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Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Album: UnwrittenReleased: 2005Charted:
  • Bedingfield wrote this for her brother on his birthday as a birthday gift because she was short on cash. It's about living life to the fullest, not planning everything because you never know what may happen. Each day is a blank page and it is up to you to fill it. This song conveys the idea of keeping our eyes open for all the possibilities in our life. >>
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    correy - cinn, OH
  • This was used as the theme song to the MTV show The Hills. Joe Cuello, MTV's Vice President of Music Integration explained to Rolling Stone magazine why this song was chosen: "The song really reflected the feel of the show and we wanted to help push the career of artists like Natasha to make sure that everyone was really aware when they were watching the show who it was sung by. We tried to dovetail it all together so we featured her music video over the end credits. For us, that's a really incredible promotional tool. We see a huge response from that in terms of online and in sales. It's really gratifying years later to see that it's so inextricably tied to our show."
  • Natasha Bedingfield told Seventeen magazine that this song is about "just not worrying." She explained: "I really started to have dreams for myself when I was 17, but I was always afraid people were going to laugh at me. I finally just said, 'Alright. I'm going to write songs, even if they're bad. I'm just going to keep writing until I get good.'"
  • The song has come to mean a lot of different things to different people. Said Natasha to PopEater: "I wrote 'Unwritten' for my brother, for his 14th birthday, it was a very personal song. I feel like his life was reminding me about how people make us feel like we have to have it all figured out already. We have to already choose what college we're going to go to, what subject we're going to study, and we don't even know much about life yet. So that was a very personal story about my life, about his life, that kind of thing. It was amazing just to meet people and hear how many different people had their own parts of the song they felt meant something to them. A lot of people played it at their graduation. Other people play it at their weddings, whatever."
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Comments: 13

Natasha is sexy!!Brian - Boston, Ma
If I hadn't first heard this song on a Pantene commercial, I would've liked it more, but the context cheapened its meaning.Carrie - Roanoke, Va
I love this song! It's about being open minded and living each day to the fullest. It's about being yourself because you are who you are. It has inspired me and i love you Natasha! LULAS!Stephanie - Wakefield, Ma
This song probably has the longest chorus in the world!Greg - Marietta, Ga
Yeah, love songs are probably a wee bit overdone. :pMatthew - Milford, Ma
I love this song and it has COMPLETELY remodeled my view on life. My parents would say for the worst, but I don't *even* think so. Ya know?Jailene - K-town, Wa
this is 1 of my favorite songs, a little overplayed, buts its still really goodBeans - Philadelphia, Pa
The video for this song is brilliant, as well as the song itself.Merin - Brisbane, Australia
I think this song means to let it all go and have fun in life. Don't worry about what could happen.Amanda - Sdovuhsd, Mi
I love this song, but I dont think the song means what Donovan Barry thinks. I think the song means that you dont know what happens next in life but you should enjoy it and make the best of it.Maggie - Columbus, Oh
Unwritten is probobly one of the best songs out there. All everybody else sings about is love and sex. She has message in her songs!Caitlin - Upper Township, Nj
this song is great. I loved it so much and all my friends do too. she rocks!!!!!!Emma - Toronto, Canada
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