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Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

Album: Move AlongReleased: 2005Charted:
  • This song is about all those little secrets you keep inside. The dirty little secret for The All-American Rejects songwriters Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler at this time was that they were both in happy, long-term relationships with their girlfriends. This meant that Ritter (the lyricist), had to concoct some histrionics. In our 2012 interview with Nick Wheeler, he said, "We come from a small town, and until now we've both had steady relationships. So, you know, sometimes there's not enough drama or turmoil to write about, so he simply writes stories. And that's where the lyrics come from." (Here's the full interview with Nick Wheeler.)
  • The video featured postcards sent to the website Postsecret.com. The site encourages people to mail in clever, anonymous postcards containing a secret. The best of the bunch are posted on the site, with some captivating results. The All-American Rejects made a charitable donation in exchange for use of the postcards.
  • Nick Wheeler told as that some of The All-American Rejects' hits are songs they have been "scared of" during the writing process, since the tracks sound like they could be disastrous. The band is big on experimentation, and when they come across a sound that is not typical, they're not always sure if it's a terrible idea or a huge hit. Said Wheeler: "'Dirty Little Secret' was just an acoustic guitar and a vocal, that's all it was. We put off getting the full band in and coming up with the arrangement until the very last second. We were literally less than a week away from going into the studio, and we all four started jamming and tossing out ideas. We had the arrangement down within an hour and that was that. We ended up recording it and couldn't get the motherf--king thing out of our heads. So it turned out to be a good thing."
  • This song was featured in a the movies John Tucker Must Die, She's The Man and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. The plot lines of all these movies revolve around a secret of some kind. >>
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    Lynn - Farmington, NM
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Comments: 27

i think it's this guy gets involved with this girl but he doesn't want to get hurt or too involved- even though she has given everything up for him, always going to him when he comes... he doesn't want to feel like a fool if it goes public and she ends up leaving him.. but he does know how she is devoted to him and uses that against her.Rachel - Cohasset, Mn
This song is about sexual abuse from the abuser's point of view http://www.pandys.org/survivingthememories/songs9.htmlJessika - None, Nb
I liked this song alot when it came out and then it got overplayed. That ruined it. It's still a fun, pop song though.Krista - Carbondale, Pa
this song is great! i like the video. i dont know how many secrets i have bottled up inside...and everyone else, too... ^_^ (sorry, i wanted to add a face.)Valerie - None Of Ur Buisness, Bc
okLilz - Cambridge, Canada
Rita Portugal is right..... this song is so about cheating on someone. and "don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret" is saying that he's cheated before, and he regrets it, so if she wants him to actually love her she has to keep it secret. thats my thoughts anyway... oh and to crosby, mexico... what the hell do you know about music?? this song is greatMatthew - Calgary
I don't think this song is about keeping secrets from other people, I think you just get that because of the videoclip.

When I listen to the song, it only seems to me as hiding someone with you're cheating your girlfriend
Rita - Mortagua, Portugal
duh! this song is about cheating on your girlfriend. he wants to keep the girl he's cheating with his dirty little secret and doesn't want her to tell anyone about what he is doing.Lizzy - Potomac, Md
haha this song is totally awesome !
i love aar, i saw them live in a private show .
they are awesomeeee
Jules - Sand Springs, Ok
i can unfortionatly relate to this song. when i say unfortionatly i don't mean that i hate that i relate to the song because the song sucks i mean it was once my favorite song. when i say unfortionatly i mean theres a very dirty secret that SOMEBODY told to SOMEBODY ELSE which after about 2 hours SOMEBODY which i didn't want to know KNEW!Buddy - Barbourville, Ky
i think this song is more about keeping a girlfriend a secret from everyone else rather then keeping a secret from someone.Mitch - New York, Ny
i love this song i have a serect bout this girl i love so much but i cant tell her and i get sick form itCody - Pitsburgh, Pa
oh and unlike most of you, i don't like the song because the all american rejects sing it, i mean i like aar, but when i first heard it i had no idea who sang it, and it sounded really good in my opinion.Beans - Philadelphia, Pa
matt you are so wrong,aar sounds totally diffrent from fall out boy. aar sounds alot better, this song rocks and the video is good too. if anyone got to see aar in concert they're lucky. AAR is the best band ever!!!Beans - Philadelphia, Pa
I don't know...the music is good...but all these bands today have the same whiny-voiced singer. its getting really old. you could swap the lead singers of simple plan, hawthorne heights, my chemical romance, all american rejects, fall out boy...basically everyone and it would sound close to the same.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
omg..i love this song...i thought it was about something nasty..but then saw the video..i like the idea..and i love the song!!Mszacefron - Chicago, Il
i dont care what u guys think i still like them!! & i luv this song.....Kayla - Clarkton, Nc
I went to Black Clouds on the first date of the tour. And they all rocked. FFTL was muddy though, and didn't sound that good. AAR, FOB, HH, and Hush Sound were awesome thought..except for a little technical glitch in the beginning of AAR's set.Rachel - Albany, Ny
Crosby you are so wrong. I just went to the Black Clouds and Underdogs concert in Detroit and AAR rocked! All 5 bands were awesome. I admit they could've been better but they were still awesome and they did not suck. They probably had the worst stage presence of all 5 bands but they were still really good.Melissa - Toledo, Oh

Crosby - Mexico, Me
Is any1 else going to a Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour? I'm super excited about it!!Melissa - Toledo, Oh
hehe maria...i thought it was just me.Allister - ...., United States
this song means a lot to me because i like to keep a lot of secrets and i just think that what the song means keeping secrets really shows what i am likeKelsey - Ingleside, Tx
AAR is my everything!Erica - Nunyabizzness, Fl
Did anybody else see Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy and Tyson whatever from AAR simulating fellatio on MTV on New Year's? Dirty Little Secret indeed. There's a Fall Out boy song that goes, "I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake..."
Alright, no more gay conspiracy teories at four in the morning for me.
Maria - Lake City, Fl
It's not a big deal, it's only a s.Maria - Austin, Tx
I love this song and the video.AAR Rocks!!Melissa - Toledo, Oh
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