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The Green Door


Jim Lowe

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Bob Davie wrote this and played the honky-tonk piano. It was inspired by a popular music club in Dallas, Texas where the kids who weren't allowed in hung around outside a yellow door. Presumably "green door" sounded better.
Jim Lowe was a DJ and Country singer who recorded this in an apartment in Greenwich Village. Backing vocals were by The High Fives.
In the UK, Frankie Vaughan's cover version reached #2.
In 1981, the '50s revivalist Shakin' Stevens covered this and took this song to the top of the UK charts. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for all above)
Jim Lowe
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Comments (7):

Another piece of folklore on this song was that it was about a "gay bar" which were very underground at the time and often "private clubs". The speakeasy type of tiny viewing doors were still very much in use through the 70's in many gay bars.
- Dan, Saint Louis, MO
Rather than a speakeasy, I believe the Green Door is a door in a metaphorical sense, as in Huxley's "Doors of Perception." Behind the green door,there is laughter,a hot piano and happy people who laugh at his "Joe sent me" line. No, not a speakeasy, just a few folks partying inside a smoky cloud. What's that secret you're keepin'?

- Rich, Tampa, FL
I love this song! I danced to my parent's 45 of "The Green Door" many times as a child. I have an original copy, signed by Jim Lowe himself. I know it is authentic as I watched him sign it. I worked for him during the last 8 years of his life. I am selling it. Anybody interested?
- Maria, Akron, OH
This song was obviously inspired by a young man trying to get into a Prohibition-era speakeasy. The line, "When I said Joe sent me..." is unambiguous. Here are the lyrics:

Midnight, one more night without sleepin'
Watchin' till the mornin' comes creepin'
Green door, what's that secret you're keepin?

There's an old piano and they play it hot behind the green door
Don't know what they're doin'
But they laugh a lot behind the green door
Wish they'd let me in
So I could find out what's behind the green door

Knocked once, tried to tell them I'd been there
Door slammed, hospitality's thin there
Wonder just what's goin' on in there

Saw an eyeball peepin'
Through a smoky cloud behind the green door
When I said "Joe sent me"
Someone laughed out loud behind the green door
All I want to do is join the happy crowd behind the green door

Midnight, one more night without sleepin'
Watchin' till the mornin' comes creepin'
Green door, what's that secret you're keepin?
Green door, what's that secret you're keepin?
- Steve, Cleveland, OH
Chantilly Lace was also #1 and The Big Bopper was a working DJ.

- Rob, Muscatine, IA
I think that this song is important because
it's the only # 1 song recorded by a working
disc jockey.
- Frank, Valley Stream, NY
I came here looking for the lyrics to "The Green Door," most of which I recall, but I'm not entirely sure I know them all.
Wish I could have found them here....
- Sallie, San Antonio, TX
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