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Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins

Album: Siamese DreamReleased: 1993Charted:
  • According to various interviews with lead singer Billy Corgan, the lyrics of this song are an ironic attack on the 'Indie' credibility in Chicago's music scene that he was feeling frustrated with - the old complaint about bands going to major labels becoming sell-outs. (thanks, Quinn - Sechelt, Canada)
  • Smashing Pumpkins performed this on Saturday Night Live on October 30, 1993. (thanks, John - Colorado Springs, CO)
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Comments: 7

Great song on Rockband!!Jj - Manassas, Va
The whole album was epicMatt - Houston, Tx
This song is featured on Rock Band. And yes I did like this song before rock band came out so don't accuse me of being a poser.Austin - Smallsville,new England, --
It makes sense now that I've read the meaning and the lyrics. "Who wants that honey, as long as there's some money." Basically saying why not get rich by "selling-out" instead of staying poor.Poke - Happyville, Az
Cherub refers to a class of angelsBrian - Phoenix, Az
as awesome of a song as this song, I'm suprised that no one has commented on what they think is the meaning.

It sounds like a song about struggling with life, religious faith (which I tend to believe is about the christian religion from his songs) and the world and wishes there wasn't that struggle to deal with. Seems like there is a conflict between what he believes and what he is told.

Who wants honey?
as long as there is some money?
Who wants that honey?

let.... let me out
Shaun - Nunya, Nc
This song is on GH3. It rocksV-starr - ?????????, Mi