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I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! at the Disco

Album: A Fever You Can't Sweat OutReleased: 2005Charted:
  • This song takes place at a wedding. The groom hears that his bride is cheating on him from a discussion between a bridesmaid and a waiter. His instinct is to tells them to shut the door and keep it to themselves, but he wants to handle it himself and figure it out with "poise and rationality." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    frank - totowa, NJ
  • Panic guitar player and lyricist Ryan Ross came up with the story after breaking up with his girlfriend. He was trying to convey that despite all that happened, it could have been worse.
  • The music video tells the story of a young couple getting married. The bride's family is prim and proper, while the groom's are crazy clowns - literally. In the end, they realize that maybe the idea of a marriage between them was only for the lust, not love, and the bride ends up cheating on the groom after an argument right before the wedding. The narrator is lead singer Brendon Urie, who acts as the groom's conscience. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Megan - NY, NY
  • One of the instruments used in this song is an accordion. Guitarist Ryan Ross loves the accordion sound and is a big fan of movie soundtracks that use it like Amelie and Nightmare Before Christmas. There's also a harpsichord, which plays the opening notes.
  • The title was inspired by the line in Douglas Coupland's book Shampoo Planet: "What I write are not sins, I write tragedies." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    nidhi - Mumbai, India
  • Many radio stations played a version with the words "God Damn" edited out. In the music video, every time Brendan Urie says it, the camera switches to another scene so you never see his mouth form those words. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Michael - winchestersonville, WA
  • The music video was directed by Shane Drake (Plain White T's, Paramore). It won the 2006 MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year.
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Comments: 127

I love this music video and the song of course!Sabrina - Edgewater Park , Nj
I <3 PATD!! They're music is awesome!!Rayne Summers - Plano, Tx
To Tom of CT- Uhhhh....MAROON 5, MUMFORD AND SONS, THE GORILLAZ...well, thats just about it, but these will go far!Megan - Stevenson, Al
Ok. To all the people who are trashing PATD coz they're "emo and all boohoo she left me go cry in a corner" screw u. Yea. I listen to classic rock. (Led Zeppelin, AcDc, Metallica, Jimi, and a helluva lotta other stuff from back in the day that has existed coz it is purely awesome)
But just coz its a diffirent sound doesn't mean its horrible. 50 bucks says u haven't used a few minutes of your time to actually listen. I like PATD. They ARE unique coz of all the music I listen to I haven't heard one band actually sound like them (except the whole Beatles/pretty.odd thing...)
I like a lot of music (not bluegrass twang twang sh*t, or rap..hate it...)
And I can't really say I KNOW GOOD MUSIC coz that is purely subjective. So calm your fricken titties u haters, coz even tho idl nsync and sh*t id still hum if ther songs came on the radio coz even tho its not very original it wasn't all that bad.
It really aggravtes me to knwo, people are b!tching about what others wanna listen to. Be happy that these kids are happy and feeling good coz of this music and Not wanting to go on a killing spree coz they can't relate to anything.
Seriously, calm it.
Liz - Hollywood/clermont , Fl
Um.. For all you people that think that Panic at the Disco will not be around for 5 years you should just know taat they will probably outlive you in a sense of remembrance!Sarah - Clovis, Nm
Dear John, From Huston Texas. Music is all about emotion. And P.S Nirvana may have BEEN awesome but they are long gone! And he is like screaming into the microphone! And don't diss the Plain Wite T's either! By the way any guy with or withut makeup has got to look hoter than you ever would!!! Maybe you need some talent!Sarah - Clovis, Nm
To do list for Alex, Los Angeles, CA:
1.)chilll!! out!! Normal people dont care about crappy grammar
2.) Get over yourself
3.) And maybe try getting a life(like 1 that doesnt involve looking up songs and bands that u dont even like!! just 2 make fun of people)
Caitlyn - Royersford, Pa
To Tom from East Lyme, CT- i'll agree that all the BEST music was from before the new millenium, but i dont think that it died. There's still a lot of really decent bands out there. ex. linkin park, the foo fighters, pearl jam!, etc.Caitlyn - Royersford, Pa
The opening notes are played on Pizzicato Strings, not a Harpischord. The conclusion of the preceding track "But It's Better If You Do" becomes the intro for "I Write Sins...". The two songs seemingly compliment each other as part of the same story. "But It's better..." follows a bachelor party, while the video for "I Write Sins..." takes place at the actual wedding of the character.

Ryan Ross can be faintly heard playing an Accordion with accompanying chords during the "Poise and Rationality" section of the chorus.
Frost - Westchester, Ny
The instrument played at the intro of the song are a the Pizzicato Strings, not a Harpischord. These notes bleed in from the ending to the preceding track, "But It's Better If You Do".

The accordion [played by Ryan Ross] accompanied by a piano can be heard during the part of the chorus where Brendon Urie sings:

"With a sense of poise and rationality,
Frost - Westchester, Ny
LAWL, that's the most awesome story behind a song ever.Esther - Yourmother, Ma
I love this song, and P!ATD. they are one of my favorite bands, I even have every one of their songs on my ipod. XD they are so different and unique and *real* and thats why I love them so muchClb - A Place, Va
to john from Houston, TX.
panic at the disco is all about the metaphors. if you want to know the meaning of the song, you have to think about the lyrics, and, they are more mysterious. its not really art if you go ahead and tell the meaning. there aren't any songs that say "im sad because my girlfreind is cheating on me and i want to ignore it , but i shouldnt." that would be a lame song. plus, you cant compare panic at the disco with the plain white tees. theyre music is completely differnet. just because they wear makeup, dosent make them weird. i think guys who wear guy-liner are sexy. there is othing wrong with that. it just means they care about what they look like. what are you talking about? "soft choruous and soft voacals"? if he got any rougher, he would be puking into the microphone. hes basically screaming. hes showing how mad and dvastated he is at losing the one he loves.
Paige - West Lafayette, In
I watched the music video but there are no one on the bride's side..Kimmie - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
When I first this song I thought it was really good...and now I look back and have to say it petty much sucks. What has music become? Compared to other bands like Nirvana, this band doesn't even deserve to be compared against one of the greatest bands of all time. These kind of bands are just weird. This song practically has no meaning...i mean if you're gonna write about someone cheating on you, write it about them letting the love die and it should include a rough riff to show how hurt he is about her cheating, not with a soft chorus and soft vocals. i mean The Plain White T's are better than this...they don't act emo by wearing make-up and crying. They say what there is to say by just singing what is needed to say..maybe a few metaphors along the lines and sing about other stuff other than the eno crap they usually play. Nirvana is WAY better than this. WAY better.John - Houston , Tx
This song is the COOLEST!!! I love Branden :)Jessie - Dallas, Tx
Did you know the cover with the windmill for this song is about moulin Rouge, due to the wife being a whoreBrandon Gallagher - Marysville, Sd
i love patd thier my all time favoriet i have all cd's including the string quartet one panic rocks!!!
but whyd they get rid of the "!" i was mad lol
Latasha - Austin, Tx
P!ATD IS F****** AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of their very best! This, 9 in the aftrn, Lying is the..., Build God..., and evrything on the A fevr u cant sweat out album is my favrites. may they nevr disband!Hannah - Summerville, Ar
"One day when all this pop-punk/emo music dissapears, the world will be a better place. This song is a really poor imitation of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. You guys should listen to Wolfmother or QOTSA, thats real modern rock n' roll.....
- Dave, London, England"
I dont agree with most of that but this song kinda does remind me of Eleanor Rigby.
Panic Haters, P!ATD just makes people wanna dance its happy music with a meaning. If you dont like it get over it.
Randi - Culpeper Killed Superman, Va
Maria The title totally makes sense "I write Sins Not tradgedies" means yea the stuation is bad (sinful) but its not that big a deal its not a tragedyRandi - Culpeper Killed Superman, Va
Actually Yareli, he only puts his hand/fingers over his mouth when he said whore.Z - Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Wa
no...the camera never leaves brendons face when he says goddamn but he DOES put his hands/finger on his mouth...Yareli - Amsterdam, Ny
I think that Eric from Garretson is right. And there is a positive to everything. If anyone read the comment for 'I'm Not Okay' by MCR there was a good side to the angry note-thing: the evil girl from fifth grade f***ed off and kept away from me. :) If you have no clue what the hell I'm talking about, look at my comment in 'I'm Not Okay' by MCR (btw that's a great song)Z - Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Wa
This is to anyone who says any Panic song doesn't make sense..You have to really listen to the words, and be a little creative, and every song is filled with meaning.

And about that whole thing somewhere down there where it was talked about that guys think Panic is just a fad, I personally listened to Panic BEFORE they were on the radio ever, and I STILL listen to them now..

This song is about the man getting married to the girl, and overhears that his fiance cheated on him..and he decides that rather than freaking out about it, to handle it with "poise and rationality"..and thinks that TECHNICALLY their "marriage is saved", because then he'll know not to marry her because they will probably end up in a divorce later, therefore marriage being saved..and therefore implicates how you should find the positive things about everything, cuz everything has a positive...
Eric - Garretson, Sd
This is a good band the only thing that i dont really like is that they say "I chime in with the havnt you people ever heard of closing the god danm door" too many times in the song, and it seems like they only have 1 verse, dont get me wrong i love the song and i LOVE Brendan Urie!Taylor - Kelowna, Canada
No, Buddy when, this song was first released noone really heard it, but like amost songs it gradually grew in peoples hearts.Sydney - Cincinnati, Oh
Does this remind anyone COMPLETLY of Tim Burton like movies-listen to this song and try to picture the movie "A Nightmare Before Christmas" in your mind.Josh - Toronto
i am sick of this song! when it was first released this was all you would here on the radio and on Vh1! severely overrated!Buddy - Barbourville, Ky
Ok look. I am a sensible being that doesn't mind experimenting with music once in a while. I'm a classical music lover (I play the violin) and yet I listen to people like Disturbed, Linkin Park, and Mudvayne and also dabble in country like the awesome Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Brooks and Dunn. I listened to these guys and I found that I liked them. I don't care how they look. They have a catchy sound. You people don't have to come on this comment sheet and criticize it just because you feel like it and have the need to put down all other bands because you're loyalists to the old 'good' bands. I'm a young one, (16) but I listen to older bands as well and don't mind mixing the old with the new. If you can't make constructive criticism, then don't comment at all because it's unwanted and unneeded.Veronica - Harlingen, Tx
It's an amazing song. The title doesn't make sense but a lot of them don't. The song is pretty easy to understand and so is the music video. It is one my absolute favortie songs . Brendon did an awesome job sing it.Krissy - Boston, Ma
Come on guys, they whole reason Panic! has you say "wedding" when they say "shotgun" is because it's a "shotgun wedding" which is a type of wedding that is arranged not because of the desire of the participants, but to avoid embarrassment due to an unintentional pregnancy. Probably the reason why the waiter calls the bride a "whore".
thanks =)
Kay - Altoona, Pa
This could be a debate for ages on end, and by the time it ended, no one would know what the hell Panic at the Disco means, thus proving those who say the band sucks and is worthless to be right.Jrod - Albany, Ny
it's closing the door on the bride and her whomever-shes-with who isn't the groom. technically our marriage is saved--the groom found out, so they can end everything before they're actually married, lol, great line.Lohla - New York, Ny
This band's music is of very low quality. This song is irritating. And why do they have song titles that are sentences? That is just stupid, obviously not creative enough to shorten the titles. Like Fall Out Boy, they suck as well. They (Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco) try and emulate good punk bands and fail miserabely. Awful garbage this is.Johnny - Rockland, Ma
My best friend who i looooove and my song is "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". We started singing it one time and we both loooooove P!ATD.Gina - San Jose, Ca
hey, the groom is really hotLuvme - Nyc, Ny
Way too many comments to read them all. This is my least favorite song by Panic! at the disco and proably their worst. Still i'd give it a 3 out od 5 for being meaningful and diffrent from mainsteam mucic. (just listen to the intro)Geoff - Lincoln, Ri
Panic!AtTheDisco is a great band with great songs but they need to work on their look. At first i thought one of them was a girl!Kaleen - Oakland, Mi
Everyone who commented so far, you people NEED to go back to eighth grade english class. Your grammar is terrible, as is this crap band. Seriously, I would rather get a barbed-wire enema than listen to this (deleted).Alex - Los Angeles, Ca
Liek, OMG! I'm a generic idiot teenage girl who leik, LOVES Panic! Dis song iz soooooooo meaningful, it speaks 2 me leik notin else does! I LoVe iT!!!!!!!

This Band Is Crap.
Alex - Los Angeles, Ca
Pretense!At the Disco...Nick - Arlington Heights, Il
love p!atd, but probably my least favorite song by them. maybe it being overplayed has something to do with it. but i think a lot of people judge them by that one song which i think isn't fair because their album is amazing, it's one of the few that i listen to all the way through until the end. i also don't understand how they are "too poppy." what pop song has an accordion in it? oh, and i think if you listen to the songs and know where the titles come from, a lot of them do make sense. "there's a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven't figured it out yet" was actually supposed to be part of the song. and "lying..." and "but it's better if you do" is from closer, which is about infidelity (what "lying..." is about) and is said in a strip club (what "but it's better if you do" is about).Tiffany - Los Angeles, Ca
I agree with Ian. Someone pooping does sound better.Joe - Lockport, Il
So let me get this straight, there are a bunch of people coming onto this board, for the sole purpose of critizing the band...maybe we should all just do ourselves a favor and not feed the troll, and just ignore them.Erik - Wilkes-barre, Pa
and i also agree with matt from milbrae.
think about nirvana, jimi hendrix, the sex pistols.they`re timeless. years after the deaths, people are still listening to them.
panic at the disco will lose their spotlight as soon as another stupid band comes about, and to all the girls on here-
you probably only like them cause thats like, the cool thing to do.
last year you listened to britney spears.
and you know 3 songs by the band-
the only difference sjkahdjkashd
lying is the askdjhajsdh
and i write sins sidhahlsdkgd
Brianna - Massapequa, Ny
tom, east lyme, ct, you are completely wrong! what do you mean that music died after 1995?!?! you want me to name a good band, ok, here i go.
Panic! at the disco, Green Day, The Killers, Weird Al Yankovic, Flogging Molly, Good Charlotte, Tenacious D, Red Hot Chili Peppers, weezer, just to name a few.
Izzy - Buffalo, Ny
Ok, from reading the comments posted by most others, I am probably the oldest one here that likes this band (i'm 31). I just bought their album today. I have to say that they are a really good group, and for their age, they have put a lot of thought into their lyrics. Who says that great songs have to have a lot of lyrics in them? Who says that just because a lot of younger ppl like them that they are nothing but a fluffy boy band with no real talent or future? Who says that because half of you don't understand their lyrics or videos they suck? I remember a lot of ppl saying the exact same things about Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and STP when they first became popular...The only thing that really matters is that they have fans that like them and they meet a need - they provide entertainment to ppl who like their type of music.Holley - Jenkins, Ky
The groom's heared his bride's cheating on him. He says 'technically our marriage is saved', because he now knows she's cheating before he marries her.Esther - Sauwerd, Netherlands
this song is over-played and Im a girl and I do not like any of the members of P!ATD for their looks.Galina - New London, Ct
sam you have got to be kidding. alternative punk? alternative is the velvet underground, sonic youth, nirvana, R.E.M., smashing pumpkins, bands like that. punk is the ramones, sex pistols, dead kennedys, new york dolls, black flag, fang, and other amazing groups. panic!!!!!! cannot compare with even green day. they are truly a terrible band that will not be around even five year from now. please everyone that is defending panic as a competent band musically, please don't waste your time. they are a popular band and nothing else. Their music is extremely annoying and forgetable.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
to all you panic! at the disco haters out there you can go (deleted)yourselves and STOP searching there songs if you hate them so much! u must have no life at all! and you dont know music if you hate them. panic! at the disco rox and are the best band ever and i hope all you haters die this song rox just like every song they have ever made.

love you brendon urie
Ashley - Hamilton, Canada
Music died in 1995. Seriously, name ONE good band that formed after 95? You CAN'T!Tom - East Lyme, Ct
I like this song,too.If I am bored I would listen to this! I like System of a Down WAY better though!!!!Mike - Petersham, Ma
This band proves that there is no hope for the future of music. I haven't even bothered turning on the radio lately cuz the airwaves are full of trash like this song. I'm just wondering how old everyone is who likes this music. I mostly listen to music made 10 years or more before I was born (Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix) We need more original and creative bands like them..Homer S. - Dallas, Tx
ok this is kinda sad.... this is a great song, and even though they're not on the top 10 of the day the people who hate them still look up the song! so stop wasting 15 sad minutes of your life and do something meaningful!Beans - Philadelphia, Pa
i'd rather listen to somebody poop. honestly, it sounds better than this.Ian - North Hollywood, Ca
Im a girl and i love Panic! but not because they are hot but because they are musically talented and their song lyrics are creative and mean something like Build God, Then we'll Talk is about prostitutes in Nevada and how its a problem and that song had lyrical and vocal talent. also they aren't punk they are a mix of things but mainly alternative. By the way i LOVE Nirvana as well as Panic!
Adrian - Austin, Tx
Now I'm mad. I am going to put this arguement away right now. First things first, P!ATD is NOT an emo band. They are alteritive punk. Second, they are NOT a teenybopper, boy band. If you guys can acually read, guitarist/lyricist Ryan Ross said that he hates bands like Backsteet Boys and that its stupid that some girls only like them because they're hot. He even said he wished they could have worn masks when they started out so people could have liked them for their good lyrics. I do regret that alot of teenyboppers like the band but just because the band is popular and they sound a little like pop-punk u shouldn't hate it. And don't say I don't like real bands because I love AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Who, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, and Primus.Sam - Portsmouth, Va
God, I can hardly stand these new age punk bands. They're not even real punk, they're seriously the exact opposite. Late 70's punk was real punk. They didn't care what they looked like, they didn't care who would show up at their shows, they didn't care if anyone like them, they just wanted to play. Now punk bands are sellouts. They spend more time on their appearance then on their lyrics. I scrolled down and laughed when I read all these comments from girls that are like, "Yea, Panic! rules. They're lead singer is hawt!" What ever happened to the days of real music? Kurt Cobain played every concert in whatever the f*ck he was wearing that day, and he was idolized by millions of people all over the world. Why? Because he actaully had lyrical and vocal talent. Today's bands have to dress up and try to look hot to distract attention from their sucky lyrics, ripped-off riffs, and high-pitched voices. It's a real shame.Joe - Lockport, Il
It is not a harpsichord though. A harpsicord is the instrument used in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Beatles.Stephen - Seattle, Wa
Exactly, why look up info on songs I love, when I want to find that kind of thing out I go out and buy a book. A nice, big, fat, brainy, lovely book. Big. Fat. BookMatt - Los Angeles, Ca
I didn't realize how many losers look up info on songs they hate, and then feel the need to share their comment with everyone else. I guess it's so cool to jump on the "Everything sucks" bandwagon. Oh WAIT! That's a Reel Big Fish song. I bet they think that band sucks too. What a bunch of losers! GET A LIFE. Personally, I think the song is cool.Simon - Dalzell, Sc
but see, you shouldn't have to turn up the volume 20 notches to hear the music. panic? is just another in a line of crappy pop bands trying to make a buck off of emo kids. i can guarantee you they will not be around in three years.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
This song is awesome. Ya'll sit here and say that you can't hear chords and a change in vocal notes...well I say you need to turn your volume up about another 20 notches. Its there! I hear it even when my volume is on low because my ears have been trained to find even r the slightest of chords (thanks goes to my elementary, jr. high, and high school choir teachers). now if it's still unsatisfactory to those of you that don't like change or individualism then that's fine. But shunning others for their particular taste in music is plainly rude. Besides that, who knows what kind of message this is sending to others. What if YOU were gettin married and YOUR bridesmaid called you a whore in front of the groom?? Would you not tell her she needs to mind her own business, or close the godd*mn door? Me, personally, I would slap the mess outta her...but you see. The song makes you think, ALL songs are created to make you think or feel or sympathize or empathize. Maybe I along with the others like it because the lyrics go along with a sensible situation, the music/chords notably make an emphasis when there should be one (like exclamation point after a emphatical sentence) and it reeks of individuality that so many of us want and are fighting to gain.Chica - Dfw, Tx
This sounded horrible at the VMAs.Ashley Jade - Cleveland, Ga
I think this is one of the best songs ever written and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! The music video is way wierd, but cool. Best song EVER! Should have won more @ the MTV music awards.Zoey - Irvine, Ca
whatever happened to real music? Like led zeppelin and u2 and ac/dc and hendrix... Now we have (emo person screaming in really high pitched voice) "She's a whore, she's a whore, but i thought she was more" That is emo in one line of soongKurt - Farmington, Ct
Galina: I think that most of these songs will always be ignored... period.Ian - North Hollywood, Ca
Yea, I agree with matt. It sounds king of like noise I guess. And some guy with a stuffy nose yelling. What has the art of music come to!?!?!?!Ian - North Hollywood, Ca
I guess the biggest problem I have with this band and just modern bands in general is that most of them have no real musical sound. I cannot hear one note or structred, rhythmic, melodious piece of music coming from any of the instruments half the time. Even chords are practically non-existant.Matt - Los Angeles, Ca
I ike P!ATD, they remind me of FOB. After a while this song gets a little annoying, because if you havent noticed, this is usally the only song you hear on the radio. Some songs on this album will be completely ignored for years.Galina - New London, Ct
"this is not music. this is an emo kid's rants behind absolutely bland, almost non-existent music."
I'm so hearing you. This song symbolises so much that is wrong with music today.
Danny - Sydney, Australia
I love P!ATD and i don't see what's so wrong with all those people out there who have something against them. Everyone has their own taste in music and it's not fair to scorn those just because it's different to their own. If you don't like this band than why even go on this page- there's no point! Nothing anyone says about how 'rubbish' it is will ever change mine or other people's opinion who like this band.Katie - London, England
it is rumored that this song is about male to male philatio and the guy didnt use a condom and gave his lover herppies. scholors maintain that when he gave his male lover head hixs cat some how contracted it and gave it to his dog who caught aids and died 6 months later.Mario - Paulsboro, Nj
Panic! at the Disco rocks! I wanna get tickets to thier showCulley - Greenwood, In
i think that we should all get in a chat room and argue about this song. this band is very controversial because you really have to love it or hate itKayla - Cary, Nc
you know whats in style? being yourself and being unique. thats why we as a society are going through an emo/post-modern whatever phase. its like you can't win now beause being individual is whats cool. so guess what..all of you are posers. so i don't care if you write poetry and cry to yourself, you're just doing that so you can brag about it to your artsy friends.Kayla - Cary, Nc
i mean the first thing tom said about Rush the Who and Led zeppelin
not the latest comment
im not sexist
Meek - V-town, Ny
Oh be quiet Adam, of course we shouldn't leave this board in peace, got to keep everybody on their toes. Also, I've noticed the only people commenting on what me and Ian and others have had to say are people that haven't really commented on this song before, and are obviously here only to fight. And if that's the case, which I believe it is, think up another argument other than calling us bullies or saying WE'RE here only to fight.Matt - Los Angeles, Ca
haha. nice to hear from you so soon Jena! And thanks Kayla. You hit it right on the head about these panic people. They're all the same! it's true!!! It's just a fad of the 00's that won't last. Just like the backstreet boys and nsync. And of course everyone that likes this band has every right to like them but from my observations and knowledge of the past and present times, this band will probably just be a phase that will pass. Most of the fans now will probably move on to another band in the next decade (if this band even lasts that long). The thing is, bands today of most genres (mainly this emo/whatever and rap music) have no real meaning! that's really what i want to say! it's all false! nothing is real. The rap is all about "shootin' up homies and gettin' some ass from dem ho's." and these bands like panic say stuff like "i loved her o o o and sat in the corner and cried!" yea. This is the reason these bands will die out. They're fake. This is why classic rock has outlived all these decades. it has real meaning to it's songs!!! Just realize that!! it sounds good too! every song is different and unique in it's own way! hope to hear from you soon!Ian - North Hollywood, Ca
I don't really like Pani! At The Disco, I'm not saying thier bad though; but I do like 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies'. I think it's catchy, but after awhile I can't stand to hear it anymore.Danielle - Killeen, Tx
"i personally think that the people who don't like this song hate punk/emo as a whole"
ok sam, panic at the disco is not punk, emo, or a mixture of the two. i'm pretty sure any true punk or emo band could write more meaningful and thoughtful lyrics than "closing the g------n door", i mean come on.
Kayla - Cary, Nc
Have you noticed that some of their song titles are rather LONG??Joey - Nowhere Land, Ca
In response to "beans" the only reason most of the "trash-ers" are guys is because Panic! At The Disco is a fad that will pass over. Anyone remember *NSYNC, (mostly) only girls likes them. For some reason guys don't fall for the "fad" bands, and girls do. (I'm trying to be sexist, I'm just pointing out my observations)Tom - East Lyme, Ct
did anyone notice that the people who are trashing the punk/emo/any new music are mostly guys?? nothing against them or anything but its true. i think they're just jealouse. panic! at the disco rock. i didn't understand this song until i saw the video. i just thought that the lead singer came into this guys wedding with a band of crazy clowns and started terrorizing people. but i was clearly wrong. ;pBeans - Philadelphia, Pa
i personally think that the people who don't like this song hate punk/emo as a wholeSam - Portsmouth, United States
My brother and I were just going over the video to this song and analyzing it as best as we could. We found that maybe the clowns could be representing the emotions that are running through the groom's head. Take a close look at them in the scene where the groom finds the bride kissing the clown after their argument, even take it frame by frame because it goes fast. Each clown has a different look on its face. Some are frowning, and others have angry looks on their faces. This is just a thought.Tash - Oshkosh, Wi
By the by, I really don't like this band just in case anyone was confused, I have nothing against RENT because I haven't really heard them, but i wanted to make a point by saying it was the DELETED songs that Panic at the disco consists of. They just sound like a group of life-peaked-3-weeks-ago prog-rock/new age/ whatever the hell you call it's who are more interested in creating a new genre of music for themselves than actually singing about things they know. They sing about things they WISH they would know, and make it sound like that one time 7th Heaven did a musical episode.Matt - Los Angeles, Ca
Has anybody else noticed that many of this groups songs sound like they could be the deleted songs from "RENT"?Matt - Los Angeles, Ca
Jerry: You make some good points. I guess I knew that a lot of their stuff was influenced by Palahniuk and I was trying to make connections that weren't there. Still, though, you see the split personalities in Fight Club to be conformist vs. non-conformist, which is totally and 100% true. But couldn't it also be said that the split personality is actually the classic calm and rational vs. crazy, as well as conformist vs. non-conformist? By these standards, I think there may be an arguement to comparing this song to Fight Club. Now, you obviously know the book/movie a lot more than I do, but I think there can definately be some comparison.Kevin - Isu, Il
To Kevin:
Making this song a reference to Fight Club? On come on, man! Everyone has times where they argue with themselves about important matters- doesn't mean they have split personalities. I've seen Fight Club close to 100 times and read the book (and many others by Palahniuk) and I can safely assure you this has nothing to do with that. If the song was about conforming to non-comformist ideas and disrupting lives in order to live then yes- I'd agree with you. But in this instance- you are wrong, sir.

And just to be at the topic at hand: no, I'm not a big Panic! fan... but they do have potential... they're catchy, I'll grant them that- just not my cup of Vault.
Jerry - Palm Harbor, Fl
Panic is not a new breed. It is a pathetic rip-off of several other bands, some of which have moderate talent. I'm with Tom- the Who, U2, Rush, there are loads of positive alternatives available. There are even great modern rock bands and emo-pop bands that are listenable, but not this one.Emily - Abingdon, Va
I?d hate to throw another perspective out there, but here it goes: It is well understood by Panic!?s fans that the lyrics are heavily associated with the writings of Chuck Palahniuk. I think that aside from Panic!?s song titles, this song is the best indication of that. This song, to me, is based off Palahniuk?s book ?Fight Club.? If you haven?t seen the movie, I?d stop reading because I?d hate to ruin the ending for you. In fact, if you haven?t seen the movie, I?d stop reading so I could go rent the movie. It?s good. Trust me.

Anyways, for those who have seen the movie, you may recognize the conflict of conscious that can so easily be related to Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. The groom and the narrator (singer) are actually the same person, but different split personalities. The groom can be the more calm and rational one, who, by the end, is trying to keep out the crazy one. I think that even though Dominic is from Canada, he makes a good point (jk, love ya Canda). The door serves two purposes. First, it serves as a barrier between the singer and the groom. But I also see it as many others have commented, kind of a ?mind your own business? mentality.

Now, there are two ways to understand the ending, and they both revolve around the line ?Well in fact, well I'll look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved
/ Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne.? The optimist among us will note that, just as in Fight Club, the groom and the girl are happily ever after. They?ve been through a lot, but when you?re at the bottom you can only go up. The more depressing critic may take that line to be sarcastic. After all, Brad Pitt did blow up several buildings, didn?t he? I think either interpretation may be valid.
Kevin - Isu, Il
Panic at the disco is a new breed, thats why alot of people dont like them. plain and simple. people cant leave their comfort zones.Bryan - Sacramento, Ca
I love this because its SO catchy. I woke up with it in my head and ppl i know who dont even like rock were singing it too! And to answer Maria'a question, he says "technically the marriage is saved" because he is stopping the groom from entering a bad marriage with a cheater , basically a bad marriage is being stopped from happening so its "saved"(best way i can explain it)Destini - Evansville, In
I absolutely love this song! Panic at the Disco is totally awesome! I first heard this song on MTVII. HIM's song "Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly" was going to be on and so was 69 Eyes's song "Lost Boys", so I had to tune in. I thought it was so funny as soon as he called the bride a whore. I've been begging around for family members or ANYONE to take me to their concert in KSC on the 21st of July with Dresden Dolls and The Hush Sound. They're all great bands, so I hope I can go, but so far I haven't gotten any positive responses. ARG!!!Allison - Sterling, Ks
This song makes me think...makes me think how BAD Panic! At the Disco is. Come on!! This band is TERRIBLE! I saw the music video and it is disturbing, along with the band. How can you possibly listen to this garbage. I can basically stand any band at least some, but this band is completely and utterly terrible.Tom - East Lyme, Ct
I think what caught me into this song, was the opening stanza of he over hearing them saying how nice the wedding was, then that the bride was a whore. I almost died laughing.Carly - Enid, Ok
I've gotta admit, when I first heard this song I was like 'what the hell?' basically because I didn't understand a word of it. 'Something about shutting the doors in a church?' was my observation. But then I listened to it more and more, I read the lyrics, and I story built up inside my head. These lyrics are so complex and that is what makes them beautiful. I don't want to hear songs which give everything away, I want to work things out for myself. xxNaomi - Kent, England
I love this song!! ... It totally makes sense that the singer is the grooms' concience .. (Sorry for the bad spelling :p) Not to mention the video itself ..Chelsea - Olds, Canada
P!ATD is an awesome band. They are off to a great start and have really neat music.Zodiac910 - Tucson, Az
o-k nevermind I thin I figured it out... it's out the beginning of 'Once and for All' -Newsies. kinda off but it'll still made me think of the movie. good song btwKayl - Yuma, Az
Ok this is what i made from it all:
The Bride's realatives are all ready for the wedding while the groom's are no where to be seen. The groom's party is coming through the church when one over hears a conversation claiming that the bride is a whore. They burst into the wedding room and the person who overheard the conversation(the singer) now wants to bring it up to the groom but doesnt know how. He complains that people should try to keep secrets better(closing the door) but then reliazes there are better ways to deal with this (poise and rationality). The groom and bride start to reliaze he knows something and he appears as there conscience over there shoulder telling them that technacality, there marriage is saved. The bride bursts out in anger and the groom lets her go. Once again playing as a conscience, the singer forces the groom to go face what his bride is doing...the ending confuses me still...i believe it is saying that he was accepts this with poise and rationality, and he leaves
Llama - Reading, Pa
I think this song is about this guy that finds out his fiancee is a slut from a couple people talking. hes pissed but is kindof telling himself to calm down by saying "its much better to fix these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality". and when he says "Oh well in fact, well I'll look at it this way,
I mean technically our marriage is saved!
Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne"
Ajshay - Silver Spring, Md
In my opinion the song is about a groom on his wedding day and he hears two of the wedding particapants saying his wife-to-be is a whore. The line of closing the door is about keeping things to themselves. The singer is basically saying he didn't want to hear the little tid bit about his future wife. Then he thinks it over and thinks that maybe he can save their marriage now since he knows from the start, no lies to hide. Then he goes through the rest of the song fighting between thinking he never should have heard it and thinking it over calmly and logically.Robin - Washington, Mo
ok i think everyone has basically got the right idea.. the song is about groom who overhears a conversation about his soon-to-be wife being called a whore. Deep down he knows it is true but doens't want 2 admit it. The lead singer (guy in top hat) and the groom r the same ppl at the end of the clip which means that (altho both r played by different people) the top hat guy was supposed 2 represent his concious telling him to do whats right... "Now technically our marriage is saved"

The bit about the people with white faces and clowns and stuff has to do with the line "It's much better to face these kinds of things, with a sense of poise and rationality" keyword here being; rationality. Like the ppl r a pretty far fetched example of rationilastion so it kinda adds a sardistic twist to the film clip, like the singer is making a mockery of "a sense of poise and rationality"

Love P!ATD so bloody much, and this song + clip is incredible!!
Mikki - Goldcoast, Australia
"closing the godd*mn door" is an expression people use...well, it's kinda like when people say to keep something "behind closed doors". Its personal business and its not something that everyone should know. In this case, they dont want everyone to know the bride is a whore.Chelsea - Hillsdale, Ok
the song is pretty self explanitory. the groom is walking down a hall way and overhears a conversation revealing some info about his fiance and he thinks its better to find out now then when they were married. 'i mean technically our marriage is saved' it's saved because he can prevent it.Niz - Mineral Wells, Tx
I really like this song because even though it's quite repetitive you must sing along.Jemma - Dublin
One day when all this pop-punk/emo music dissapears, the world will be a better place. This song is a really poor imitation of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. You guys should listen to Wolfmother or QOTSA, thats real modern rock n' roll.....Dave - London, England
It amaizes me how Panic! basically just came out and they are doing so well. When people found out I got this c.d. everyone wanted me to burn it for them. I am so happy Pete Wentz signed them to his record label.(Thanks Pete) Panic! rocks!!!Melissa - Toledo, Oh
holy, have u seen the music video? it seems that the grooms conscience is the guy in the red coat and top hat. he's trying to point out he obvious (the brides cheating) and the groom finally gets it. i dont quite get what the circus and guest with white faces is all about the music video is so weird u cant help but love it.Cadon - San Fransico, Ca
no I think that the ''haven't you people ever heard of closing a godd*mn door'' just means that the guy who go to his ex's marriage wasn't invited but he came anyway and ruins the wedding.Dominic - Candiac, Canada
I first I saw the video to this song. I thought it was the wierdest thing in the entire flipping world. It's like one of those songs where your just like,"Why the hell didn't I write that?"Michael - Tucson, Az
do the people with the white faces represent anything?Sharon - Auckland
In my opinion, it's the groom doing the narration. What I think is that when he says, "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a godd*mn door?!" He's saying why can't people just mind their own business, but then he realizes that no, it's better to face things like these in a mature way. "Well in fact I'll look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved!" He's saying that it's better to find out now than later when they are actually married, so in a way their marriage is saved. Of course this is only what I think. And it fits too because if you've seen the video. The guy at the end of the video in the top hat and the cane isn't the lead singer anymore, it's the groom and he looks pretty happy.Linda - Phoenix, Az
I think this band is similar to fall out boy and thats one of the reasons why I like this band and I bought there album and there songs are pretty good.Ruben - Wenatchee, Wa
well, sharon, the songtitle hasn't got anything to do with the song i think... some bands like panic! at the disco and to name a few more Green day, Blink 182, Funeral for a friend and a lot more just name their songs some random names..
"havent you poeple ever heard of closing the godd*mn door"... i think he's just a bit angry he heard what he heard and hes angry that people can never seem to talk about anything else than other people and he thinks that at least they should close the door cos now he just heard his girlfriend is cheating on him and he's in the church getting married to her at that moment
Maria - Nowhere, Other
can someone please explain this to me properly? i just dont understand what the song title has to do with the song and what does 'closing the god d*mn door' have to do with anything?Sharon - Auckland
Yeah, I think the song is the groom talking to himself or whatever...he hears the waiter and bridesmaid talking, and knows his fiancee is cheating on him, and so on. The "poise and rationality" is him telling himself to not freak out at his own wedding...but whatever, everyone believes their own thing. Thank goodness for the video, or I would have no idea what any of it was talking about. Thanks for the facts though. I'd post them for the other songs...but I'm not really sure what any of the other ones mean so I really don't want to post facts and then have them be wrong and everyone else jumping on me for it. hehe ;-)Allister - ...., United States
Megan's right. The narrator is the groom's conscience, not an ex-boyfriend. I believe that the song is about the brides cheating on the groom and that the grrom knows that in the back of his mind but doesn't really believe it until towards the end and that he is battling his conscience throughout the song.
Part of my believing that is due to the music video which I absolutely LOVE. I watch it all the time. It's pretty much engraved in my brain now.
Diz - York, Pa
Um, Holly, that's not exactly right. The narrator isn't her ex-boyfriend, it's the groom's conscience.Megan - Ny, Ny
i dont get it though... why is it the ex-boyfriend? how does that make sense like "technically our marrige is saved"Maria - Nowhere, Other
I love P!ATD. Its an awesome group. This isn't my only favorite song by them. I love Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.Jillian - Portland, Tx
Excellent song, sadly the only listenable one on the whole album.Amie - Fort Worth, Tx
I love P!atd. They're really good and have a great music style.Melissa - Toledo, Oh
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