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Hook In Mouth



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This song talks about the Parents Music Resource Council (the PMRC), an American advocacy group headed by Tipper Gore that tried to restrict the sale of certain music. Many musicians believed the PMRC was a threat to freedom of speech. (thanks, John - Glasgow, Scotland)
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Comments (6):

No, Dave got clean before making Rust in Peace.
- Mat, Houston, TX
"I think it is a good example of how creativity really suffers under the influence of drugs"

Are you crazy? The only song I dont like on this whole album is "502."

Also Megadeth's first four albums were created on the influence of heavy drugs, and I think everyone can agree that megadeth's best work was their first four albums. Im not saying the other albums aren't good, but there no where near as classic thrashy megadeth

its funny because the first four album rule applies to both megadeth and metallica
- Derek, Flin Flon, MB
How could this song not be on a Megadeth Greatest Hits collection because this is Megadeth's greatest song!

When I was in grad school doing last minute studying for a critical test like a final exam, I'd have an all-heavy-metal morning listening to loud intense 80s metal. It was like getting ready to go to war. Eventually Metallica just was not intense enough and I'd have to "upgrade to Megadeth" and crank this out in my headphones at high volume. 18 years later, I'm still doing it, just at my engineering job.
- Vin, Glenville, NY
the guitars on this song are so charged up u can feel the anger behind it
- tom, chicago, IL
I dont really agree with it ranking low
So Far, So Good, So What is a pretty good album because it has this song and Set The World Afire
i like this song because dave just utterly crushes the PMRC I think its great
- Daniel, Lusby, MD
Although not my favorite Megadeth song, I like because Dave is never afraid to speak his mind. Overall this album ranks pretty low on my scale. I think it is a good example of how creativity really suffers under the influence of drugs.
- paul, california, PA
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