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All That I've Got by The Used

Album: In Love And DeathReleased: 2004
  • Lead singer Bert McCracken wrote this about his dog that got hit by a car during the making of In Love And Death. He recalled to Kerrang:

    "I had a dog named David Bowie, who was my best buddy for, like a whole year. Dogs are incredible companions, and I've never really lost anyone close to me at that point. When I left to make In Love and Death, I booked the wrong ticket and I couldn't fly my dog, so my friend was planning to fly out with David Bowie two days later, and he was hit by a car that very next day. So yeah, as serious moment in my life, your first experience with death is a serious one." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ashleigh - Palm Coast, FL
  • Drummer Branden Steineckert said about this song: "A lot of the stuff Bert writes may be specific in certain moments or instances but he writes them in a very general way so that people can identify with it, although they may not come to the same thing. It works out really well." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Samantha - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Comments: 25

Oh, also to add to my comment below in regards to the claim someone made that it's actually about his ex girlfriend's death... negative. The album was finished a couple months BEFORE her death (she died while they were on tour). While some of the other songs are about her in general and I believe there's dedication to her in the cover, none of the songs have to do specifically with her death as (musically) it was completed while she was still alive.Ash - Los Angeles
A couple people mentioned that this song *isn't* about a dog - but I can say with absolute, 100% certainly it IS about his dog. How do I know? Because I heard it from the horse's mouth... Bert McCracken himself. Almost 10 years ago now we used to hang out quite often (had same group of friends) when he was in LA. A couple months before this album was released and he was in town playing with Linkin Park he played the album for us (he had an advanced copy). He was so proud of it. He specifically mentioned how this song was about his dog who was hit by a car, but you'd never know it by the lyrics because the songs all are so universal even when about something specific.Ash - Los Angeles
I just want to say...........it is about being careful the little boy wanted to find the end...and he did!! he was trapped if you think about it ALMOST all of the used songs have something to do with being trapped!!LOlTegan - Bellville, Nj
they never said that In Love And Death was about a dog, the said the dog got hit by a car during the making of it, read first.Aaron - Peterborough, On
me and my friend were listening to this song, and on the chorus he says "I'll be just fine pretending I'm not. I'm far from lonely, and its all that I've got..."
I think that maybe it could be saying that he is making up dramas for his life to get attention, and he thrives on that attention. just a guess
Tabbi - Raleigh, Nc
Not saying the song isn't about his dog though, I've heard people say both but I'm not really sure.

Also the line, "so deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me off-guard, red handed now I'm far from lonely"
I think if this song is about his girlfriend he may have seen her ODing coming.
Skyler - Portland, Or
The album, "In Love and Death" is actually about his pregnant girlfriend that died from a Meth overdose, not about a dog that got hit by a car.Skyler - Portland, Or
I love this song, one of the best by The Used (Besides Blue and Yellow)Liesa - Roy, Ut
this video is so awesome and its really great that bert generalises his songs so audiences can adapt to it in their own ways.

me and my mum talked about this song and we came to the conclusion that we thought it was about some one who is pretending to be sad or depressed.

i mean think about the lyrics
ill b just fine, pretending im not (he's fine with pretending he's not ok even though he is)
im far from lonely and it'ss all that i've got (he's not lonely but thats all he is hanging onto.. maybe hoping some one will notice him??)

so deep that it didnt even bleed n catch me offguard, red handed now im far from lonely (it didnt bleed/hurt when it happened and it didnt catch him offguard as in he knew what ever it was that happened was going to happen so it didnt hurt as much as he is makin it out to??)

so deep that i didnt even scream 'f--k me' (it really didnt hurt as much as he is makin out... didnt cut him that deep that it really really hurt)

i cant b bothered analysing the hwole song but they r just a few points which led me and mum to that conclusion =)

but all round great song and im sure people may agree or disagree =)
Jess - Cobram, Australia
I think this song is about finding meanings and explainations. It's knowing that you have something and either not wanting it, not feeling you deserve it or being trapped in what you think you should conform to(ie emo/punk etc). It's a song that makes you want to smile when you're crying.Rose - Dumfries, United Kingdom
This song means alot to me and helps me get through a "lost" love who recently got married. He was the love of my life.Courtney - Salt Lake City, Ut
I caught fire is better.Brianna - Ilost, Wi
I love this song, its so deep... and I love that Bert writes music thats general enough that it allows people to adapt to it and give it there own meaning. It's very sweet, and I think it's safe to say that he loved that dog a lot.Monica - Sanford, Fl
great song. so deep that it didnt even bleed and catch me... a lyric that just spoke to me. and helped me through alot of stuffKiran - Shelton, Ct
this song and take it away were the 2 songs that got me listening to the used there one of the greatest bands of all timeMacy - New Albany, In
this song is amazing i must have to admit

very VERY amazing
anyone who doesn't like it!
well that's your own opinion and i respect that
Chanel - Seattle, Wa
hellooooooo isn't this such an exciting event?? great isn't it??Chanel - Seattle, Wa
video was awesome!Mike - Petersham, Ma
this song is my favorite song not just by the used but its my most favorite song of allBilly - Peckville, Pa
bert's dog
Helene - Staten Island,ny, United States
I like this song. Its one of the two songs that got me into The Used. The second one was I Caught Fire. But this song is the best one yet.Simone - Redwood City, Ca
the first song that made me fell in love with the used. i have the music video on my i pod!Alex - Milwaukee, Wi
I agree with the first two posters.

That creepy guys with the little kid makes me think of Michael Jackson . . . ew.
Vicky - Cincinnati, Oh
This is the first song that really got me into The Used, too. I love the music video!Kathryn - Harrogate, England
This song is amazing and it totally opened me up to the Used and i listen to them daily. Can't wait to see them live!Erin Koczkur - Chilliwack , Canada
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