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So Sick by Ne-Yo

Album: In My Own WordsReleased: 2006Charted:
  • On this track, every song Ne-Yo hears reminds him of his lost love; it's a love song about being tired of love songs. The song is an autobiographic tale of love gone wrong. "It's about the first time I fell in love with a girl in a way that I completely screwed it up. So it was a story that I didn't have to think really hard about putting it together," Ne-Yo told Billboard magazine. "A lot of heartbreak went into that song, so that's why I think a lot of people dug it the way they did - because you can feel it."
  • A female singer known as Lil' Vick recorded an answer song to this track, which is about Vick being sick of Ne-Yo's love songs. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • The Norwegian production team Stargate wrote the music. Stargate is Mikkel S. Eriksen and Erik Hermansen.
  • This was Ne-Yo's first hit. Before releasing In My Own Words, he wrote songs for Mario, Mary J. Blige, Jaime Foxx and many others.
  • Ne-Yo's record company bucked the trend and did not release this on iTunes or any other digital service until the album was released in an effort to boost sales of the CD. The strategy seemed to work, and many other record companies followed suit.
  • The Hype Williams-directed video finds Ne-Yo singing in the snowy mountains while recalling memories of fighting with his girlfriend. Ne-Yo would reunite with Williams for "Go On Girl."
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Comments: 4

Yeap, I love his song so much because whenever I listen to any of his songs I feel better.Okorocha - Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria
I always liked this song since it came out. The line "So why can't I turn off the radio" is a sweet lyric.Krista - Carbondale, Pa
I love this song! Whenever I hear it I have to sing and dance to it.Michelle - Brook Park, Mn
I LOve this song!!Its great n I have a personal connection with it, so its special to me.Whitney - Little Rock, Ar
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