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White Queen by Queen

Album: Queen IIReleased: 1974
  • The supposed "sitar" solo in the middle of this song is actually Brian May playing a guitar that he made to sound like a sitar.
  • There is a song on the album called "March Of The Black Queen," but it is unrelated to this song. >>
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    gnome - hollywood, FL, for above 2
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Comments: 11

This is a Brian May song. Apparently it's about a blind girl who's in love with.Kate - Bath, United Kingdom
Duh! To my shame.. of course it was Brian May song.. I should know better! Truly beautiful, moving song.. Mr May deserves far more credit than he has ever received I feel..Barriev - Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
Wasn't White Queen (as it began) a Freddie Mercury song? I would have thought, that if it was, it may have been about Mary Steen, who Freddie was seeing for a while..Barriev - Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
I've heard it was about a blind girl Brian once met. I find this song quite wonderful.Kate C. - Lisbon, Portugal
apparantely, White Queen is about a girl in Brian's childhood that he never had the courage to ask out.Jared - Sikeston, Mo
Yeah... Side Black. What a wonderful tribute for the departed. "I'll be your bad boy, I'll be your bad boy."
Not quite appropriate funeral material, but I like it.
Blaze - Hendersonville, Tn
Very Progressive.......very Zepplenish...Adam - Boyce, Va
Probably the saddest Queen song ever. I love the lyrics!Krista - Milwaukee, Wi
Fyodor, I think separating songs in that way is not "segregating". When you make a sort of concept-album like this one, it can lead to a a sort of "natural separation". In progressive rock you can find further examples of this.Stefano - Rome, Italy
On the original LP, the side with White Queen was labeled Side White and was dominated by Brian May's songs while the other side was labeled Side Black and was entirely written by Freddie Mercury. I don't believe they ever segregated their respective writing contributions like that again. This record blew me away as a kid, especially the grand regalness of May's songs. Now I find those songs a bit on the pretentious and dull side, while I continue to admire the slinky uncouth of Freddie's Side Black. I played Side Black to my roommates in tribute when the poor guy bit it.Fyodor - Denver, Co
Amazing. Just amazing.Amy - Dallas, Tx
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