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Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe

Album: Girls, Girls, GirlsReleased: 1987Charted:
  • This song is a tribute to strip clubs, seven of which are mentioned by name in the song:

    The Dollhouse in Ft. Lauderdale
    Tattletails in Atlanta
    The Seventh Veil in Los Angeles
    Crazy Horse in Paris
    The Body Shop in Los Angeles
    The Marble Arch, Vancouver
    The Tropicana, Los Angeles

    The listening party for the album was held at The Body Shop.
  • The video was shot at The Seventh Veil, which is mentioned in the song. Directed by Wayne Isham, the clip was very racy for its time, featuring strippers in action. Predictably, it did very well on MTV.
  • Some of the girls that have been married and divorced by members of Mötley Crüe include Pamela Anderson, Elaine Irwin, Heather Locklear, Brandy Brandt, Heidi Mark and Donna D'Errico.
  • The first line of this song, "Friday night and I need a fight" is almost identical to the first line in Sweet's "Sweet F.A." Crue Bassist Nikki Sixx is a big fan of the Sweet and likely took inspiration from them in these lyrics. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Neil - Conroe, TX
  • Lead singer Vince Neil has a tattoo that says "Girls, Girls, Girls." For a while, he owned a strip club in Japan that was also called "Girls, Girls, Girls."
  • The motorcycle sounds were recorded by the band's producer, Tom Werman, using Harleys owned by the members. The band was big into motorcycles at the time - two of them are on the album cover.
  • The band was going to call the album "Entertainment Or Death." Their manager at the time, Doc Mcgee, had it tattooed to his arm, but a week later they changed the title to "Girls, Girls, Girls." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Søren - Horsens, Denmark
  • Mötley Crüe enraged religious and conservative groups with their album Shout At The Devil, which worked to their advantage. A bigger boon came in 1985 when the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) put their song "Bastard" on a list of 15 songs they considered most offensive. The band was thrilled to draw the ire of this group, since offending the wives of senators only boosted their credibility.

    The upshot to the PMRC hearings was warning stickers placed on albums deemed dirty. In 1987, the group played this up by releasing a "limited edition X-rated" version of the "Girls, Girls, Girls" single, with the same song but a cover showing a woman with her breasts exposed.
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Comments: 39

GIRLS,GIRLS,GIRLS.......My favorite hat trickJason - Aurora, Co
stop hating on Vince!! did you ever stop to think he is a person too? Dang, if you dont like him, dont stop to read about him!! Should he just decide his life is over b/c he's made mistakes in his life? We all make mistakes...as for the weight joke, that simply does not apply anymore~have u seen Vince lately? He is looking awesome!! Definately a lean mean body! so do yourself a favor & don't talk about something u know nothing about!!Page - Laurens , Sc
Motley Crue had some great songs for sure. I especially like this and songs like "Kickstart My Heart". I have read "The Dirt" and there's some amazing stories in there. They ain't the nicest bunch of guys that's for sure. But I would have to agree that Guns N' Roses are the better of two. The Gunners wrote many epic songs like "November Rain" and "Estranged". Slash is a guitar legend.Dave - Melbourne, Australia
crue kicks f--kin ass still and best part is there there disfuntional and with there idgaf additude there still kickin ass and kickstarting hearts......and its all good music....so for every dumb f--k wasting there time comenting on it saying "it sucks" we'll give u a crue style ass kickin we see you....Alex - Port Franks, On
Well, Anna from Myrtle Beach, did you happen to know that literally, without Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses wouldn't have made it? Slash and Sixx were drug buddies, and Sixx convinced management to let GNR open for them on certain tour dates.Christian - Oh
I love this song my friends mom is in the music video and chealse i love gnr too and you spelled Axl wrong and if you hav a myspace add me just search angela easley and im the one with the volleyball picAngela - Seabrook,
Matt you son of b*tchEli - Hesperia, Ca
Matt you son of b*tchEli - Hesperia, Ca
ok motley crue is amazing. they have been through so much and look they are back together. i dont know who you are matt but you have not clue what you are talking about. its obvious with the rest of us saying what we did. Read the dirt by motley crue then you can telll us what you thinkDustin - Arcadia,
To Anna Myrtle Beach, SC. I have read the book twice. I HIGHLY recommend it for any true crue fan. I have heard that a movie is supposed to be made based on the book. Christopher Walken is rumored to play Ozzy Osbourne and Val Kilmer is supposed to play David Lee Roth. After reading the book, I do have to say that Nikki Sixx is LUCKY to still be alive. I hope you get the book and enjoy.Jason - Denver, Co
Has anybody read the dirt by motley crue????? Is it a good book?????????Anna - Myrtle Beach, Sc
Led zeppelin was better than motley crue, van halen, and guns and roses. HAHAHAAnna - Myrtle Beach, Sc
this song is a really good song to dance to and get off your butt an dance the night awayHaleigh - Colorado Springs, Co
i really thought the dirt tommyland and even nikki sixx's heroin diaries were good. i mean people can think what they think but you know what i love motley crue. theyre doing a tour this year. CRUEFEST. sounds like its going to be amazing.Dolce - Garbage Grove, Ca
T&A, bad outfits, drunken singers...Lars Ulrich - Copenhagen
Notttt too fond of the song meaning, but great music/guitar part. it ROCKS!!Erin - Tulsa, Ok
yea the other dude is right...theatre of pain was supposed to be called enetertainment or death.Mr.goodtimes - Edmonton, Canada
Motley Crue it good,but GNR is so better!Axel could kill Vince!Chelsea - Wichita, Ks
the original dirtier video youc an find on youtube. shows naked t*ts. but seriously ppl, theatre of pain was originially supposed to be called entertainment of death, not girls girls girls.Paige - Wilmington, Nc
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! cory, you say that motley crue rocks hard?????? Oh my god I might just wet my pants from laughing so hard!!! I like to call all that bubblegum hair sh*t "bubblecore". Motley Crue is NOT ROCK!!! just because you put a guitar in doesn't make them any less pansy.Emma - White Rock, Canada
Hey Paige i was born in '92 too and i think there the BEST band in the world!!!! ROCK ON CRUEHEADS!!m/?Emily - Ontario, Canada
"Tommy Lee should write a crue song based on Pamela Anderson called "I kissed her with my fist"
- Danny, Sydney, Australia", yeah and what the (deleted) do you know? I suggest you read The Dirt, or Tommyland.
Johan - Almunge, Sweden
Even though I'm too young for the time of Motley Crue, as I was born in 1992, my mom has kept her old tapes and things and I have to say I love them better than my best friends, and for that Matt guy, if you hate motley crue, stop posting to the world that you hate them on a website where you are alone in saying that they suck.Paige - Wilmington, Nc
Why does everyone seem to hate glam/hair metal? Sure it's not as fast or heavy as say Slayer or Maiden, but it is still pretty good.Surya - Chesapeake, Va
just because a band is successful and/or popular doesn't make them good artistically. the lyrics are absolute crap, that you must admit. even the music is digustingly self-indulgent. top 10 metal albums of all time? i can name 100 better than anything motley crue ever recorded.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
who do you think you are just saying that motley crue sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! You suck body and vanhalen to!!!!!Headbanger1 - Orangeville, Canada
the difference from motley crue and all of the other 80's metal bands (excluding van halen, ac/dc and aerosmith) is that Motley Crue lasted. They kept touring, making great songs and just having fun. Most of the other 80's bands (although they were good, especially poison) is that they didnt last past the 80's.Jen - Ontario, Canada
The difference, Matt, between motley crue and other bands like twister sister ( if there can be any comparison) and others is that motley crue can bring 15.000 people or more and do one of the greatest tours of 2005' and twister sister don't. Just that...isn't that enough? motley crue has sold 35 million copies, recorded one of the greatest metal albums of all time ( ya can see it at any " top 10" metal albums of history or stuff) and if ya can 't tell the difference between the crue and other bands like poison...well, your taste,and feeling in music is very very lameGianfranco - Santiago, Chile
the difference between poison and motley crue and twisted sister are that motley crue is faster their vocals are higher there live shows are way better and there drums and base are way louder than any other of the other hair bands. They also have the beat songwriter out there.Jessica - Orangeville, Canada
Motley Crue kills van halenJessica - Orangeville, Canada
Since when is VH hair metal...?Leon - Waterbury, Ct
wasnt that theatre of pain that was supposed to be called entertainment or death?Mleissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
All hair metal sounds the same, same with Motley Crue, they all have the same solos. The nly kind of hair metal band is Van Halen, but they sound different and are great.Cool Guy - Compton, Ca
Tommy Lee should write a crue song based on Pamela Anderson called "I kissed her with my fist"Danny - Sydney, Australia
Nikki Sixx is GoD This song is awesomeKelsie - Reno, Nv
if i'm not mistaken theatre of pain was originally supposed to be called entertainment or death not girls, girls, girlsTroy - Devils Lake, Nd
Tommy Lee is God!Ford - Chicago, Il
The crue rocks hardCory - Vermilion, Oh
at first,MTV would not allow the video to air. The band made the video they wanted then made an even sexier, dirtier video that they showed to MTV first. when the network said "no" the band showed the origional, cleaner version of the video to them and they accepted, leaving the band with exactly what they wanted in the first place.Randi - Erlanger, Ky
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