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SS-3 by Slayer

Album: Divine InterventionReleased: 1994
  • SS-3 is about Reinhard Heydrich, who was one of the architects of the Holocaust. Heydrich was assassinated by Czechoslovakian soldiers during Operation Anthropoid. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alex yeo - Hobart, Australia
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Comments: 4

Hey Derek, weren't you in American History X. I think you are my brother. SS-3 was a license plate of RH.Danny Vineyard - Venice Beach, Ca
UPDATE...The band may be reffering to 3rd SS Division Totenkopf. The division is famous due to its insignia (an awsome looking skull) and the fact that most of the initial enlisted men were SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS concentration camp guards).
Forget my comment about the submarine.
David - Lakeland, Fl
SS-3 (Adder) was a Plunger-class submarine, was one of the earliest submarines used by the United States Navy in WWI. Nothing to do with the song, just a bit of info of what they possibly used for the idea of the title.David - Lakeland, Fl
That is bullsh*tDerrick Vinyard - Venice Beach, Ca
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