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Things Behind The Sun by Nick Drake

Album: Pink MoonReleased: 1972
  • This is a song about deception and how things are not always as they appear. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kyle - Eglewood, CO
  • Drake wrote this at a time when he was indulging in a dangerous amount of drugs. The lyrics are a narrative of his thoughts at this time. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    John - Santa Cruz, CA
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Comments: 2

People "frown" at "things that you say" because Nick feels his art is misunderstood - but it is really art and he feels it is so. That is why he suggests the artist to "say what you say" even if these are things so concealed to be hidden behind the sun, they are literally "things behind the sun". And Nick does not give the proverbial flying f... about people "who say everything's been said" because it is not true. But clearly once you accept to be the outcast, and "the movement in your brain" your sharpness makes of you an outcast, you have to accept to feel the hardships - and this gift becomes a curse "and sends you out into the rain". The best folk song ever.Luca - Milano, Italy
these lyrics are very complex. apparently nick had something specific in mind. the themes that jump out at me are ambition or success may disappoint you because you still can't touch a star or leave the ground. you're stuck in this life. also, maybe nick resented being joe boyd's slave...the pressure to sacrifice art to someone else's commercial demands.Andy - Lake City, Fl
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