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Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World

Album: Bleed AmericanReleased: 2001
  • This song is about Mykel and Carli Allen, the women who ran the Weezer fan club. They died in a car accident driving back from a Weezer concert; they would always say "hear you me." The two women would often look for up-and-coming bands and would give them a place to stay.

    The line, "There's no one in town I know, you gave us some place to go" is talking about how when they would be in town for a concert and didn't know anyone, they stayed with Mykel and Carli, who gave them a place to stay. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Lisa - Palatine, IL
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Comments: 16

My song for English examination! I love this song though I am not much fond of Emo songs! But this one made me cry...Siddharth - Mumbai, India
i thought that they did it for jimmy eat world?Kyndall - Charlotte, Nc
This song for me, is not just about someone who died, instead this song reminds me of how a person could mean so much to you but then, you weren't given any chance to let them know that you cherish them... It just makes me sad.. :( I love this song so much...Lara Kristine - Manila, Philippines
i didnt know this song was about this. i love this songKyndall - Charlotte, Nc
The story is about my cousins, and there was actually 3 that died in the car accident when Mykel fell asleep at the wheel and all 3 died instantly. Bugs me when its protrayed as a just love song...its so much more.Christy - Utah, Ut
I thought this song was about Jim Adkins's friend who died...hmmm.Emma - Brooklyn, Ny
Love this song,to me it seems so unlike the band though, which is why I knew and loved this song just like I knew and loved Jimmy Eat World, but learned a long time after I had grown fond of them both that they were the same thing. Now as their music and others, mostly my favorite band Weezer, shaped my taste in music, I learned of the connection between the two bands and it is nice to know that two bands that I love are rather intimately connected. More and more becomes revealed about this song to me, I wonder what else it is hiding.

Great song. Before reading this I believed it to mean a mourning of the loss of a parent, and how he wished to thank his parent for all they had done for him. I see I wasn't too horribly far off considering what Mykel and Carli did for them.
Austin - Portland, Or
There is a video on the Bleed American CD where you see Rick wearing a shirt that says I (Heart) Mykel and Carli. It was given to them when they stayed at their house after a local show. My roomate is their cousin and has the exact same shirt.Neil - Payson, Ut
Awww this song is so sweet and the meaning if even sweeter thats so nice they dedicated a song for themAlyssa - Forney, Tx
i always thort this song was about a friend of theirs who'd died somehow.
but i got confused when i found out it was used for 'a cinderella story'
that really annoyed me cause they warped teh meaning of this sentimental song that means so much to everyone.
im also wondering weather i should do a cover of it with my band.
but im not to sure, it's one of those songs where people might resent you if you do a cover of it.
Ben - Northampton, England
visit buddhasdomain.com/site/unclejimmy.html for an in depth story of his death. visit buddhasdomain.com/site/ujletter.html for a letter I wrote to him four months after his deathJames - Chesterfield, Mi
this song will stay with me for ever because of my childhood friend died in a car accident when he was only 11Danny - Bloomington, In
I heard this song the day of my little sister's memorial. She was 18 and graduated a week before a tragic accident took her life. I didn't live with her and my dad but she was always willing to hang out with me when I came to visit and we became closer as she got older. This song will be with me forever.Sam - Louisville, Ky
This song reminds me of my uncle. He was like a second father to me and had a beautiful soul full of happiness, generosity, warmth, and laughter. He died in the middle of March of a burst aneurysm. We all miss him, for his laughter, his kindness, and his friendship.James - Clinton Township, Mi
I love this song, i think its about, aside from what yall said at the top, some kids whos parents died and someone took them in...you gave us someplace to go...but later he/she/they died in a car crash...on sleepless roads the sleepless go...and now that hes older hes looking back and thinking what they would think of him now, and...and if you were with me tonight...god wouldnt let it live...is talking about how he wants to see them again and if he did he would sing for them, and about how god thought the persons heart was so big (for taking them in) that he couldnt let it liveNatalie - Fulshear, Tx
I really like this song. My dad was killed in a car accident and this song remindes me of him.Kay - Anchorage, Ak
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