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Picture Book by The Kinks

Album: The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation SocietyReleased: 1968
  • Ray Davies wrote this about the nostalgic feel that comes from looking through photo albums.
  • This song was used on a Hewlett-Packard commercial promoting their digital cameras and printers that featured numerous "Pictures Of You" superimposed with each other. It was a rare case of a song meaning that went very well with the commercial. The ad campaign was named "Campaign Of The Year" in 2004 by Adweek magazine. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Antonio - Orlando, FL
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Comments: 7

Great material, nope f--kIN' great material...

We had a blast recording a cover & doing the clip with some personal stuff thrown in...

A sort of tribute to rock'& roll at large ;)
Loads of fun indeed!
Jf - Montreal, Qc
Well, It should say something about Green Day getting the inspiration for Warning out of this song...cos, they're almost the sameTomislav - Split, Croatia
Fine cover by Young Fresh FellowsNick - Chicago, Il
VGPS is one of the greatest albums ever conceived. Far more cohesive than Sgt. Pepper or Pet Sounds. I've fantasized about a musical film based on the songs on this ablum, with a few others added from the Kinks' repertoire. I'm fascinated by Ray's ambivalent feelings about his family...seemingly precious and maddening at the same time. God save Donald Duck, Vaudeville and Variety!Al - Baltimore, Md
This was one of a trilogy of songs Davies wrote and the Kinks recorded in 1967-1968 that shared this theme. Two of them - this song and "People Take Pictures of Each Other" - are standout tracks on The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society album. "Picture Book" is the more upbeat and happy song, while "People Take Pictures..." has an undercurrent of sadness ("...don't show me no more, please"). The third, "Pictures in the Sand", was only released briefly on The Great Lost Kinks Album in 1973, and has since been available only on bootleg recordings (for some reason Davies has never wanted it released).Paul - Sacramento, Ca
Don you couldn't be more right. A superb album that has sooo little credit. It is certainlt the most under-rated album I know. The reason for this is because The White Album & Electric Ladyland were both released with this back in 1968 so it didn't have much chance now did it?... regardless of this fact I recommend this album to anyone, it really is well well worth it.Paul - Potters Bar, England
A great tune! This one is from Village Green Preservation Society. A very underrated album in its day, VGPS has been acknowledged as a true classic. Well worth picking up.Don - Newmarket, Canada
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