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White Man by Queen

Album: A Day At The RacesReleased: 1976
  • This song was written by Queen guitarist Brain May. The lyrics are about the wars between colonists and Native Americans. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jonathon - Clermont, FL
  • In a 1976 interview on Capital Radio, Freddie Mercury was asked how he managed to get such a loud noise on one record. He replied: "I don't know, it's down to Mike Stone our engineer. We're very bad in the studio for that actually, the poor engineer has to really suffer because we really want as much level as possible. We keep pushing the phasers up and he keeps looking at the meters and going 'Oh it'll never cut'. Then we give him the added task of going over to New York or wherever and saying 'Make sure that cuts as loud as possible'."
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Comments: 5

Stu, maybe this song have attracted very little comment because the music industry (meaning not only discography majors like EMI, but also the specialised press) have never been comfortable with Queen as "socially meaningful" group. It's very far easier considering them as the typical glam, fashionable, frivolous, eccentric pop band exactly fitting its glam, fashionable etc. frontman. Most media have always talked about Queen only for gossip-esque, sometimes absolutely false, news. Brian May also wrote a song about this (Scandal).Stefano - Rome, Italy
One of the most underrated Queen songs. Brain may detuned his guitar on this number.Jonathon - Clermont, Fl
I find it interesting that this song (which is about the terrible fate of native Americans after Europeans arrived) attracts very little comment, while Zombie by the Cranberries (which is about Northern Ireland's troubled history)has caused all hell to break loose! Selective memory is a dangerous thing.Stu - Fife, Scotland
I love this song, along with all the other Queen songs! Queen ROcksTheresa - San Diego, Ca
Great, they're all greatAmy - Dallas, Tx
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