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Used To Love Her


Guns N' Roses

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Axl Rose wrote the lyrics as a joke. It was rumored that the song is about his dog, with the story that he loved the pooch but had to have it put to sleep and then buried her in the backyard. (thanks, Mihkel - Tallinn, Finland)
This song played a macabre role in a murder trial when it became evidence in the case against Justin Barber, a Florida man who was accused of killing his wife in 2002. At the trial, a forensic analyst testified that Barber had downloaded the song just hours before the murder (the song was found in the deleted files of Barber's hard drive). The tune was then played for the jury, with the lyrics displayed in the courtroom. Barber was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.
Guns N' Roses
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Comments (14):

i love guns n roses with all my heart and soul. they are by far my favoite band of all time. personally i dont like this song to much i dont know why. but its still on every mp3 player i own and i listen to it none-stop
- luke, saint augustine, FL
I'm pretty sure that EVERY MARRIED MAN in the US secretly loves this song.
- Jarod, Las Vegas, NV
when I was like 5 years old, this was my favourite song. I had no idea what the song was about as I didn't understand English. I heard the song through my big brother who was a massive fan of them. I still love the song.
- Christina, Karlstad, -
.....this song reminds me of some kind of demented sing along.....
- chelsea, cincinatti, OH
I love this song, its unique to the Gunners style, but wow, I love it!
- Matt, Ottawa, ON
I thought the song title was something that Izzy saw in a tabloid and he decided it was too good to pass up.
- Dale, Santa Fe, NM
it's a funny song, Izzy wrote the lyrics not Axl by the way
- jason, state of fitz, NJ
This song is nothing like any other Guns N' Roses song out there. You can't bang your head to it, but it's pretty sweet. My local rock station plays it all the time.
- danny, Des Moines, IA
"This is something off...GNR Lies. If you know anything about us we write most of our songs with...based off an element of truth. This is like the only song we've written off ..kinda like fantasy and a joke ya'know 'cause...its kind of a sick subject but...ya know sometimes ya think about it when you girlfriend or boyfriend's just a pain in the fu*kin'a** and you just wish you could cut their fu*kin' head off and stuff it in a bag and stick it in the backyard...this is something called 'i used to love he but i had to kill her'" that was the intro to it on live era so im guessing that THAT IS WHAT THE SONG IS ABOUT! not a F'ing dog
- bill, Raleigh, NC
on the Live Era CD, this has the greatest intro ever: "This is the only song we've ever written thats like, totally out of a fantasy. Sometimes you think about it when your girlfriend or boyfriend is being a real pain in the @ss, and you just wanna cut her f***in head off and bury it in the back yard." Leave it to Axl to shoot from the hip. ^_^
- Dan, New York, NY
This song is so weird but I like it.
- Kayla, Coquitlam, Canada
Finally, comments i don't have to complain about. This song rocks.
- Maich, Toronto, Canada
The lyrics of the song can also be interpreted as a pun: instead of " I Used To Love Her, But I Had To Kill Her", the words may be "I Used To Love Her, But I Had Tequila".
- Rayan, Lincoln, England
the is a very funny song i dont get why some people take it sereusly
- karren, deerfiled, NH
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