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Fingerprint File


The Rolling Stones

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On this track, Mick Jagger sings about the F.B.I. keeping a file on him. It was probably true, considering the extensive records they had on John Lennon.
The Rolling Stones used a Funk sound on this that would emerge on their next album, Black And Blue. Unlike most of their songs, they did some improvisation on this one. Keith Richards explained in a 1975 interview with Sounds: "The middle and end part was totally off-the-cuff. It could have been a much tighter three-minute thing with just the vocal and riff but it got extended."
This was the last song Mick Taylor played on as a Stone. He was replaced by Ron Wood on the next album.
Mich Jagger played guitar on this track, which was something he rarely did. He also played the guitar when they performed it live.
The Rolling Stones
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Comments (9):

Very pessimistic and stuffy song about informational secret socities.
- Major Tom, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
brian, Mick sang this song. It doesn't sound very much like him, but it is him.
- Peter Griffin, Quahog, RI
Its a very chatchy song I like it.
- ashley, Quincy, IL
The last song in which Taylor played is Time Waits for no one. This is the last song of the album "It's Only R&R".
- juan, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mick Jagger plays guitar alot more than most people think.
- Lou, Scranton, PA
sorry about my comment not making sense. The Nixon administration tried to deport John Lennon because they did not like his political views, but the administration did not have enough cause, and the deportation failed.
- Johnny, Los Angeles, CA
who sang this mick or keith?
- brian, alluhrst, NJ
John Lennon was more politically active then Mick Jagger, so, as a result, he got a huge file and was deported. Stupid government.
- Johnny, Los Angeles, CA
Mick Taylor plays the prominent Bassline. Ron Wood would play Bass when performed live in the '75 US Tour.
- Chelsea, NYC, OR
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