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Hot Stuff by The Rolling Stones

Album: Black And BlueReleased: 1976Charted:
  • With Mick Taylor gone, The Stones were auditioning lead guitarists while recording Black And Blue. Harvey Mandel from Canned Heat played on this, but Ron Wood got the job.
  • This was dangerously close to Disco - Donna Summer had a Disco hit 3 years later with the same title.
  • Billy Preston played the piano, Ollie E. Brown was on percussion.
  • "Hot Stuff" was the working title for the album until they decided on Black And Blue.
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Comments: 3

I've always thought this song was a reference to Herion.James - Philadelphia, Pa
A little to close to disco for my stones tastes.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
Great promoclip by the entire band with Ron Wood done in the late 70's.Chelsea - Nyc, Or
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