
hehe this song makes me laugh :]Latasha - Austin, Tx
.yea... a pogo stick probably refers to a cock as I recently seen Serj making an inapproprite hand movement on Big Day Out live of 2002.Kyrylo - Rivne, On
This song is about smokin meth or crack, pogostick refers to the pipe or glass dick, junkies dont want people to know their names so they cant be related with what they are seen doing.John - Danville, Il
At a system of a down concert (I think it was in Germany), Daron says how System isn't a stereotypical band (only about drugs and genocide), and how Bounce is "a song about sex". This mainly goes out to you, Dude, Redvers, Canada. At least try to think.Nicholas - Fruitland Park, Fl
i just got it now! That is sick.
The part in song "I brought my pogo stick, just to show her a 'trick'" and "players with no names, but just one pogo stick" :P
SOAD is great.
remember everyone OCTOBER 23RD!
Andrew - Easton, Pa
Dudes this song is not about a giant orgy... system is too good, thats just what they wanted you all to think, so they could proove just how poisoned the human mind is nowadaysDude - Redvers, Canada
Yep, Jim is right. Hotel California is about drugs, Don't Fear the Reaper is about drugs... damn near every song here you people say is about drugs.Bob - Bobtown, Ca
why do you people think every thing is about drugs.Jim - Clarmore, Ok
it's a song about a orgy. It's quite obvious. Just listen to the lyrics geez.Rachel - Hell, Mi
This song is quite entertaining considering I'm a pervert. No you guys are wrong it's not about drugs. It's purely sex. "I went out on a date with a girl a bit late"? Pretty self explanatory. Then he says "I'd liek to spread you out." Yeah..... THINK people, I don't think it's drugs.Blake - Hamilton, Oh
i think it's about drugs and how if one person does it more and more people will do them to fit in.Erik - Willow Hill, Pa
I think that it might be about drugs and the word 'pogo' refers to the needles drugies use, you go to a drug place and they will use just one 'pogo'Zach - Carlsbad, Ca
It could of course just be about a lot of people playing with a pogo stick, but I find that highly unlikely.

"Unannounced twister games"
Playing with the pogo stick while playing Twister doesn't make sense.

"All players with no names"
They remain anonymous because at a sex party there's no need to know eachothers names, you are just there for the sex.

"Gliding through many hands."
Ehrm... no need for explanation here I suppose.

"Oh, I like to spread you out, touching whoever's behind."
Again, spreading someone out and touching the one behind, whoever it is, does not seem to add upp if they're playing with a pogo stick.
AndrÃ? - Skovde, Sweden
I'm not sure that's quite it... I would like to hear your sources.Bob - Rio Vista, Ca
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