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Dave Mustaine wrote this. The lyrics are about not being able to trust someone you love; possibly an infidelity or a suspected infidelity between a couple causes great pain for each member of the relationship. It makes some commentary on the hopelessness of relationships when you can't trust your partner: "Why does Trust have to equal Pain?" (thanks, Jeremy - Shelbyville, KY)
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Comments (11):

This song is awesome. I love the intro with the drums. It's heavy but yet kinda sad. Its definitely one of their best.

From another female fan
- judie, joppa, MD
Spanish version: "Me duele todo el cuerpo por los errores; traicionados por la lujuria, nos mentimos tanto el uno al otro, que en nada confiamos... Dios te lo pido de rodillas, ayudame por favor; traicionados por la lujuria, nos mentimos tanto el uno al otro, que en nada confiamos".

Rough translation: "My body aches from mistakes; betrayed by lust, we lie to each other so much, that in nothing we trust... God help me please, on my knees; betrayed by lust, we lie to each other so much, that in nothing we trust".

Then there's another bit where he says:
"¿Como pudo sucederme esto a mi? Miento cuando digo: 'confía en mi', no puedo creer que esto sea verdad... La confianza duele, por que la confianza es igual al sufrimiento".

"How could this happen to me? I lie when I say: 'trust me'. I can't believe this is true. Trust hurts, trust equals suffering".
- Bryan, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico
On this album there's a bonus version in with spanish parts.

I love the spanish version.
It's fun when Dave mixes some of his songs with other languages; like "A Tout Le Monde".
- Bryan, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico
I always thought it had to do with Daves battle with drugs along with his close friend, hence 'My body aches from mistakes Betrayed by lust' the drugs taking its toll, 'We lied to each other so much That in nothing we trust' him and JR fighting side by side but failing. Anyhow its a great song and probably my favorite
- Dave, Albuquerque, NM
Not to be a douche or anything, but...It's "Why does trust equal suffereing?"
- Cody, Kansas City, MO
The intro is... sensitive but powerfull, if you get what I mean.
And the chorus is just plain epic.
Heather, good to hear that there are female fans too!
- Riki, Tampere, Finland
The drum intro of the song is currently played right before kickoffs during each home game played by the Arizona State Sun Devils football team.
- LC, Panama City, Panama
i just love the begining with the drums and the bass comes in!! this song reminds me of my mother and one of my ex boyfriends! this song is so frickin awesome! its my all time favorite from megadeath!!
- heather, white bear lake, MN
The drums to this song are like nothing else
- Chase, Charelston, WV
Very well said Cvas, Ridgefield, CT. Even the acoustic version is good. More of Mustaine's genius at work!
- Lisa, Vandergrift, PA
The drum intro to this song is awesome. The entire song is very well done.
- Cvas, Ridgefield, CT
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