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Laffy Taffy by D4L

Album: Down For LifeReleased: 2005Charted:
  • Laffy Taffy is a kind of chewy candy. The song is a series of candy references that are stretched into metaphors for sex and a woman's body. D4L wasn't the first to explore the naughty side of seemingly innocent candy: 50 Cent had a hit in 2005 with the sweet and sexual "Candy Shop."
  • This was designed as a ringtone and released that way before it was a single. The simple, tinny beat plays very well on cellphones, and exposure as a ringtone helped the song become a hit.
  • The "Candy Girl" line is taken from the New Edition song of the same name.
  • At the time, this became the most legally downloaded single ever.
  • D4L are 4 rappers from Atlanta. Their name stands for "Down For Life."
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Comments: 11

Well... ok so again. Laffy Taffy is one of those "Metaphor" songs.. Which uses candy or food to reperesent a womans anatomy.. The reason?? Becasue theyre saying it looks soo good itmakes me want to eat it..So in this particular song "Laffy taffy represents a big boooty" "shake that laffy taffy..
THe songs states "im looking for misses bubble gum, im mr chicco stick.. i wanna dunana.. cuz u so thick"
So hes sayin he wants to find that thickest girl in the club to shake it so he can watch..
theyre from the south, this type of song works well in the club for girls to dance to, and guys seem to agree..
Alycia - San Jose, Ca
Yea, this song sucks as bad as "Party like a Rockstar" and "Pop, Lock, and Drop" and other songs that rappers these days think is cool, but sucks when we hear it. Now if you excuse me, I have some Ludacris to listen toWesley - Oklahoma City, Ok
I allways my that song for the girls. That song sometimes make them horny.Rusty - Raleigh, Nc
Kennedy, hip hop was never that great to begin with, and you can't get much worse... This song is catchy, though it sucks... If that makes any sense at all.Matt - Milton, Pa
This song has to be the gayest piece of s*** that i have ever heard, its because of this song that i am now deafSteven - Viking, Canada
this song has to b the most annoying the most annoying song that has ever been writenYoseph - Cupertino, Ca
Laffy Taffy is a song about being in a strip club.Landon - Jax, Fl
i agree with kennedy, very bad song, i cringe every time i hear it.Trisha - Okc, Ok
One of the most godawful songs I've ever heard in my life. It's stuff like this that is killing hip hop. Or music in general, really.Kennedy - Norfolk, Va
What exactly is "laffy taffy"? i know it says "metaphors for sex and a woman's body..." but my friend said it meant the fat on a woman's belly. i dont know, someone tell me!Trisha - Okc, Ok
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!Kristyn - Youngstown, Oh
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