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When I'm Gone by Eminem

Album: Curtain Call: The HitsReleased: 2005Charted:
  • This song is Eminem's way of telling his fans that he has to go eventually, that he's afraid of losing his daughter Hailie, and he wants to have a normal life with his daughter and wife. He's telling us not to be sad that he is going to go, and that he's always thinking of his fans and his family. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Danielle - Justice, IL
  • In the line, "Take another pill, yeah I bet you you will" Eminem is quoting Hailie. This refers to his stay at rehab for his dependency on sleeping pills. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeffrey - West Jordan, UT
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Comments: 35

This song is set in a rehab/addiction group type community and the song is him talking to the members of the group (as why at the start he says, "I'm Marshall", and everyone says, "Hi Marshall." He starts to rap and talks about his life being took over by rapping and career and him leaving his family behind. He uses a lot of metaphors to describe how his life is deteriating bit by bit like, "the plane I was supposed to be on crashes." Thanks for your time!Eminemexpert - Newry
He's telling the whole song to me and all of you guys, his fans, that he has to put whats important first.Hailie - Detoit, Mi
I found this song a note to his family and how much they mean to himNicole - Noblesville, In
This song is my favorite I can relate to it and it does help with what i been throughNicole - Noblesville, In
"the plane that i was supposed to be on crashes, and burns to ashes" that could be just a metaphorical thing, but maybe its a 911 reference? maybe he was supposed to be on one of the planes?Ivy - Springfield, Ne
I think that in the end while eminem's onstage in his dream that this is how he sees the future if he continues bein Slim Shady.Logan - Lawrenceburg, Ky
i think that this song is for both is fans and daughterJenn - Cranston , Ri
This is one of those few songs that can make me cry it just relates to my childhood so much with my dad always gone my mom, not much of one, handing us to anyone who would take us and me and my sis were so tight and the first time i saw my dad in a year he jus tell us how much he missed us and how we were always there in his heartTerrin - Mishawaka, In
I can relate to this song my band has made me lose sight of what realy matters my neice and my family just like eminem with hailee and kimNathan Ritz - Paoli, In
I think this song is mainly for his daughter. I think it's like, when he dies, he doesn't want her to be sad. He wants her to remember that he'll always be looking down on her, smiling, and all he'll ever want from her is for her to smile back.Claire - Kings Lynn, United Kingdom
Cause you got one more chance to do right and it's tonight...Kate - Longmont, Co
This is a good song. i like it cause almost any one can relate to it...Kate - Longmont, Co
This song is deep.. you really have to listen to the words. They really do get to you. THis song is NOT just to his fans its to his family. Yeah we will be sad when he is gone but he wont be looking down at us he will be looking down a t his family smiling.. but they will feel his pain an smile back.Kayla - St. Paul, Mn
i think this is only for his daughter. great song, but i dont think it was for fansAdam - South Pasadena, Israel
i liked this song because it had something about it that the others didnt it was about him his life mostly about his daughter and i bet she felt good about it and i have liked eminems songs and he is slowly going away and every fan will miss him but his name will still be heard cause its on my ipod and his daughter has made him think about his family and will be with them more.Jack - Manchester, United Kingdom
hey i'm from sweden, but baby we're in sweden, how did you get to sweden?Fredrik - Stockholm, --
i realy like the songs i no all the words to all the songs haha lolz hay if u got bebo add me it kinky bitch lolz kool kool im a big big fanAjmarie - Wellnigton, Uganda
eminem is describing about his personal life. At the begining of the song he is writing that song and Hailie come to talk and play with him. bt he dosen't have time to play with his daughter. bt he wants to be with her. When he singing in the concert in Sweden he imaging that his daughter telling him "I gave you a chance to choose family or fans and u chose family." And she give him a coin that says number 1 dad. Then Eminem kill Slim Shady bt not him self. He is going home before he supposed to go home because of his daughter. he noticing that the plane he was supposed to be was crashed.Dinuka - Olds, Ab
I love the intro to the songBen - Chino, Ca
this song is one my best song that i like fron all the song Eminem have released in his career. one of my hobbies are, i like singing when i'm gone beacuse it makes me think that im the real eminem. some of the words that is used in When I'm Gone really make me think about my life and what my career plans for the future so
Joey - Thursday Island, Australia
Yeah..a nice song by a nice singer...Eminem's songs really have a meaning and are awesome.Ronit - Delhi, India
personally i think this song is about eminem getting rid of his alter ego Slim Shady. he doesnt want to be shady anymore because its not the person he is. he is scared of losing his children and kym to the music industry. the lyrics arnt about him dying,i think hes on about killing slim shady off. he wants to be a family man. he brought out a greatest hits album and then "The Re-up" but that wasnt an album he mastered himself. there were other callaborations on it.Ellie - Shropshire, United States
This is one of the few songs by Eminem that I really like. He had a few other okay ones, but this is definitely the best of all of his songs.Matt - Milton, Pa
This song is so great that I've talked to people who absolutly hate rap and say that this song is one of the best songs ever.I dont know what the were doing listening to rap in the begging but they did.Eminem kicks ass!!!Dexter - Marysville, Ca
I love this song. i wish my dad would actully do something like this for me. its the least he could do.
Bryanna NY
Bryanna - New York, Ny
hi daughter deserves to have her daddy around cuz his love is more important then the money he makesMandie - Port Royal, Pa
Eminem rights alot of songs about Halie but he dont ever do nothinr about it!Kelly - Rochester, Ny
I saw Eminem on an interview recently. He was talking about his songs and he said that his "Alter Ego" Slim Shady "died" during the making of this song. (I'm not sure wht he meant by that)Mjn Seifer - Not Listed For Personal Reason, England
I think this song is to haille and his fans. He is saying that he has noticed he may have neglected his family, and sometimes he may be gone, and eventually he'll be gone for good. But he doesnt want anyone, especially not haille, to be sad, but to remember him through his music.Dan - Kearny, Nj
I think Eminem is saying that his family wants him to stay home and not go on trips anymore because they want to see him more and not less. So i love this song because its telling me that i shouldnt be sad when someone thats part of me leaves. for example a boyfriend for me i would be sad if he leaves. so eminem did a great job on this song! love you eminem your the greatest.Sarah Floyd - Bloomingdale, Il
The Best Eminem ever written, it means something!Spencer - West Milford, Nj
this song really toched me and i really think it really meant something and i will definately be sad when he stops singing wheter he wants me to or not!!! eminem will live forever in my heart and there will be a whole in it when he stops singing. love ya eminem!!!Sarah - Cambridge, England
Eminem isn't telling his fans a damn thing.

This song was released shorty after, and is about his life experience with his recent stint in rehab.

At the beginning of the video clip Eminem stands before a a group therapy meeting and as he starts sharing his thoughts, the song begins.

He raps about a dream he had where he was so caught up in his own career that he ignored his wife and daughter, ultimately his wife kills herself and Eminem dies in a plane crash touring overseas.

Eminem uses these images to get sell his product. Obviously he doesnt die in a plane crash, and he doesnt want to publicly announce he was in rehab.
These are images he chooses that he thinks will allow his fanbase to connect with the song.

The fact that all this happens during a dream of his, shows that he "woke up" from this reality (and sent himself to rehab).

Its all code basically... he was afraid that he would end up doing something (like dying or ODing on drugs) and that he would be leaving his daughter. Waking up from a bad dream shows that Eminem chose to change his life so that this didnt happen.

Because his daughter is so dominant in the lyrics (eminem speakin on her behalf) it is safe to say that she was the driving force that eminem had to change his life.
Jd - Coffs
this is one of his best songs mos def in the top 3Aaron - Winnemucca, Nv
I really love this song it is soo sad.Meagan - Augusta, Ga
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